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Woodrow - 8 yrs. 

 Woodrow is an 8 year old QH/ Tennessee Walker cross gelding. He is sound, healthy and stands at 15.2 hands tall. Woodrow is super sweet and loves people and attention. He was used for a few summers as a line horse, working in the mountains, packing people out on hunting trips in Idaho. It has been a few years since he did that though and he needs to be started over from ground zero. He has been sitting the past few years and needs someone confident and experienced to take him the rest of the way. If you do not have training experience, please do not inquire about Woodrow. He has all the potential in the world, but needs the right person to turn him back into a riding horse once again. Woodrow is put together really well and is stunning to look at, as you can see. If Woodrow is not adopted soon by someone with the skills and time to train him, he will be entered into the Trainer's Challenge, the same event that Trigger and Inigo will be going to, where he will get 90 days of solid training, then be put back up for adoption.  

*UPDATE  Woodrow was accepted into the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge!  The training period will be from June 25 to September 22, 2018!  Woodrow will be available for adoption at the event on September 22, 2018 at the Jefferson County Fairground Park!  Get your application in now.  😉  

Link to application page:  

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Jan H
Handsome dude......what a stunner!
Nice looking boy!
Donna R
We got to see Woodrow last weekend.  He is very well put together.  He definitely gets noticed right away.[love]
Jenni O.
Wow, he's nice!
Woodrow sure is a stunner.
Very exciting day today!  Woodrow's trainer from the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge, Douglas Rank, came and picked up Woodrow today to start their journey!  

We really look forward to watching their progress and will share here along the way too.  

Don't forget the date, September 22, 2018, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Park!  Woodrow and all of the others in the challenge will not only be competing that day, but also available for adoption.  Get your applications in.  😉  

We are very excited to watch Woodrow blossom with his trainer, Douglas!  



Link to application page... get your application in now so you can adopt Woodrow at the Trainers Challenge!  

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Jan N
Ok it is official. I nominate myself as Woodrow's biggest fan. He seems to be a strong, forward guy and he is handsome as well! I love a horse which has walked more than one path in its life 🙂 . So bring on the Challenge and GO, GO, GO!!! Woodrow!!
We will keep updates posted here, but there is also a Facebook page for Woodrow and Douglas too if you'd like to follow there too.  


Jenni O.
Woodrow is quite the looker. Good luck to Woodrow and Douglas.
A note from Douglas after a few days with Woodrow:  

"Just thought I'd share a few words, Its been since Monday now that Woodrow & I have been getting to know one another. All seems fair thus far in our journey together. One could say that no matter one's past, it writes the journey to the present day. Horse like most Humans have the ability to learn from the past to make way for the future. Woodrow is teaching me a lot about what he is comfortable with and what we need to work towards. All I need to do is be willing to listen."  
Good luck Woodrow and Douglas.  

Update on Woodrow from Douglas, in the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge:  

Woodrow & I did a trail ride into the dark of Friday night. Then on Sat. morning I rode one of my horses in the Sheboygan Brat Days Parade, as Saturday proved to be a hot one Woodrow & I, thought we try out the pond. Then Sunday Woodrow & I went to the Valders WI parade to promote the Buffalo Bill's Best of the Wild West show at Pinecrest Historic Village Aug.11th & 12th. Woodrow & I end Sunday afternoon with some good friends riding in their outdoor arena..

Get your applications in now to adopt Woodrow come September 22nd at the Trainers Challenge!  

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Heike B
Way to go Woodrow!
Way to go Woodrow
Ohhhhh how I love this horse
Jan N
Woodrow and Douglas are really looking smart! Go go Woodrow!!
Such a great partnership underway! Well done Woodrow and Douglas!
Way to go Woodrow & Douglas!

Another update on Woodrow and his adventures!  

Do you have your application in yet?  This Sunday, 8/19/2018, we are holding a special Sneak Preview event where any approved applicants can come and meet all of the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge horses and their trainers and see the horses in action!  Please contact me for details on this karen@equineadoption.com  

Here is an update from Woodrow and his trainer, Douglas Rank:  

Woodrow & I embarked on a new journey this pass weekend, we set our sights high with the intent of being happy no matter the outcome. As I am proud to tell you Woodrow has his first Buffalo Bill Best of the Wild West show under his belt. The show started off with the blast of a rather big & loud cannon, which didn't faze old Woodrow a bit. To tell of the pictures we did a little roping followed by a drill team wagon wheel.......
Woodrow & I were talked into robbing a covered wagon, which one could say Woodrow makes for a good get away horse. 

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Heike B
Oh my gosh, that looks like fun!
Jamie M
Talk about the makings of a "bomb proof" horse!
Jamie M
8/29 is a Wednesday not Sunday.  Did you mean this Sunday the 19th?
Yes, that was a typo, all fixed up... thanks for noticing that Jamie!
Leslie V
Very cool!  I notice that Woodrow is doing all this bitless - excellent!  It appears the other horse in the photos is also bitless.  Great job guys!
Leslie, you're correct, and Woodrow's trainer is the owner of Rank Bridles which are bitless bridles.
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