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Woody - 18 yrs.

This will be Woody's thread where we will keep any updates and/or new photos. 
Date of arrival to MHWF:  6/16/2012
$400 - Woody is an 18 year old Paso Fino gelding. He stands at 14.2 hands tall and is a veteran trail horse that just about anyone with some sense can ride. Woody has been part of MHWF for 6 years and has been a reliable trail horse since we first met him all those years ago. He is super sweet, easy going and very likable. His adopters only brought him back because he has not been ridden much the past year or so, other than when friends or neighbors came over and wanted to ride with the family. So he has been ridden by both experienced and green riders, adults and children. Woody is sound and healthy and has all his shots for the 2012 season. He just got his teeth floated as well. Woody does have an unusual spine, which has a few lumps and bumps and odd spots, but as long as you make sure the saddle fits properly, it has never given him any soundness or riding issues. He has had these for years. They make it a little harder to build muscle or fat along his topline, so he does need to be grained every day to keep his weight up, but he's worth a little extra grain.....he is very cute and very likable and a very good riding horse. if your looking for a Paso with the perfect gait, Woody is not your guy, but if you want a good reliable trail horse that you can trust, Woody is all that and more.
Woody came in during a massive rain storm and we waited and waited for a break in the weather for decent photos, but that break in the rain never came, so we are using some older photos of Woody here on his listing, but he looks the same.

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Chelsea J
Woody what a cute name, he looks like a pretty interesting horse to work with?!
Lindsey N
Uhoh, he's got a kissable beak...(well they all do), but he has the one that says "You want to kiss me? Little ol' me?  Come lay one on me!"  For serious, I want to drive out there just to kiss his nose and cuddle on him, is that weird?  Or does that put me into the "normal horseperson" category?  Yes, I catch myself talking baby-talk to them, so what?  
Oh. My. Goodness. I am IN LOVE with this little white horse... *sigh* Please please please.... :)

Woody is that very kissable kind of horse for sure.  Nope, that's not weird.  :) 

Amii J.
How beautiful he looks!
Lindsey N

I looked back at an old thread of his from 2010 and there was a head shot of him that showed how beautifully gray he is...EVEN MORE KISSABLE!  I wish I was closer so I could at least help you out working with these guys until they get their adoptive homes...dang, give him a kiss from me please :D

I can't stop coming back to look at this guy! He reminds me so much of the horse I leased for a year and a half before we adopted Aria... Both are that awesome flea bitten gray, both calm and sweet... He really wormed his way into my heart while I had him and I miss him like crazy. He took me everywhere and was my best friend. I even used him when I was on the 4-H Equestrian Drill team! Somebody is going to be SOO lucky to adopt this guy. :)
Woody looks just as sweet as ever..and yes, with a very kissable beak!

 Congrats to Woody's new family!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Woody and hew new family!
Woody did get adopted yesterday! He got himself a really great family we've known for some time too. While he is a family horse, it was obvious that Joe really fell in love with Woody as soon as he saw him and then especially after he rode Woody. :) Jenn and Joe and family had adopted Emma some time ago, and they just want to have 2 horses. Emma was picking on their horse this whole time and after all of this time, it was obvious things just were not going to change. (Emma did come back, just haven't had time yet to post about her.) Woody never picks on other horses and he was a great match in every way. Hopefully Woody and Silky will get along great and we look forward to hearing how it goes. Their trip home went great and things sound good so far. :)

Here are a few pics from adoption day.
The first one of Jenn riding Woody. I think you can see by her face what a good time she was having. (We were really busy and I didn't get pics of the others riding.)
Second is of the whole family with Woody; Jenn, Joe, Cole and Cade.
Third one, I just had to take a pic of a man and his horse, Woody and Joe.

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Jane Liess

Sorry it didn't work out with Emma, but I hope Woody is compatible.  It seems like he has quite a few admirers already!  I'm sure Emma will be happier, too.

I don't want to say it out loud too soon and jinx us but Karen, it doesn't look like you will be eating your toe anytime soon. We went there thinking we would be coming home with Missy but Karen said it perfectly, Joe fell in love with Woody and it was all over from that first moment. Karen and Scott thanks again for everything. You are two fabulous people.
Jenn, I will keep that salt shaker handy just in case, but I don't want to have to eat my toe. :) It would be pretty shocking if Woody would pick on Silky though.

It was kind of funny, after Joe met Woody he didn't want to meet other horses, even though they did take the time to meet others I think his mind was made up.
John B.
Simply said; AWESOME

It was funny and after we got on the road with our lovely Woody that LOVES to ride backwards with his head hanging out Joe told me no other horse was even in the running after he met Woody, he only did it to humor me. 

Wendy W - WI
A big congrats jenn and family!  I love the family picture and I love the one of  Joe and Woody, but my fav is jenn's smile and laugh while riding.  It certainly looks like you were having fun.  Congrats again!
Sounds like fate to me!! :) Congrats to everyone!
Woody is such a fun ride Wendy it was impossible not to laugh and smile.  He is such an incredibly affectionate horse and just downright lovable. He reminds me of a big kid.
So glad Woody got such a great home. We adopted Woody and had him for 4 years. He blossomed with us. Anyone and everyone could ride "Woodrow"- and everyone always wanted to. A great babysitter with fast action hooves. We miss him still- I know he'll be very happy in his new home. He always loved being being part of a family. Good luck!
Maggie thank you so much for letting Woody (we call him Woodman alot) come back into the program, you have made my husband one very happy man.  We took Woody and Silky up to the Northern Kettle Moraine yesterday morning and had a wonderful ride. Woody was amazing for Joe and Joe said he has never had a more comfortable ride, he said not once was he nervous, even when Woody spooked big at some snow fence.  Joe and Woody took the lead quite a few times and Joe even felt comfortable enough to canter. Trailering them makes me laugh because we put Silky in 1st (3 horse slant) and put up a beam that Joe made to give them something to brace against, then in goes Woody, he doesn't get tied and we were prepared for him to be facing backwards again when we got to the lot but we opened up the trailer and he is standing with his head darn near on top of Silky's head, I swear he would have crawled under the beam if he could have. I have more pictures but only this one on my phone and since I don't have internet at home I cannot upload.

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Nice you have such a good horse for the hubby and good for him to go ahead with the canter. 
Lindsey N
I love seeing amazing, relaxed pictures like this!  There certainly is something when you bond with a horse and no matter what they do, they can do no wrong :D  I just love seeing the relaxed way about him and how happy/confident your husband is with him!!
Paso's are sooo much fun to ride!  I remember the first time I rode mine; all I did was laugh and smile because it was so much fun and oh so comfortable.  Before I retired my boy, he always wanted to lead too and he would go through anything.  Have fun with Woody and enjoy the ride!
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