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John B.
Great pics.  Love the KMN trails and also enjoy horse camping there a few times a year.  Hope to see ya'll on trail there next year.  So sad to see that the "Fin-N-Feather" closed.
Wonderful update!  Love the pics, and the leaf heart is too cool!!  From the looks of this, 2 more horses will be needed in the not too distant future...wink wink...

John we don't go to often during the weekend, it just gets so crowded. We went bike riding up there on a Sunday in October and when we rode past the Jersey Flats I counted 13 trailers parked there.  Add that to all the people camping, the other parking spots people park at and that just gets to be hectic.  But I do think we need to set up a time in spring again to get the MHWF crew together for a ride.  I know its hard for Karen and Scott to get away so we should let them pick the weekend and the place we might have better luck :)  We have no obligations written on the calender in April or May right now and would love to mark down a ride!  Doreen we are well aware that we are going to have to do something but another horse or two means a bigger trailer which means a bigger truck to pull all that and omgosh we are NOT ready for all of that just yet so you just hush young lady and don't encourage my children with their pleas of a horse of their own!!

Yes, ma'am....I'll be good.  hee hee hee
John B.
Jenn am surprised you have seen it so busy, we have camped there multiple times when we were the only ones there or only one of a few (other then holidays) Do you ever park at the camp day lot when you ride?  Most times I have seen that day parking area pretty open at camp.

Do you recognize this spot at KMN? :-)

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Heck yes I know that trail.  We rode the crooked lake trail with you guys in the afternoon.  Have you camped up there in fall John?  People everywhere.  We parked at the lot off of the YMCA camp road and when we got back to the trailer we were darn lucky to sneak our way out.  The KMN is only 15 min from our house so we go there alot, riding, hiking, biking etc. 
John B.
Jenn, we camped last year there in the fall, I think it was late Sept.  Other then a hoot owl we were the only ones camping.  I think we did the year before in the late fall and there were a couple of other campers.  We camped there this summer (August) and it was about 3/4 full.  I do not doubt though when nice fall weather that a lot of day riders show up (esc. after this very hot year)


Went for a snowy little ride yesterday :) Obviously Joe's date on the camera is wrong he just didn't know how to fix it. The one pic just shows where Woody gets to live, it's nice (I think anyway) to see all the different kinds of homes we keep our horses in, kinda shows there is no right or wrong way as long as the horse is loved and safe and happy.

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You guys look like you had a blast!  The horses all look nice and content too.  Thanks for sharing Jenn, it brings big smiles.  :) 
Lindsey N
Always so much fun to see pictures...is that a goat with Woody??? I've never heard about the goat before...they are quite the characters themselves :P  Woody always seems like such a good boy!
Jenni O.
Woody looks so cute in his winter fluff, in the snow.  Your barn makes a nice background for the photo.  It's nice to see so many people out and about this winter.
John B.
Nice Jenn & Joe  :-)

See ya this spring at camp???
mel d
You all look like you are enjoying the ride :) and having winter fun. Thanks for sharing these.
Yup, we will be there come spring!  Joe shouldn't be encouraged to drink ya'll....if ya do encourage him he is sleepin with you!!

Woody shares his barn with Silky of course, Digger, Dozer and Chopper (the goats), Donald, Daisy,  and Frank (the ducks), and Buddy the kitty cat. He likes to chase the ducks and plays tough with the goats (cuz they are the only ones he can push around) but they ignore him.  I think he chases the ducks for fun, it's great entertainment (yes we know we need to get out more)
John B.
Jenn you are too funny, if you think the drinking is a problem wait to ya try the pickeled eggs.
We just blame the horses on trail.  Important rule; what happens at camp - stays at camp.

John B.
He's a very fluffy boyyyy
The kind that won't get cold in winter
He will never come back in the barn
Once you let him out his stall, ow boy
He likes his hay out in the sn-ow
He says that it's his all time favorite
When I make a move to bring him in
He's always runnin away
That Woody's pretty wild now
That boy is super fluffy
The kind of boy you see-ee
Out in the great big snowbank
He is super fluffy, super fluffy, he's super fluffy yeeeoowww.

LOL! think Rick James and super freak.  Woody's doin great...wants more kisses on his beak.

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Jenni O.
And he has his forelock flipped off to the side in the first pic, all cute-like.
Bumping up the thread- Horse Fair bound!!
Wohoo!!! :D

Go Woody & Joe!

Thanks everyone! Joe and I are working on cleaning his boy up. Wish the ice would melt so we could practice. Kids are beyond pumped for Woody and Dad. Cole wore his MHWF shirt to school today and explained to his class what his dad is doing. I love the excitement in the house!! I love that my kids are such MHWF advocates.

How fun is that! Love when the kids catch the excitement too :)

John & I got chatting on the other thread, I hope you saw that I did reply to your questions though Jenn. ;)  I look forward to meeting all of you & Woody too!


Woody and i did our first practice today, we don't have an indoor so it was out in the big pasture.  we set up some logs for him to walk thru and then tried backing. backing didn't go so good so we need to practice that alot. then we dragged a log, he spooked at first but after a couple min he mellowed and thanks to my dumb you know what tripped on the log because i brought it in to close to him.  He did fine with that tho.  we did the walking over a tarp thing and he did perfect. stood still on it and everything. Jenn and the kids even held it up over their heads and he walked under it a few times and because cade is really short Woody couldn't see out the other side but he went thru with me anyway.  after that we just took a quick ride around the pasture and then let the kids ride him. our niece was over and she rode him too.  he is such a great horse.  i hope we don't embarrass mhwf in madison. i am by no means a pretty rider but i really do love riding woody.  john i am not spending the night at the fair at all but jenn will be staying the weekend.  the kids have school friday and i still have to take care of all our other animals and feed the woodstove that heats our house. and karen jenn said to tell you that i had this email address years before i adopted woody and it was just one more sign that woody and i were meant to be.  she is weird don't you think? haha  oh and if part of the challange is walking calmly past a 7 year old kid giggling as he wraps himself up in a huge tarp ball and rolls around the pasture we got that covered too. 
I just looked at your email address and I have to admit, that gave me goosebumps, so I don't think Jenn is weird (or I'm really weird).  Some things really are meant to be! 

The one thing you need to work on the hardest and make sure you master is that there will be no thoughts of being embarrassed or anything of the sort.  There is absolutely nothing that could be embarrassing, and not only do we feel this way, but I think everyone who stands and watches anyone who performs at the fair (or other fairs, shows, etc.) has a high level of respect for those who have the guts to get out there and do it.  We are very proud of each and every one of you! 
I second what Karen says. There will be many people cheering you on and no need to think about being embarrassed. Even getting to this point is a big accomplishment. you will do just fine.
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