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Yukon - 11 yrs.

This will be Yukon's thread where we will put any updates and/or new photos. 
$500 - Yukon is an 11 year old Friesian Sporthorse gelding. He is a cross of the Friesian stallion Thunder Valley Danny and a Warmblood mare named Chocolate Mousse. Yukon is a very big boy and stands a full 17.2 hands tall. He is current on his shots, wormers and trimming and is a big strong healthy boy. He is also very well broke and has been ridden by both children and adults, although because of his sheer size, he needs a rider/handler who is not intimidated by him and can be assertive when they need to be. Yukon has had a lot of training. He spent some time at the Parelli ranch in Florida and has dabbled in dressage, training level. He was used quite a bit as a trail horse as well, so he is a very well rounded guy. Yukon is a like a giant kid. He loves people and loves his pasture buddies. He loves to run and play in the pasture. He's a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He has had only one owner his entire life.
Yukon's only issue is that as a 5 year old he was kicked in the hip by another horse. It did some tissue damage, but healed up very nicely. Because of the kick he will get a little stiff in his back end if not worked on a regular basis. He is by no means a lame horse. He is a sound horse, but does need regular work and exercise to keep in shape. Yukon is a gorgeous mountain of a horse and some lucky adopter is going to get a real gem of a horse. Yukon is very people friendly, playful and sweet



Yukon with MHWF volunteer, Terri (she is 5' 6")

Judy - IA

I am going to buy my lottery tickets today!  Wow!  What a beautiful boy!

Scott: MHWF

We are shocked that only one person commented on this gentle giant and the hadful of other new threads and updates on the forum. We thought we would see a bunch of oohs and ahhs on this guy. Are you all awake yet this morning? Get your cup of coffee and join in this sunny morning!

  When I read you  getting a Friesian Sporthorse in I thought "oh, I bet I'm going to like him." But now that I see his picture I realize that I was wrong.
I love him!
If my place was only ready for horses!!!
I can't even comment.. just shaking my head... my dream horse has arrived and the inn is full. 

OOOOOOOHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHH!  Love this guy, but of course I am partial to Friesian crosses. 

Wow! He is gorgeous! Somebody is going to get one amazing horse!

Sorry, it's just that I'm speechless.  Wow....

kathy atkins
I've seen Thunder Valley Danny at Midwest Horse Fair. And this is his son? What a hunk!

Wow, I like Danny and Flurry from Thunder Valley as well. He is a bug boy! Beautiful trail/fun show mount! :)


yup, sign me up to win the lottery.  This boy's looks are amazing!  What a real looker.  Now, if I weren't so darn poor...

Wendy W - WI

That's a whole lotta horse!  OMG I just want to hug on him!


 I love the head shot. Karen will have to take some more of those. I bet he will find a new home quickly.

I just went out to do a midday herd check on my quick lunch break and just had to tell you all who Yukon is hanging out with...Bambi, our mini.  On my quick break I did not have time to take the camera with, but hopefully this afternoon I can get some shots of the two of them together.  It is so cute.  Funny thing, Scott just called on his way home and I asked him to guess who Yukon was hanging out with and he guessed correctly (he said he hadn't seen that earlier and just guessed, but I don't know..hehe).  :)  Bambi is about #4 rank in the herd and quite confident along with being very kind and Yukon is a big baby, so it's a perfect match.  To anyone reading who met my Hercules when he was around (we lost him last August at age 27 to cancer), Yukon reminds me a lot of Hercules, in stature and personality.  You can also add me to the list of people here who wish they could have another horse.  ;) 

Yukon is doing really well out in the herd, fitting right in.  He was running, bucking and playing this morning already with Figaro.  I will surely get some more pictures to share, and some nice head shots too Jurita. 
Denise From MN
Be still my heart....I love those big sweet boys!
That is one beautiful looking horse that I'm sure someone is going to enjoy. He has such a nice look to him with a kind eye. 

I agree with Wendy - I just want to hug on him.  What a big teddy bear of a horse.  Can't wait to see some pics of Yukon with his new girlfriend!!

mel d

What an adorable hunk of horse! Sounds as if the lottery tickets will be selling quite briskly this week!

OH my goodness he is HUGE!!!  LOL...beautiful as well, and nicely put together.  I wonder if I would reach his shoulder???  Gee...maybe his KNEE!!

Pretty pretty big boy!
Jenni O.

He's freaking HUGE!  I'd have to get my foot up to my neck to reach the stirrup to mount.  My husband said, "$500 for a Friesian Sporthorse???"  I don't think he'd fit in the shed with Harley though.  Someone's going to make everyone here jealous when they adopt this guy.


He is simply beautiful!  I am really surprised that you aren't being swamped by calls from people wanting him.  This kind of horse doesn't come along real often - I wish we had an open spot for him!!


Wow, now that's a horse!! Good thing we're already at our absolute max here :) Someone is going to be very, very lucky. And to think, his only issue is that he needs to be ridden more, not less. What a great push to get out and ride when you might want to be lazy!


 I looked on here before I went to bed last night, and I actually had a dream about him.  He is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is one gorgeous boy. I love the head shot, and as soon as he finds someone he likes it will be a MATCH... he is one big CHUNK of horse. I even like the color, and his build.. So, beautiful.
He looks like the equivalent of a la-z-boy sofa! Does he ride just as comfy? I miss riding the big thick guys. The one's I've ridden, the canter was the smoothest, most comfy thing in the entire world!
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