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The leather strap around Yukon's neck has been used as a second tie.         He had figured out that we keep a leather piece in the  nylon halter in case of a problem so the halter would break. Great fun to be tied , one good pull and the halter was gone and then Yukon could play "catch me if you can". I did not find the game fun. So we tied him with the halter same as always and then tied him to the leather strap with a longer lead line. That way the halter would break but Yukon would still be tied to the hitching post. No more fun for Yukon. I prefer to let the horse learn, safely, that he is expected to stand and wait. I feel also it is better to stop the behavior before it becomes a habit and/or dangerous. So far so good.

Have you guys ever thought about using a tie blocker ring?  We have dealt with a lot of horses who don't tie, or had some sort of issues tying, and this thing has been successful in re-teaching many to tie, safely.  It is a much safer alternative than risking injury to the horse's neck, etc., by having something around his neck like that.  Using the tie blocker ring eliminates the horse having the feeling of being trapped and "claustrophobic". 
Anyone who has used a tie blocker, please feel free to chime in...they work magnificently and are very safe. 

Here are a couple of links (you don't have to get the Clinton Anderson tie blocker, but there is a video there that makes it pretty comprehensive) 





One of the few things that Clint and the other celebrity trainers will try to sell you that's actually worth the money. Just be sure you have the rope attached properly.

Mary Early Zuhn
There is also a product called "The Clip".  It's similar to the tie blocker ring.  I use it for my daughter's horse Clancy, who thinks that pulling back is a fun game.  I also use them for tying in a horse trailer or on a picket-line.

Here's a link: http://www.smarttieproducts.com


Love 'em!  Cured my Boogie Man of his little pulling back habit and didn't hurt either of us!  No knots in the lead rope and make sure it is long enough also.   Great invention!!

Jane Liess

I've used it on at least 2 horses with great success.  I agree that it's worth the money!


Thanks everyone for some alternate ideas to using the large strap to correct his pulling issue.  I'll definetely take some time to look into them. 

Realized I hadn't been on to update everyone about Yukon in awhile so thought I would drop a quick note.  He is doing very well and has finally shed out his winter coat.  He is now almost pure black rather than the brown/black mix his winter coat gave him.  He is starting to gain weight back now that his mouth has healed up, after getting his teeth floated.  I haven't had the opportunity to ride at all which saddens me, but my husband has taken him out for a short rides around the arena, and my mother has also hopped up a few times.  Life is just getting crazy right now.  My baby is due this coming Saturday, so we've all been so busy prepping for her arrival.  Hopfully she'll arrive sooner rather than later, but since this is my first child it's anyones guess.  But the sooner she's hear the sooner I can get out riding again!  Really excited to take Yukon out and do more than a walk about.  After watching my cousin ride him earlier this spring I've been excited to get the chance to take him out and stretch those long legs of his. 
Anyways, with the new baby coming so soon, it will probably be awhile before I get the chance to update again.  Sorry no pics this time, but I promise to get some new ones up once I things slow down a bit.  Til next time, hope everyone enjoys the wonderful weather and has happy trail rides!

Glad to hear that Yukon is continuing to do well.  Hope everything goes well for you, and that all goes uneventfully.  Dont forget to drop a quick note to let us know if you have a "colt" or a "filly"...grin...Best wishes!!

Jane Liess

Enjoy some time with your new baby once she arrives.  I'm sure Yukon will understand, and be ready and raring to go once you're up to it!

Hi Sandy - how's motherhood treating you?  Any pictures you can share of your new foal?  Also wondering how Yukon is doing.  Hope all is wonderful with you.

Char 2

If you have someone with the tools and talent, I made three of these "blocker tie rings" out of some snaffle bits for about $15 dollars. Work great and easier on the pocket book if you have more than one horse  ;o)

Wow time flies with a new little one.  I had my little filly on June 8th.  She is now 6 1/2 weeks old!  She is doing amazing and I'm loving motherhood! 
Yukon seems to be enjoying his down time though he is irritated by all the little gnats and other pesky bugs that are driving us all mad this year.  My folks have been looking after him for me and have been keeping the bug spray on all the kids.  Otherwise he's had a couple rides with my husband but nothing too major while I've been out of commision.  The doctor's are telling me that I can start to consider riding in another week or two.  I'm not sure I can hold off that long, but I know our first rides will be slow and short as I'm still healing.  I'll have picture updates of our first rides as soon as I'm back in the saddle!

Congrats on your little filly!  How awesome!  Cant wait to see pics...grin...

Jane Liess

It's nice to hear about Yukon, but I'm sure we'd all like to see a picture of your little filly too!  And what's her name?  Congratulations.

Ranae Alexadra: 1 week old

Faye - WI

She is a BEAUTIFUL baby!!!!!

Jodi W

She is a very beautiful baby-doll!!  So precious!!  Congratulations to you and your husband!!


She is a beautiful little girl....congratulations!!


Thanks everyone!  I love her so much!  And Scott thank you for being so helpful posting my pictures for me!

Jane Liess

That first picture is so precious.  I wonder what she's dreaming about; maybe riding a pony!

mel d

Congratulations! She's beautiful and yes, dreaming of ponies ;-)

Thanks for posting the pictures!  She is gorgeous!

Your daughter is beautiful, and so peaceful...smile...thanks for posting her pics!


Oh wonderful 2 am feedings!  Gotta love them.  But since I'm up thought I would put in an update.  I did get out today and ride my mothers mare Laney since she had her saddled up and ready to go.  We did really well, and though I'm a bit sore, I'm planning on taking Yukon out for a spin on Sunday.  With the cooler weather expected I hope we will both have a great ride!  I'll try and get someone out to get pics so I can show off my beautiful boy on our first ride of the summer!  I'm so excited to get back in the saddle and really get the chance to work with him and see all that he's able to do, now that the baby belly is gone!  If I can't get anyone out for pictures I will at least let everyone know how our ride went!  Hope everyone has happy trails this weekend!

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