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Jurita, I know I get the 2 of them confused all the time.  hehe 
Jenna, I walked outside this morning and saw the 2 of them licking at the salt block and remembered that someone mentioned wanting to see a pic of the two of them, so I quick ran back in and grabbed the instant camera.  I know people would think I'm walking around with that camera attached to myself most of the time.  Well, I guess I do spend a lot of time in the pasture with the camera.  :) 

And I, for one, am glad of it!!!  GRIN...I sure enjoy all the photos you share, but this combo is just too funny...Bambi seems just barely as big as Yukon's head..LOL


Jennifer A
My husband and I sent our application in yesterday and we're praying that if it's supposed to be we'll be able to get Yukon. My husband is in love with him and I'm hoping he'll be a good match for us. We realize someone else may end up with him, but we'd really like to give him a good home. Can't wait to hear what will happen.
Scott Bayerl: MHWF
Yukon is a pretty popular horse here on our site.

While I strongly suggest that anyone considering adopting a horse get their application in so that they are approved and ready when a horse they like does come in, I also have to be realistic....we have an appointment to show Yukon on Saturday morning and another on Saturday mid-day if the first appointment passes. If both people pass on him on Saturday, we have a 3rd person in line for Sunday and yet one more person in line after that.

Weirder things have happened, but this is the norm when we get in a horse that everyone seems to like. Please do not let this information stop you from sending in an application. There could be another horse you like waiting right around the corner and having your application in and ready is the key to getting a chance at that horse.

mel d

Yes, get that application in and approved, then you can call for an appointment as soon as a horse is listed for adoption.

Jan N
+1 on Mel's comment/advice.  I had adopted Star the quarter horse in fall of 2009 so had an approved application just sitting there this year when one day at work I signed onto the adoption page literally just 35 or 40 minutes after an Arabian mare had been listed. I'd been delaying setting up an appointment to see a pony that interested me, so now that there was this lovely Arab, I emailed Scott immediately about setting up an appointment to see both. He replied very quickly, telling me about an Anglo-Arab mare of fairly similar experience and temperament (to the Arab) that he'd put up on the site just a few minutes after her. (I hadn't noticed that as I was busy e-mailing him.) I scheduled the appointment to see both the new horses and the pony. By the weekend when I went up to see them there were already at least two people lined up behind me to see the Anglo and at least one family behind me to look at the pony.  Outcome, I adopted the Arab, who is today's "Adoption horse of the Day", Stanza.  I passed on the other two, and *they* were both adopted by people who were waiting in line after me. I'm convinced all of us got the matches that were best for us.

Moral of the story.....listen to Mel! Well, and Scott, too.

I want to thank Debra and her husband again for entrusting us with Yukon's care and his placement into a new home.  He has been such a pleasure to have around (and I sure wish I could have kept him too!).  Such a big love bug this guy is. 

I also want to thank congratulate Sandy and Bryan on their adoption of Yukon!  Yukon found his new home today.  Sandy even rode him a little bit in the round pen.  I do have some pictures and will be sharing tomorrow when I have the computer time (I just do not have any computer time today). 

Thank you so very much to Debra and to Sandy and Bryan!  Bambi will miss Yukon I'm sure, but she will be just fine with her other buddies here.  :) 

Congrats, that's one heck of a horse you got! Looks like it was a busy day at the MHWF farm today :) I can't wait to see pics!


Well,my daughter and son unloaded YUKON and he was tuned out in the 10 acre pasture. That way intro to the other horses would be controlled.We let the horses out with Yukon one at a time till all were together in the large field. It went very smoothly,I was surprised at how well it went. Laney, who heads the herd, approved so that set my mind at peace. Missy, my daughters first little horse, has been washing Yukon she can't keep her tongue off of him. I think she likes him! All is calm in the pasture.

