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Beautiful!  So awesome to see this great horse loved and used. 
Jenni O.
Oh, the eye thing made me groan in pain.  Sounds awful!  Hope it gets back to normal quickly.  Beautiful fun photos though!  Woody seems perfect for Joe.
Cool pictures and love the "date day" referral. Bad news about the eye. Seeing four of everything may be good...looking at money, pretty horses, cute cowboys..... or it could be bad...looking at bills, piles of horse poop, dirty dishes.
Hang in there!
Well sadly the tuesday "date day" riding adventures are coming to an end as the trails will close soon :(  We are bummed but despite the rain today we did go riding because as you all know riding in the rain is still better than than the best day working!!  We had a great time as always, most of the leaves have fallen but the tamarack have turned colors and look pretty cool even in the misty gloom.  It started pouring about 45 min from the trailer but we had our rain coats so all was good.  It was a little freaky when it started to thunder and just as we made it back to the parking spot we did see some lightening so we loaded in a quick hurry and got out of there.  Of course there are pics :) we are picture crazy out on the trails.  Also Woody did something I have never seen a horse do before today, he rolled...or tried to with Joe up on him...why?? Anyone have some insight? We took off the saddle and pads and found nothing that would bother him, checked his hair etc...nothing.  It was weird. I asked Joe if he was okay and he said "of course! even after that I still feel super safe on him!"  He definitely wasn't concerned, insight anyone?

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Nice pictures!  My thought on the rolling may be because he was wet from the rain? 

We were trail riding with a few friends once and one of the horses dropped to roll for reasons unbeknownst to us.  The horse never did it before that and hasn't done it since (and it's been a few years), so it remains a mystery as to why he did it, but I would have to assume just really itchy or something along those lines. 

Great pics and stories, I love Woody's thread.  :) 

Awesome pictures!!! 
Kristin K
Looks like a great day...much better than working!

I will always remember it was the weekend before my wedding and as me and my neighbor left to ride my husband jokingly yelled, don't let her break anything. Well my gelding decided a real sandy part of the trail would be the perfect place to drop and roll and all my neighbor could think was oh gosh, she gonna break an ankle. Not sure why he did it either and hasn't tried sense, I guess the sand just looked to good to resist rolling in :)
Kara W.
Hasn't ever happend to me but my mom was riding her old mare a couple months ago and she did it 2 times on a ride... never did it before.... but we have had 2 or 3 horses do that to friends on trail rides... they just stop and drop and get up like nothing ever happend... kinda funny...
Scott: MHWF
One thing to remember in these cases, when you sense your horse is about to drop and roll, do not give them their head. They cannot lay down if you do not give them their head.
The first ride out this spring.....my horses did that in a sandy spot.....  then shortly after, one of my friends horse attempted this too.  Ours didn't do it again over the summer.....but my sister and BIL's horses both did that several times. Again...sandy trails.  I'll admit...that took me by HUGE surprise!  One minute we're peacefully walking down the trail.....the next I'm laying in a huge pile of soft sand. (THANKFULLY - he didn't actually roll - just got up when I yelled at him!  Did you know that "what the HELL?!?" means "get up!" to your horse?? LOL  or at least to mine. lol)

All rides after that one tho....I was more conscious that he 'may' try it again.  Yes....I was being a 'passenger' on that first ride....expecting him to do all the work.  We had 'partner' rides after that, and didn't have any more troubles. ;)
I'm thinking he wanted to roll because he was probably itchy from being wet.  Anytime I give my horses baths, the first thing they do is roll as soon as I turn them out!
Thanks everyone, that's what I told Joe too, if you feel he is gonna do it again pull his head up. Poor Joe was so taken by surprise and lets face it we both get preoccupied looking around and talking. Woody really is a great trail partner, whoever trained him did an awesome job.
John B.

I have seen it quite often where a horse wants to roll with a rider on trail and it even happened to me in a river no less (just this summer)  As Scott said, keep their head up and keep em moving when you suspect they want to roll and then they can't.  In my case I was distracted getting "something" out of my saddle bags, reigns on the horn and away we went rolling into the river.  It seems that sandy areas and water is when the horses feel most compelled to do such a thing.  Easily stopped if you have the reigns and see them lowering that head, "sniffing"and or bending the front knees.

Great pics,  John B.

