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Woody is looking good!
Woody had a great time as always out on the trails with his pal Joe.  There really is no slowing this guy down. 

joewood4.jpg joewoody.jpg joewoody2.jpg  woodjoe.jpg 

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Jenni O.
Woody looks great! I rode half my trail ride the other day with a woman and her grey Paso, and he reminded me of Woody. He was 21 and we could hardly keep up!
It has to be a Paso thing.  Even with all the eating Woody does he still has no problem keeping up. 
Great pics!  Woody looks awesome as usual!
Negative 2 this morning but with the sun it warmed up nicely and the boys were enjoying their midmorning snack in the snow.  Woody is doing great, had a scare earlier this month, he went down on some ice and needed some help getting up.  Thank goodness he is not a lose his head and thrash around kind of guy and waited quietly for some help.  We are looking forward to Spring for sure!

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Woody looks good as always. Whose your new steed?
That is Joe my Standardbred.  I unfortunately did not listen to Karen's advice to come meet Chester the Standardbred when he came thru the organization because I was stuck on really wanting a mare, few months down the road and I met a Standardbred mare along with Joe and another gelding at Racer Placers and really clicked with Joe and ended up adopting him.  It worked out though because Woody and Joe (the horse) have become good friends and Woody doesn't worry about him. 
Sounds like you got a good one!!
Glad to hear Woody didnt hurt himself on the ice!  And congrats on your new Standardbred!  I have known some really great ones!
Last week Joe was gone and Cade had the pleasure of grooming Woody and in spring the end result of grooming Woody is never pretty, he is one very hairy guy. 


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LOL!!!  I hope Cade didn't wear any chapstick during the event!  So cute and funny!  
Jan N
Looks like Cade did a thorough job -- complete whiteout on floor behind him lol !
It is always amazing how that hair can stick!
HAHA!  Nope, no chapstick thank goodness.  He was itchy enough without it.  That hair is SO STICKY and clingy and there is just so much of it. 
Woody went camping for the first time with us on Memorial Day weekend at Northern Kettle Moraine.  It was a lot of fun and we are totally hooked.  Woody did fantastic and really loves the trails with his buddy Joe.  Cade (our youngest) went with us and although we offered him a ride he was happy walking along with us.  Thankfully the weather was pretty good and the bugs were not terrible. the last picture I took yesterday while Woody was snoozing with his herd mate Digger the goat.  Woody is looking and feeling great and I would almost swear he is going backwards in age.  He has so much energy and was just eating those trails up!  Joe had a hard time keeping him to a walk sometimes.  He is a fantastic and to us very priceless horse. 

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What an awesome update!!
Love this handsome dude!!
Great update!  Thanks for sharing all the pics....love Woody and the goat...LOL
Jenni O.
Yay for Woody! A new accomplishment. I love camping with horses.
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