So excited! Yukon is in his new home and all the kids seem to be getting along. My mare Missy has been checking Yukon out and thinks he's her new boyfriend!  It was surprising since she's usually the nasty one to new horses, but I guess love at first sight over-rules attitude! I tried to get a picture of them nuzzling with my husbands cell phone but the lighting was terrible so the picture was really hard to make out.  By the time I got back with my digital camera they had all moved off into the pasture.  Looking out the window here I can see them all grazing on what's left of the grass.  After my family celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow I'll be going out for a ride on him, depending on how he's feeling/looking after such a busy day today. 
I'm terrible at writing "letter/notes" but I'm going to try and keep up with this.  Though I'm sure if I don't make it on to post my mother will make up for my slack!  Til next time...
mel d

Congrats to Sandy and Bryan :-) Busy day at the Foundation :-)

Tanya R.

Congrats Sandy! It was great seeing you today!  You can tell Yukon will be well loved!

Wendy W - WI

A big congrats on adopting a big horse!  I am really looking forward to updates and pictures.  It sounds like things are going great!

Denise S - WW
Sounds like a great adoption!! BIG CONGRATS to all!!! Enjoy that beautiful boy!!!
I finally have a couple minutes to sit down at the computer.  Thank you for posting Sandy and Terry!  I forgot to mention that Yukon will be living with two other MHWF adoption horses, Laney and Lucy, who were adopted by Sandy's mother Terry.  :) 

Here is a cute picture of Sandy and Bryan with Yukon on adoption day, 11/27/2010.  Brrrrr, it was so cold out!  It really warmed up today.  Anywhere, here is a cute picture of the three of them; we actually got a shot with no one's breath showing! 

Wendy W - WI

Great picture!  Okay everyone.......breathe in or hold your breath!  hehehe  It's really a great shot and everyone looks wonderful.  OMG I love that boys eyes.  Little, but with so much expression.  I just want to love on him.  Lucky people and lucky horse!  Congrats again!

Jenni O.

Congrats!  We do need the occasional picture, at least.

Denise From MN
That's what I love about MHWF...you always find the best people!  Congratulations to all of you!
mel d

Congratulations on your adoption :-) Your photo is fabulous! Hope you will keep us updated :-)


Congratulations to Yukon and his new family..once again looks like the perfect match!


So, Yukon and I had a wonderful ride today out in the snow.  Yukon was a dream to ride.  We took it fairly easy doing just a walk and slow trot.  Trying to slowly build him back up.  He didn't seem to have any stiffness or lameness from that old injury, so fairly pleased about that.  Tomorrow we'll take another ride as long as he doesn't get stiff from todays ride....I truly love that he is so friendly out in pasture.  It's a welcome change from my mare who avoids being caught unless she's actually being left behind.  Yukon walked right up to me and started nuzzling for the much loved carrots in my pocket.  He truly is a gentle giant and I'm so glad he came to join our family! 


Hi Sandy, glad to hear things are going so well, and that Yukon isn't showing any stiffness or lameness at all.  Hopefully he won't after the ride as well, and he starts muscling up again nicely now that he will be worked on a regular basis.  Thanks a bunch for the update! 

Hi Sandy - it was great to see your update.  I would love to keep in touch with you.  I will give you a call to exchange emails.  I am thrilled Yukon has a human of his own again finally - he just played nanny to our filly for the past 4 years,  He deserves to be so much more than that,  and has so much more to give than that.
Yukon and his ladies-It was carrot time on the farm and we definetly had everyones undivided attention!  Yukon has been doing wonderful-He has settled in well and been enjoying games of tag and tug a halter with his ladies-It's been too cold with this single digit and negative degree weather to ride, but we have been getting out to ensure he gets his groundwork regularly.  We are hoping to get more riding in with this warm streak due during the week-Only in Wisconsin would we consider mid 20's a warm streak but hey!  Gotta love the kids and getting out for rides! I tried to load some pics of the kids but it wasn't working on here so I will be emailing them to Scott and Karen to upload for you soon.  Stay warm all!

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