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Another arrest for abuse By Rasmieyh Abdelnabi Daily News staff writer Sharon Wolfersheim has once again been arrested for not properly caring for the animals housed on her property. Wolfersheim, 47, is the owner of a horse farm on 8051 W. Cleophas Road in Newark. She was arrested last Thursday for failure to provide proper shelter for confined animals. According to the police reports, on Aug. 30, a Rock County sheriff's deputy accompanied Gregg Smith and Randy Neis, both of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, to speak to Wolfersheim and inspect the farm. According to the reports, they found the floors in some stalls covered with nearly 12 inches of straw, hay and manure. Outside the barn, near the fenced areas where the horses and goats are kept, wire was hanging out. There were also piles of wood with nails sticking out. There may be an attempt to get an abatement order, which would force Wolfersheim to care for the horses properly otherwise they will be taken away from her. According to Jim Hurley, driver supervisor for the Rock County Humane Society, the county has never dealt with an abatement order. Therefore, some investigation into how such an order is issued and the matter in which it would be enforced is ongoing. The Sheriff's Department and representatives from Agriculture will come back in the future to check on the condition of the animals. As of this morning, the district attorney's office has not issued any formal charges against Wolfersheim. According to the reports, Smith had contacted the Rock County Sheriff's Department on Aug. 8 about ongoing issues with the horses at the farm. Smith said Wolfersheim denied him access to the farm. Since 2001, the sheriff's department has received 50 animal-related complaints about the Wolfersheim farm. Wolfersheim was first arrested on Nov. 21, 2002 on 13 counts of not supplying enough food and one count of mistreating the horses in her care. In December of the same year, she pleaded not guilty to one count of failure to supply a sufficient amount of food to maintain all animals' good health. In September 2003, the Wolfersheim case was continued for six months to give her time to improve conditions on her farm. In February 2004, an agreement was made between her attorney and the district attorney's office and she was fined $100 after entering a plea of no contest. Calls to Smith and Neis were not immediately returned.


I know the proper criteria has to be laid out and followed by the law, but to me, she has had more than enough time to get things straightened out and make sure her horses are cared for properly. They are still being neglected and living in dangerous situations...then take them away. Enough talking, already. Its like hearing on the news that an abused child gets put back with its abuser parents "for a second chance" then gets killed. Some days the world just plain makes me mad.

Tonya B

She was selling horses at the auction a couple weeks ago...the nursing foals were the only ones in good flesh. Even the yearlings were emaciated. She no saled a bunch because no one wanted to pay for a rack of bones. One woman laughed out loud at the price she wanted. To top it off, she bought about 12-16 milking goats. Turned my guts. I outbid her for the kids...I couldn't stand the thought of her starving them. I didn't have the $$ to buy the does, darn it.


I did not know who Sharon was until recently, when I went to her farm to look at some horses for sale.


She needs to go to prison for what she does to these animals, it was horrible. Our trainer and I called the sheriff and filed a report, but I see nothing of that report on the internet. We were there on Dec 16.


I do not live in WI, and was wondering if anyone could tell me if the animals were finally taken from her. I was most concerned for a big black horse that was stuck in a small stall with crap over his knees, no water or food, and he was clearly lame from the way he held himself up on the wall... I could go into detail how the pigs were urinating in their bowl and drinking that because there was o water.... I'm sure she gave some line about how she rescues these animals... I don't believe it for one second!


Does anyone have any info. Our trainer and I are happy to make the 3hr trip to testify as to conditions at her "farm" but we need to get details!



You can email me directly... like I said


Tammy, your best bet would be to call the sheriff's department that you had dealings with on this already to get any word straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak, rather than any hearsay.  Good luck! 


thanks, I did email them, but have not heard a thing... yet! I shoudl call, but I have to wait until I leave the office




  You may not hear anything back via E-Mail. Your best bet is to make some phone calls to the following people at the Rock County Sheriff's Department: Sgt. David Vierck. He is the Sgt. in charge of or handling the case and is suppose to be a traiuned HUMANE OFFICER 608-757-8000, Lt. Wm.Harper the Patrol Division Lt. 608-7577907 and  the DA' s Office,DA O;Leary 6087575615


Dear Tammy,  Just wanted to wish you the best of luck in pursuing this matter,  and to thank you for caring enough to do that.  Please keep us posted.


