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Harley and Gypsy's Mom
I know Yukon is a totally different breed than Princess (shire) was, but he still reminds me of Princess and makes me smile.  What a nice looking big boy!
Sherri N.
My husband likes horses, but doesn't get excited about them, unless it's a Friesian.  Why?  He wants to do the speech to the villagers  ..  . You know the movie... lol!

Great looking horse - he's about as big a horse as I've ever seen! 
I so wish I were further along in my recovery.   I would adopt him in a heartbeat!  Then, of course, I would have to adopt Dragon to be his pasture buddy.

Pssstt... Karen... could you hide those two in the back pasture until I'm fully recovered?  I'm sure no one would notice them, as small as they are ;-)
Heather H
Congratulations to his new family! I see a big red ADOPTED under his name. :)
Yukon found himself a great home and got adopted yesterday!  We are so happy for Yukon and his adopters!  You may remember Sadie, the Standardbred who just got adopted recently by Valerie, Bill and family, and you guessed it, Yukon is going to live in the same home as Sadie.  They all just love Sadie and when they saw Yukon they called right away and wanted to come and meet him.  They understand his issues,  he can only be lightly ridden and needs his groceries and were happy to welcome Yukon into their family.  

We had fun getting adoption day pictures with Yukon because another horse had just arrived and gotten off the trailer and was walking around right behind him, so his full attention wasn't in the photo shoot.  LOL!  We did get some fun adoption day pics though.  

Thank you and congratulations to Bill, Valerie and family!  We look forward to hearing updates and seeing Yukon and Sadie together too.  :)  

Here are some fun pics from adoption day yesterday, 6/14/2014.  

Attached Images
Name: YUKON1-BILL-VALERIE-JUNE14-ADOPTION-IMG_2336-WEBREADY.jpg, Views: 499, Size: 215.01 KB

Name: YUKON2-BILL-VALERIE-ADOPTION-JUNE14-IMG_2337-WEBREADY.jpg, Views: 500, Size: 182.24 KB

Name: YUKON3-BILL-VALERIE-JUNE14-ADOPTIONIMG_2350-WEBREADY.jpg, Views: 498, Size: 231.68 KB

Congratulations Bill and Valerie! Yukon is like a giant teddy bear.
What great photos!   Yukon is one BIG boy, with a great family!!  Congratulations!!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! Yukon sure want there for long. He must have charisma. ;)
Good story!  congrats to all.
Donna R
Congratulations!  Another great adoption!
mel d
BIG congratulations! The photos are priceless!
Congratulations to Yukon and his new family!
linda b
So happy for Yukon!  I had a chance to ride him and he was so fun!  Enjoy!
Any updates on Yukon? He looks like a tall Chubby Checkers [wink][biggrin]
It's funny you should ask about Yukon tonight, Emily, since his adopter just called us and left a message on our answering machine with an update.  [smile]  We will also be getting pictures soon as well.  Yukon is doing wonderful.  He was diagnosed with EPM this past fall and went through the treatment and pulled out from it wonderfully.  He is a happy guy and doing very well.  We will share pictures when we get them.  Yukon's adopter is not tech and computer savvy, so we will put the pics up for him.  
Hi - just checking in on Yukon. Last post in 2016 you were planning to post pictures. Did you get any to post, or have you gotten any updates from his new owners?
Scott: MHWF
I spoke with Yukon's adopters a few months back  and we got his 2017 health report in on time. The big guy was doing very well. He ended up getting EPM and they treated it right away. The treatments are really expensive, but he bounced back nicely and is their pride and joy. His adopters are not real techie or internet people, but they love him and take very good care of him. 
I remember riding Yukon for them when they came to look at him. Nice people. I wish I knew they had Basenjis ...we could have chatted about that.
Hi Scott - I think about Yukon all the time. Have you gotten any Updates on him?
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