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Aww he is sooo cute I have been wanting a pony so bad but he might of changed my mind haha I cant wait till I get a fence up this winter and Bailey can come home so we can get a buddy for him(:
Jane J

Hey all, I saw Yukon boy with my own two eyes and he is simply put just stunning!!! He is very sweet and seems to just mind his own business. I also noticed the little mare Athena as she has caught my eye on the site and face to face is so very much a  loving doll and ultra sweet!! Once her feet are better she will make someone such a dream horse. Jane J
Wonder how my 5'2" daughter would get up on him???

I want this giant sooo bad!!! The person who gets this gentle giant is going to be one lucky person!!! :)


oh my, I have to show this big boy to Haley LOL...

Okay Jurita, another head shot as requested.  ;)  It was a really foggy morning here, so I can't resist going out with the camera in those conditions.  Yukon was happy to pose for me. 

Wendy W - WI

Oh lord just look at the sweetest eye/s ever.  I cannot get over the sweetness of his eyes. 

OMY GODDDDDDDDD!! He is the most gorgeous thing I have EVER seen. I am wondering if you will FALL IN with this OVER THE TOP boy... My, words can't describe him! Or, atleast I tried... This is CALENDAR stuff.hmmmm
mel d

OMGoodness, now I have "Yukon" disease! Want him, too! Just would love to give him a giant hug, but first need to be standing on the "big" mounting block :)


 OMG!  I love that picture. I showed him to Travis who is not a huge horse person but does like them and is going to get one when we are ready. He really liked Yukon. I said, "well maybe you could board him until we get our place ready." He told me he would if I paid his motorcycle off. (OOpps, the motorcycle was my idea too!) 

Jennifer A.

I saw the picture if Yukon yesterday after we just went through the traumatic ordeal of a horsetrader calling me to buy a horse I previously owned...after all the details were worked out...she sold the horse to someone else 2 hours later that happened along.  I was heart broken, but decided to take a look at your page as we are still looking for a horse for my husband.  I am always encouraged to come to the site to see how some horses are finding great homes through MHWF despite the lack of ethics in other parts of the horse industry.  I was so delighted to see Yukon on your page.  I told my husband last night about him and he actually asked me to fill out an application and look into things for him.  I was so surprised!  wow!  I'm sure there are plenty others that would give this horse a great home, but we are planning on putting in an application this week or next (as time allows) to see if we are a match for Yukon.  If he ends up with another family, I'm sure they will be blessed too, and that God will lead us to the right horse for my husband. :) Have a wonderful day, and thank you for rescueing horses at every level of care! ~ Jennifer

Jennifer, I wouldn't wait toooo long, cuz this is one very UNUSUAL find. If your husband is willing, then I would make the TIME to fill out the application the first chance you have, like NOW! Good Luck! *Yukon* is one BIG boy!

Lovely head shot, Karen.  Yukon just fits his name perfectly..smile..big, bold, beautiful...did I say big?  What a nice eye, love the ears...I could go on and on.  You'd almost think I have Yukon disease too...

Tina O.
That head shot looks like a painting. I LOVE it!
I actually bought Yukon as a weanling for my husband who swore he would take up riding if he had a big, black, easy going horse.  I trained him using dressage principles combined with natural horsemanship, but my husband ended up permanently disabled due to his back, so can't ride.  With 3 babies behind Yukon to train, after he was kicked and needed to recover he became nanny to the youngsters.  During that time I trail rode him and took him to clinics from time to time, but he hasn't been in steady work for a couple of years.  He is equally attached to men and women, as I was his partner and my husband his care taker. We couldn't bear to part with him even though we knew he needed a person of his own, until I recently when I realized he was losing muscle mass in his hind legs from lack of work.  He really needs to get back to being worked on a regular basis, and enjoys it.  He is extremely comfortable to ride, and has a huge canter.  We love and miss him dearly, and I question every day if we made the right choice.
Scott: MHWF

I can assure you that Yukon is happy, healthy and safe. We will find him an excellent home.
Wow you did a lot with Yukon. It must have been hard to let him go, but at least you did it for him. You wouldn't want him sore or lose anything more from sitting. Just know you did a good thing, I have not adopted(Yet!) but over the last 6 months have been on this forum and my best friend adopted from here and I couldn't be more certain you did the right thing. MHWF will assure Yukon goes to another who loves him how you guys did and the best part is you can check up on him. I have sold a few horses I loved and I'm saddened as I never knew what happened as people stop letting you know. It's hard but it was right.

Scott - please know that I think the world of you and your organization, which is why I decided on donation vs sale.  He settled in so fast on Sunday and looked very content.  We just miss him so much.
He is beautiful! I just want to hug him!
I immediately told a friend ( who has the time and money that I don't) about him and she said she would fill out an app. I sure hope she does because this horse is a dream!

Quick snapshot from this morning (11/18/2010) of Yukon hanging out with his favorite new buddy, Bambi.  They were at the salt block sharing some salt together. 


Karla Joy

Karen, this is just too cute! What a gentle giant Yukon truly must be. Sigh . . . be still my heart.

Jenna S.
Wow, this boy is a bulk of teddy bear love!!! He's amazing, and gorgeous. Karen, you really do have a gift for capturing moments with all the horses... 
Which horse is which?        (Ha, ha)

Yukon's ears look so funny in the first photo. I had to take a second look. At first I thought that maybe Karen had made him fleece some ear warmers.

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