Donna R
Had it happen to me with Lacey last year when she found a sandy patch of ground.   Not giving them their head makes total sense, Scott.  I was so surprised by what happened that I didn't think.  It wasn't a feeling that any harm would come of either of us because it happened in slow motion.  Once she dropped, I had time to get away from the saddle before she rolled.  No insight as to why a horse might decide to do that.  By the way, Woody and Silky are BEAUTIFUL!!!  You must get lots of compliments from people when you have them out.
Kim M.
Beautiful pics! I'm so glad you are able to have such a wonderful time with him! Since we are sharing rolling stories::: I was renting a schooling horse from our stable named Noah. Big, huge quarter horse who loves to eat. I was a little apprehensive with him as I didn't know how far to push him to obey me before he may get upset and do something naughty in protest, so I made the mistake of letting him take bites every so often. Of course he took advantage and wanted to stick his head down more and more. Finally I put my foot down and wouldn't let him at all. Well, he finally got annoyed enough that he started going down as if to roll and I wasn't quick enough to keep his head up. As soon as he was near the ground, I hopped off. but he never went all the way down! He just kneeled and began eating!!!!! We laughed our butts off! Then I wasn't quick enough to hop back on before he got up and it was humorous watching me try to get back on this huge fella on the trail. Well, I thought I'd be ready the next time I rode him. NOPE! Down he went down to his knees again only this time I knew he wasn't trying to get me off, so I stayed on and cued with the reins and eventually he stood back up. I laughed the whole time because, one: it must have looked so funny to see this huge horse kneeling with me on him, trying to eat everything he could reach, and secondly: knowing the whole time it was my fault anyway. The third time I rode him, I finally knew to anticipate and he didn't do it to me again. I would love to train him to do it so if I had to get off him on the trail, I could EASILY get back on him while he was kneeling. :-)
I feel SO much better knowing this wasn't some crazy new thing nobody has ever dealt with.  Ya really gotta wonder what the heck they are thinking when they do that.  Kim that was just hilarious what Noah did to you, I was sharing it with Joe and he said he better stop letting Woody grab mouthfulls of grass while he takes a picture or before ya know it he will be on his knees too! I am glad you all like our pictures :) We think the world of our horses.
mel d
Gorgeous photos! Glad you got out before the trails close... That Woody, what a character! I bet it was because he was wet, as the others have mentioned. When I was a kid, my horse chose to do a roll in a mud puddle we were riding through. Surprise! Luckily I was bareback and hopped off...didn't hop back on the messy boy either...he went from white to thick chocolate!
John B.
Jenn,  Really glad you and Joe and are enjoying those great horses of yours.
I have an odd request; Scott, myself and an occasional few other guys (Ken, Travis via Jurita when he is not fishing, Len via Donna when he is not golfing) are some of the only few guys to occasionally interact on this site.  I think Joe needs to post some regarding Woody to add a bit more testosterone here.  Now I will duck as I know here come a few punches from the the estrogen majority...
I don't know about the rest of the estrogen clan, but Joe didn't have me fooled for a minute posting under Jenn's name here and there.  ;)  :) 
Oh my gosh,give the boys an inch and they want a mile! Isn't it enough that I let him have his own horse and never make him share?! Now you all want me to teach him how to post on the forum?! Yeesh!!!!
Our absolute last time out on the KMN trails, I took off of work (seems like we do that alot doesn't it? I swear we do go to work on occasion!) Friday because the kids had off of school and we didn't want to go Sat. or Sun. because we knew it would be packed.  We go double and Woody and Silky are so very good about it.  We had a great time.  Cade and I walked the last mile and a half home, Cade because he is 7 and has ants in his pants and me so Cole could get some riding time in without having to sit behind me.  Cole has been riding Silky alot at home and I wanted to see how he would do on the trails with her.  He did pretty good, she tries to take advantage of him quite often but he isn't afraid of her anymore and will definitely get after her when she does this.  Woody is just a gem. I swear him and Joe have formed a bond in the few short months we have had him that took Silky and I almost 2 years to get to.  Woody and Silky seem to really enjoy each other and I think it is pretty evident with how close they are usually walking when out on the trails.  They sleep in the sun out in the pasture next to each other too.  I feel so very blessed to have these horses and that Joe was willing to take up riding.  I am thankful my children get to grow up riding and that the horses we have had in our lives so far have made such strong bond with everyone in the family.  Here are pics from yesterday.  Some are goofy and don't have a horse in them but it is because of the horses we are out in the woods together as a family laughing and having a wonderful time.  No phones, no computers, no tv, no video games, not even a radio and the smiles my children are wearing says it all.  All I can say is hurry up winter and get over with so we can get back out there.

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Great pictures- Thanks for sharing them!
Case's arms and the leaves he threw in the air make a heart. Ha! I love it!
I noticed the heart earlier and just didn't have time to comment.  That is SO cool!!!!!  The pics are great, and remember, you will never wind up in life thinking "gee, I wish I would have worked more".  :)  So glad you guys could take the days off to get out there and ride and play together! 
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