Tammy: Understand that you got an E-Mail answer from Lt. Harper. I spent about an hour with him this afternoon. If you have an E-Mail address you would like to share,sent it to Scott & Kaen and they can forward it to me and I will share some more information with you on this matter.


I just don't understand why they cannot simply say she is not allowed to have animals on her property.  Small fines are just a tap on the wrist.  People like her have no respect for animals.  You can watch shows on Animal Planet that show bad conditions and people that fight to protect animals.  Of course in these shows they are in major cities and only show a small percent or the work they are involved in, but why in Wisconsin is it so hard to stop people like this.  Winter is the perfect time to check on these animals.  The animals require more care in winter as far as food and water goes.  It would be a good time to bust her.  Sorry to rant but I can't stand when I hear about people like this.

kris g

I just noticed this thread.  What I find interesting is when I search the Wis Circuit Court Acces website I see this woman has 44 accounts of several different things against her, but it only goes back to 2000.  We had a breeder up here that went by Sharon M. Richards, but with a different birth date, that had to give up all her dogs due to no rabies vaccinations (actually due to filthy conditions) back in 2001.  She also had horses at that time.  She moved down into southern Wis and from what we heard set up shop down there.  Could she be the same person and a falsified birth date?  Sharon M Wolfersheim Sharon M Richards?  Was this woman also breeding dogs?  Just curious.  This woman also went by Sharon Melton up here.  I am not sure this can be posted or what parts can be posted I just find this very interesting. 


Yesterday I spent about an hour with the Lt. in charge of field operations at the Rock County Sheriff's office.  The Sgt. involved in the investigation of this case, is a state-trained Humane Officer.  He has investigated this matter thoroughly and gathered a great deal of information and evidence to support this case of neglect.  All this information has been forwarded to the District Attorney's office.


Those involved at the Sheriff's Office, are getting little or no response from the D.A.'s office in this matter.  The D.A.'s office is using the excuse of "limited resources" not to  move forward on this case.  Both the Lt. and the investigating Sgt. are quite frustrated with the lack of movement on the D.A.'s part.  Repeated phone calls to the D.A.'s office has not produced any results in moving this case forward.  As you can tell by reading the above article that was in the Beloit Daily News when she was arrested earlier, there were no formal charges filed by the D.A.  Instead, they entered into a plea agreement with a $100 fine.


On 11/22/02, she was fined $211 for "failure to provide adequate food for animals".  Again, another plea agreement.  If you go to www/wcca.wicourts.gov and insert the name "Wolfersheim, Sharon M." or "Glaski, Sharon M." you will see that she has little regard for following the laws of the State of Wisconsin.


The Town of Newark has obtained an injunction/restraining order against her on 11/07/06 in the amount of $11,340.00.  There is a motion hearing scheduled on this matter for 1/08/07.  It is my understanding that this is to clean up the mess on her property.


The D.A.'s office in this county has a very poor track record in cases of animal abuse or neglect.  For whatever reason, large animal cases are either not prosecuted or plea bargained down to a slap on the wrist.  Some small animal cases are prosecuted but most are also plea bargained away.  This lady could be arrested again, and again, and again but if the D.A.'s office will not issure formal charges to the court, it is a waste of time, money and resources to the Sheriff's Dept.   The problem doesn't lie with the Sheriff's Department.  The problem is with the D.A.'s office for not following through with prosecution on this case and others.


For those who are so inclined to write a letter, I have included names and addresses of the elected District Attorney and the Asst. District Attorney that has been the Sheriff Department on this case.  Also, the two major newspaper in the county.  The Beloit Daily News covers the southern part of Rock County where this problem is occuring.  The Janesville Gazette covers the northern part of the county including the City of Janesville where the D.A.'s office is located.  There are a great deal of stable training facilities and horse owners in the two newspaper coverage areas.  This may help to move this case forward.


David Grenwalt, Chairman - Town of Newark

12448 West Beloit-Newark Road

Beloit, WI  53511


District Attorney David O'Leary  or Asst. District Attorney Perry Foltz

Rock County Court House

51 South Main Street

Janesville WI  53545


Beloit Daily News                         Janesville Gazette

149 State Street                          1 Parker Place

Beloit WI  53511




Thank you for posting Mike. 

