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Zeea (Bitachief's Bagdadbaby) - 8 yrs.

$400 - Zeea is an 8 year old double registered Quarab mare, registered with both the Half Arabian and Quarab registries. She stands at 14.2 hands tall and is current on everything a horse should have. Zeea is trained to ride, but is still a bit green, so she will need an intermediate to more advanced rider. She has been on one trail ride, has done a lot of groundwork and has even done a fun show or two. She has a great start and is a very easy going, sweet and mellow mare for her age. She does have some scarring on her left hind leg from getting caught in some cable when she was only two years old, but is still a very sound, healthy horse. Because of the scarring, she will occasionally swell a bit in the lower part of that leg after working, but the swelling always comes down very quickly. It is caused from a little less blood flow to that lower leg. This does not give her problems, a little swelling after work and some extra sweating in the area of the scar. Zeea is an exceptionally nice horse who has always had excellent care and training and will make someone a stellar trail horse.

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Very pretty mare!
Very pretty girl.  I have owned 2 horses of this cross and enjoy the cross very much.  Smart, able etc.
Lisa B.
Reminds me a bit of my Pauli.
Zeea is settling in very well.  Her best friend here is Ernie the mule.  😉  They really like each other!  

I noticed that Zeea was doing this odd thing with lapping water like a dog.  While we had the vet out today, I figured we better do a dental on her to be sure there was nothing weird going on in there.  Zeea had a few sharp points and had a good dental done, but it looks like that odd behavior is just that...a quirky thing she likes to do.  

So Zeea is now up to date on her dental too, and what a sweet, sweet mare she is!  Truly a sweetheart that just loves attention.  

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Oh I'm glad you had her teeth checked! I had them checked last year but not this year! Yes she has a few goofy quirks with water! She will also submerge her muzzle and blow bubbles, and she loves to take a mouth full of hay and soak it in water before eating it as well! She truly is the sweetest mare and I hope somebody can give her a loving home!
I'm glad that her and Ernie are friends!
Tiffany, for a while there I did not think her and Ernie were going to be friends, but they developed a nice bond.  We have turned Ernie out to pasture now (he had to stay in paddock area for some time) and Ernie is hanging up here a lot by the kids who are in the paddocks, so Zeea hangs with him a lot of the times.  Zeea has also made friends in the pasture, but her and Ernie will call back and forth to each other and she is sure to come up and spend good quality time with him a few times a day.  It's super cute.  

That is funny with her quirks with water, and we were guessing that it was just quirky and funny behavior with the water, but really wanted to play it safe and be sure there was nothing weird going on in her mouth, and so happy there wasn't.  😉  

Zeea had to move on from being Ernie's bestie.  Ernie was needed to be little Comet's bestie and teach Comet about being a good equine citizen (Comet is the mini who was a stud until we gelded him and had only lived with one other horse, the mare named Mariah, when they came to us).  So, Zeea has really blown us away with her charming personality and her ability to make friends in the herd.  Zeea picked up hanging with the long-timer's here at MHWF, something that doesn't happen often with newcomers.  Usually the newcomers tend to stick together, and they all kind of have their own little groups, and it usually takes a horse a long time to work into the good graces of the long-timer's.  Zeea moved in and made friends with the herd matriarch and patriarch.  Zeea gets along with everyone in this herd.  And wow, she is such a beautiful girl!  

Below is a pic of Zeea from the other day doing an impression of being fancy out there in the pasture.  

Below the "fancy" Zeea pic, are some various pics from Zeea around the MHWF farm, being tacked up, ridden, playing in the arena, and also a video clip of her being ridden.  

or click here for video

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Val P
I love this gal. Cannot believe she has not been adopted yet. 

Zeea says hello, and is patiently waiting for her person to come along and snatch her up.  

or click here for video
Zeea is still patiently waiting for her person (or people). 

Zeea is an 8 year old double registered Quarab mare, registered with both the Half Arabian and Quarab registries. She stands at 14.2 hands tall and is current on everything a horse should have including dental. She is a people-loving kind of horse with looks to catch anyone's eye. Zeea is the kind of horse that anyone would be thrilled to call their own. Come to 
EquineAdoption.com to learn more about Zeea or any of the other great horses available for adoption!  


or click here for video 

Will Zeea be YOUR shining star???

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Lisa B.
She is so beautiful, with so much potential.  If I was looking for another horse I'd definitely be checking on her (and Ernie)!
Sophie Ray
She is a real looker. Draco will be needing a lady friend soon [wink]
Donna M
What a beauty. If I was looking she would be at the top of my list. Someone adopter is going to be very lucky.
Val P
Boy, Bella, who I adopted back on 10/8/2011, could "almost" pass as twins. They would make an awesome matched team. I just love this gal and am really surprised no one has snapped her up.
Kaylie C
I love him. I would adopt him in an instant if I was in a position financially where I could do so
Hold the phone!  Wow, that's an old saying....  but guess what?!  Zeea found herself a person today!  Yes, that's right, Zeea got adopted!  We're doing the happy adoption dance and I bet some of you are doing that right now too.  

Lynn and her daughter Su came and met Zeea and spent a bunch of time with her getting to know her and doing some great bonding.  I've never seen Zeea check in with someone at liberty in the arena like she did with Lynn.  It was just so wonderful to see!  

We are absolutely thrilled for Zeea and Lynn!  Zeea is still here with us until transportation can be arranged, but a great big gigantic thank you and just as big of a congratulations to Lynn and Zeea!  

Here is a cute official adoption day photo of Zeea and her new person, Lynn.  

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Fabulous news and congratulations!  (Why the h--k did it take so long[wink]?)
That's exciting news!!! Congratulations!!
Barb S
Happy Dance it is! Congratulations Zeea and Lynn!!!
Jan N
Lynn, you look happy and excited while Zeea looks happy and settled. Like she is thinking to herself "Yup I did this up real well, I found exactly my right partner."
Good on both of you!!! Best wishes coming at you from down here in southern WI.
Lisa B.
I was just thinking about her yesterday as I was playing with Pauli.  Zeea reminds me of her so much.

Congratulations all around!

Jenni O.
Lynne W.
Thanks to all for the congrats. Zeea is settling in to her new digs and herd and it will be no surprise that she is fitting right in. Worked with her in the round pen today and cannot believe my very good fortune in finding her. What a doll!!! Stay tuned 😉

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