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He is just to pretty to not take pictures of :)

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mel d
Oops...I am not speechless, but very close to that...smile...what a lovely photo!
I'll ditto that too.  :)  It is so nice to see updates and pics of Woody, he has always been one of our favorites and I'm so happy that he is doing so well! 
Joe better watch out or he is going to lose his horse :)  This is Cade very happily riding Woody.

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Mom gave me a bath yesterday, everything was going really well.  I liked it alot when she massaged the shampoo in and scrubbed me all over but then well she ummmm did a real "deep" cleaning if you get my drift....We can't look each other in the eye anymore, they say time heals...we will see.

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Jax the horse
Woody, if you act up during these, ahhh..."episodes" your owner will have to get the vet to do it. That way you get a little cocktail before it happens. That is what I like to do. ANd it is expensive for the owner to do it this way. Ha ha...sweet sweet revenge!  

Oh the humiliation Woody!!! It is very evident in this photo....love it!!! LMAO

Mr. Ed
Woody?!  Just don't live up to your name during those moments then there is nothing to be shy about...
Mia the young mare

I am glad I am a girl.

Mae West the Morgan
Say there Woody, would you like to come over to my stall for a while?

Share a little carrot wine.

Do the paso fino, um, er I mean the bossa nova....
ahahahahahahaha you guys are awesome!  Nobody else finds the humor in this like my fellow horse people!!  Thank the good lord that Woody did NOT live up to his name...he seemed very shy about the whole process.  That was my first time ever and while it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be it definitely is not something I will be looking forward to.
Love this weather.  Just a few shots from out on the trail.  Anyone going to Northern Kettle Moraine next Saturday?  We will be there with the Woodman :)  Probably parking at the Jersey Flats and doing the Crooked Lake loop. 

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Isn't it nice to get the hubbys out on their horses?!?
It really is Jurita, I'm very happy they are willing to be our trail buddies.
Took the Woodman and Silky out on the trails this morning, we were going to start at the Jersey Flats but Cole wanted to come with so we started at the HWY 28 parking area (it is quieter).  I was a little nervous cuz Cole would be riding double with me the whole time and I wasn't sure how that was gonna go.  Some of you might remember at one point I was ready to give up on Silky a few years back as we just could not click together but let me tell you how incredibly proud of her I was, she rode like a dream, absolutely rock solid.  Cole had a blast and so did I. I was so glad to spend that time with him.  And then there is the Woodman, cripe what a character.  I can't tell you how many times Cole and I laughed at him because I swear Woody aimed for every last ever loving low hanging branch that he could, refused to ride in the middle of the trail, kept turning around and trying to follow a trio of pretty mares that passed us (at least it had better have been Woody wanting to follow!!) and about made Joe's you know what's shrivel up when he literally walked on the edge of a Kettle, Joe thought they were going to be goners.  Woody bobs his head all over the place, spooked at stumps and rocks but never blinked as a rabbit streaked in front of him and walked easy as you please across a wooden bridge.  I told Joe that Woody seems to get enormous pleasure out of messing with him. Joe can be a little uptight sometimes and I love the fact that Woody plays with him.  They are a perfect balance. Here are some pics from this morning. The one is super blurry but the Cole's smile still shines through.  The one at the trailer looks like Woody is asking Joe if he knows what the heck he is doing and there is one where Joe thinks he is pretty hot poop smokin his cigarette, taking a pic, and still controlling his mighty stead.

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Jenn, are you riding with just a rope halter?  And the same with Woody or is it a bitless bridle?  If so, I am intrigued.  I just met someone who rides her horses with a halter and lead and has no problems with it.  Has me thinking.....I know it would depend on the horse and rider and the relationship between them but I sure like the idea.
mel d
I was going to ask the same thing...looks like Woody has a bosal? But looks like a rope halter on Silky. Tell us more, please. Just started working Storm from the saddle with his rope halter instead of a bit and he seems to do so much better with it.

Yes Silky is ridden in just a rope halter and Woody in just a plain bosal. Silky came with just the rope halter and reins combo and I thought no way was I going to ride her in just that. I have tried different bits with Silky but always had head tossing and just plain dislike from her.  I was under the impression that I would have more control with a bit and she used to make me very nervous when I first got her but I finally said forget the expensive bits etc and went back to what she was comfortable in.  She rides fantastic in it and responds beautifully, maybe it was me being to heavy on her mouth or maybe she just doesn't like the bit, who knows.  When we adopted Woody it said in his profile that he rides in a paso fino bosal but I couldn't see much difference in a paso bosal versus what we have so we tried him in it and he seems to like it.  Joe is very comfortable with Woody in the bosal and Woody responds perfectly so we are just gonna keep it simple and stick with what they like.  I agree it depends on the horse, but you will never know until you try it! 

We went by a friend's place to ride today, I just love fall riding with zero bugs!! Cade rode with Joe today on Woody and Woody was perfect :) Hope you are all out there and enjoying this weather as much as we are!!

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You are all probably gonna get sick of updates but after being laid up last year at this time I am loving all the riding time we are getting this year.  We went out again today (I have Tuesdays off and Joe took a day of vacation).  We took Woody and Silky up to the Horseman's Park and rode for about 12 miles, we stopped for lunch and gave the horses water and hay.  I don't think Woody was crazy about going again, we loaded Silky and Joe went down to the barn to get Woody and Woody took off across the bridge and into the way back pasture and tried to hide.  It was pretty funny.  He loaded fine and seemed to really enjoy himself, we don't ride them hard, just a nice easy walk 90% of the time.  It was beautiful out and the trees are just starting to turn.  The wind was pretty wild at times but once we got into the woods you really didn't notice it.  Woody put Joe into quite a few trees and even knocked his hat off once. Joe knows Woody is giving him a hard time but said today that since Woody puts up with his crap the least he could do is put up with a little of Woody's. 

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I am loving every single update and photo!  There is no such thing as too many updates and I don't think anyone would ever get sick of updates! 

How cool is that last photo with the trees turning and the shadow Joe and Woody are casting!!! 
Joe and I had "date day" again last Tuesday and went for a great ride.  I did manage to give myself a corneal abrasion by smacking myself in the eye with the cinch strap which was lovely and am just now able to tolerate the computer without getting a headache from seeing 4 of everything.  Here are a few pics from that day.  We packed a lunch and had a fantastic day with Woody and Silky.

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Great update, great pics!  Hope your eye heals without any problems.
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