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Here is a very nice story that Joe and Jennifer sent us shortly after Woody competed at the Midwest Horse Fair.

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Very good article!
mel d
Super article :)
Good write up and another way to promote equine adoption.
Yay!!  That is awesome!!
Kara W.
Love this! Very cool you can get your story out like this and also show what Adoption horses can do :)
Heather H
Aw that is great. Glad they did end up doing an article. The reporter called my cell by accident (we were on the email chain all together and she got confused as to whose # to acll) after the Midwest Horse Fair and I did explain it was already over with and directed her to Jenn & Joe in case they still did want to do an article. :) Woody & Joe'ss 15 minutes of fame lives on.....

I'm glad they put in a link to the Facebook page to MHWF too! Free publicity is always great and may it will help generate some raffle sales, indoor fund donations or future adoptive homes?
Wendy W - WI
OMG that is so awesome jenn, Joe, and MHWF!!! 

Jenni O.
That's cool! What a great article. And yes, there's Joe and Woody's additional 15 minutes of fame- besides their run at the Horse Fair.
Hey all!  Woody and Joe have been hitting the trails again lately :)  We had date day again two weeks agao but the trees hadn't really started turning.  We took Cole and Theo out today with us, had a great time.  Cade rides in a buddy saddle behind Joe and other than his little piggies gettin cold had alot of fun.  It was a foggy dreary day but the colors are still pretty and it's always nice to get out.  Woody is as fabulous as always and seems to really like his new little buddy.  He is always ready to go and happy to be out with Joe on the trails.  Oh I forgot to mention on Theo's thread but in addition to the bridge and culverts we had to deal with the hunters and all 3 horses did great, the shooting definitely brought them to high alert but nobody had any big spooks.  We are really looking forward to many many more miles of trails together.  I love how the boys relax and really get silly out in the woods, I love listening to their laughter mixed with the soft footfalls of the horses.  It truly makes my heart smile. xoxo  and like I mentioned on Theo's thread...boys have it SO easy on the trail!!

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Jenni O.
Love the photos. Woody likes to park out for a potty break when it's photo time, but in that last photo it looks like maybe he learned from his rider, lol. I'm jealous-it snowed here today so we spent the day cleaning.
Great pictures Jenn!  I'm so happy that you had a great day and a wonderful ride...all that worrying for nothing.  :)  On a side note, we were at Wyalusing State Park on Saturday and met a family from Theresa...small world, huh?    


Heather H
Great photos! What a fun way to spend a day together as a family.
I love these two boys, I love their bond, it shines through every time they are around one another.

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After meeting Joe and Woody last spring all I can say is; they sure are trusting buds.  It doesn't get better then that.
Jenni O.
Aww, that's awesome, for lack of a better word. Everyone should get to have a horse like that once in their lives.
It is awesome and you are so right, I hope everyone gets to have that bond with a horse at least once.  I envy those two.  
Camera was out and of course we snapped a few of the most handsome guys on the farm surrounded by adoring girls [smile]  


Jenni O.
Love the photos!
Great photo's and I LOVE the little goat, who looks like he is the *BOSS*... You have a wonderful family. And the hoofers look content/happy. What do your girls think of *Inigo*?[smile][comp][thumb] *Woody* sure looks nice and CLEAN/WHITE.

Thanks Jenni O!  Char that isn't my family.  That gaggle of girls belongs to my horse crazy friend and her friend, between the 2 of them they have 5 girls!  Joe and I have 2 boys [smile]  but thanks they are beautiful girls, I will let their mothers know!

Joe sharing his Pringles with Woody on the trail [smile]

3 bffs.jpg 
3 out of my 4 very best friends (Inigo stayed home with the goats)

Woody still loves the trail, his feet are quick as ever, Silk and I don't even try keeping up anymore. I swear this horse has the energy level of a horse half his age [smile]  Joe insists Woody is only 16 no matter what the vet tells him.  All is well in Woody's world.
Donna M
What great fall riding pics. Wonderful update. 
Jenni O.
Ooh, I like the Aussie saddle. Woody looks good, as always. I love fall riding pictures. Now there's barely any leaves left, but it was beautiful while it lasted.
Always great to see Woody and the family he adopted.  Jenn are those pics from KMN area?
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