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Hi Sandy - how did your first ride go?

Hey Debra

Our first ride went great.  We walked and trotted around the arena, he wanted to canter and stretch out but I decided it was a bit soon for that since both of us are out of shape.  We went for a short ride down the road and back which he did wonderful.  We've been out a couple more times as well, but I'm still finding I get really sore after riding, so rides are still short but sweet.  I'm hoping by this fall to get out on longer rides and maybe our first away ride?  Not sure on that one yet, but time will tell for both of us.  He's had no soreness issues or lameness with riding so far since I've gotten back in the saddle. He is still loving having all the ladies to dote on and my mare Missy still thinks he's the cats meow and protects him when our lead mare gets crabby with him.  She's usually very timid and keeps to herself, but when it comes to Yukon she's all attitude for him!  My husband has had a couple rides on him as well, and is getting better with leg aids thanks to Yukon's stubborness to ignore him until he gets it just right! 

MHWF, Inc.

Yukon - 12 yrs.

$500 - Yukon is a 12 year old Friesian Sporthorse gelding. He is a big boy and stands at 17.2 hands tall. Yukon is sound and healthy. He is mellow and easy to deal with. Just about anyone can ride him as long as they can handle a big horse. He has been ridden both English and Western and by experienced as well as fairly green riders. Yukon is beautiful and well-behaved and is a fun horse to be around. He gets along well with his pasture mates, he loads, leads, ties and is good for the vet and farrier. He was previously adopted but had to come back due to health and financial problems with his adopted family. They loved him though, and did post updates on his thread, on our forum. Make sure to follow the link below to his forum thread to see how he has been doing over the past 18 months since he was first adopted.  
(This is the forum and Yukon's thread here, and I am sure his adopter will come on to post about Yukon as well.  It was very tough for them to give him up, he was a great horse for them.)

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Ohhhhhh what a Christmas present he would be!!! I think my percheron would love a big buddy to play with! Yukon is BEAUTIFUL!!
Karla Joy

Oh beautiful Yukon! I wish so much that I could give you a forever home. Someone is going to going to be very lucky.

Id love to have a big beautiful horse like him. If only I could find that darn money tree then I could afford more than one.  :)
Jenni O.

Wow, he is sooo freaking tall!!!  He will definitely turn heads no matter where he goes. 


Yukon is just a lovely gorgeous boy!  He is amazingly tall, but still very beautiful.

 Horse Illustrated has an article about the Friesan horse this month. It was about how versatile they can be and how great their personalities are. they sound like they are big sweeties.
 there was a photo of a lady riding one the same size as Yukon is and she looked tiny on him.

I saw that, they are big sweeties and Yukon really fits the bill well in that department.  He is truly a big sweetheart, much like a gigantic puppy dog personality. 


Yukon is an amazing horse.  He took such great care of me over the last year.  He would not be available here again if our lives had gone a little differently over the last few months.  He is a wonderful gentle giant who is the first to come up to you in pasture for attention.  He's an easy ride.  Very smooth, though very long stride.  I rode him all through my pregnancy, including the day I was due, and he always behaved like a gentleman.  My husband who is a novice rider was able to ride him, I had my friends kids on his back and led them around the arena and he tolerated all their antics.  I can't say enough wonderful things about this boy!  If you're looking for a sweet teddy bear who will take you wherever you want to go, Yukon is perfect for the job!  I'll miss him....

Nichole M.
I have always adored the Friesian, to me they are the embodiment of HORSE

Yukon just takes my breath away he is indeed a very handsome boy, and sounds just perfect... I have shared his information with my friends. As much as I would love to bring him home a city backyard is not suitable... if only we had our home in the country!

If Yukon is still available by the end of this year... and we have that house... Then again, I pray he doesn't wait so long.

Good luck beautiful boy!

And thank you to you, for caring for him and all the others... the pictures tell the tale of the care they receive... :)

 Sandy, you certainly must have had a lot of trust in Yukon to ride him through your pregnancy.
Funny he is hanging out with Carmel. Last time it was Bambi. He must like the little horses. I wonder why.
Yukon doesn't hang out with just Caramel, he is a very friendly and social guy.  He hangs out with just about everyone, big horses too, I just happened to catch those two upon meeting and taking an instant like to each other (at Caramel's initiation).  :)  I think Bambi latched onto him when he first came to us, she was smitten. 

I guess I should add the picture here that we are talking about, since that was on Caramel's thread: 

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Hi I am actually sandy's cousin I also rode this big boy and he was a pleasure to ride! He takes care of his riders on trails and in the ring
I was wondering if the previous adopters or Karen/Scott could comment more on Yukon's pulling issue. I read his whole thread and we were very interested in him last year (on his waiting list to adopt him), but then I saw the piece on his pulling/halter breaking when tied.  Because we board our horses out, use other people's trailers, and there's a busy road right next to where we board, I'm concerned about possible property damage, but worse yet, Yukon running out on the road if he get's loose.

I have used the blocker tie rings and love them, but sometimes they still get to the end of that 20 ft rope, and well, Yukon's a big boy.  I was wondering if there seemed to be anything that prompts Yukon's pulling back (like tied below wither height, tied too short, etc) or if it was simply unpredictable.  How often does this happen?  We are in a position to take another horse on right now, but I do want the right one we can keep forever...and if we ever did a pickett line over night...would we have one in the morning?  tnx!

Sandy reported to us that his pulling issue has been dealt with and he no longer does it.  We use a tie blocker here to re-train horses who have developed that bad habit, and will check it out for ourselves with Yukon on one of his upcoming appointments. 

Stacie K
ADOPTED???????!!!!!!!!!!  That was fast!
Yes, Yukon got adopted tonight!  We knew it wasn't going to take long, the phone was ringing off the hook about this boy.  There were a lot of people who have been watching the site for a long time and were familiar with Yukon who called about him, and Kim was the lucky person who called first and made an appointment to come meet him this evening.  Kim and her husband Brandon both rode Yukon and did great with him! 

They have a Newfie dog and we really look forward to seeing a pic of Yukon and Feona together!  A giant black dog and a giant black horse! 

We look forward to hearing of Yukon's adventures with his new family. 

Thank you, and congratulations Kim! 

Here are a couple of pics of Kim with Yukon on adoption day, 12/22/2011. 

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Congrats to Yukon's new owners, glad he found a home quickly.  Also, thank you Karen for clarifying Yukon's pulling issue being cleared up.


Congratulations to Yukon and his new family!

mel d

Congratulations Kim, Brandon and Yukon! Great photos and will also be looking forward to updates and a photo of both black beauties together :)

Wendy W - WI
Congratulations!!!!  You look awesome together and can't wait for updates and pictures.  
Jane Liess

Nice pictures!  I hope you enjoy each other!

Jenni O.

Congratulations, and I love the winter photos.  I also really like Yukon's expression in the first photo. 

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