Scott-MHWF, Inc.

Mike.....do you have phone numbers for the DA's office down there as well? If so, could you post those so we can all call them to help put a little pressure on them?


As requested Phone Number for the DA's Office: 608-757-5615.


New to add a couple of things to the post above that got away before it was complete:Add Janesville,Wi 53545 to the Gazette's mailing address-Web site http://www.gazetteextra.com


To The Beloit Daily News: http://www.beloitdailynews.com.

 The reporter that wrote the latest article for the Daily News

  Rasmieyh Abdelnabi.



I hope you don't mind.  I've posted a crosspoint to this thread on MSN WI horse groups.  There was a member on there a while back who had a strangly similar situation at an auction where she rescued 2 very underweight yearlings.  Thought they might be related. 

kris g

The only reason I posted was this sounds something like the Sharon Richards would and she had several aliases plus several birthdates she used, along with how easy it is to get paper documentation as someone else.  What does she look like---to those of you who have seen her?  The woman I'm aware of is about 5'4" late 40's to early 50's and actually looks VERY much older.  Smokes like a chimney and has had run in with police and her drinking.  Hopefully this isn't related, but for some reason this hit me a very weird.  I can dig up a photo is needed.  If she would possibly be the same person--who knows if it would make a difference.  I just have this funny feeling.



Hey guys keep doing your good work and if she cross the border to come to Canada let me know I will be waiting for her!!!!  I will be ready!!!

Stacy M. Clark

Kris G   I know Sharon Richards aka Melton. She moved to Mauston from Spooner and then back to Turtle Lake and ran the salvage there and in 01 was originally charged with 75 cts of failure to provide food and mistreating and 4 cts of causing death. She has dealt with alot of horses and I personally purchased a mini from her back in 98 and a rott. She tried to purchase the papers of my passed rott so she could sell a dif one with papers. (I still have his papers) She was selling whatever she could get her hands on. I was so glad when they finally charged her. I was thinking it was her as soon as I read the article. I haven't heard where she is at now, but by court access I thought she may be in prison. What I don't understand is this "Sharon" has been charged with animal failure to provide food back in 02' why have they allowed her to kill more animals without stopping her. It shows she had animal carcasses she was charged for in 05' and I may be wrong, but from what I read on access they are ordering her to remove the boarded horses within 30 days? Why would they let her remove them?

I'm sorry for rammbling.



Found some more numbers and email address.  Let's put the pressure on.


Rock County District Attorney

      -- David O'Leary
         Phone 757-5615
         E-Mail   oleary.david@mail.da.state.wi.us
Rock County Humane Society
      ----  Chris Konetski
        e-mail    director@rockcountyhumanesociety.com
        Phone   608.752.5622
        FAX      608.752.4201
             Also try:    http://www.petfinder.com

You know, this was going on for sooo many years now...I was on her property when the horses she "buried" (right) had there hooves still half out of the ground...And a bay at the time standing in manure to its knees as well...Very dull poor looking eye's, head hanging and the hair on its legs were actually hanging off his leg's from the urine and crap it had to stand in...I honestly don't think it could move in there...We took pictures and sent them in...I think she got a slap on the hand for it...This was years ago and she is still having the same issues...I have to drive by here place when I go to my parents house...I can't gut the site of it...I would just love to go there and load up 4 horses in need and show them how life should be.


A few months ago I went by there and the investigation van, a police truck, a couple police cars and what I thought to be someone who might have vet experience there...But the police were video taping all the sh#! and what horses living conditions were...I was going to stop and talk to them...I wish this would end...I had e-mailed some rescue places around that time about her hoping they would help in getting something done with the animals...But never heard back from them.


The one time I went by she was unloading a buckskin out of a trailer...Nice fat ((HEALTHY)) Well, needless to say, I have been watching it go down hill since.


The farms out there have complained about her horses getting out and wrecking there crops...And the one guy said that an officer told him the next time you see her horses in the crops to not say nothing to no one and run them

threw a sale barn...Because that was the only way the farmer was going to see any crop damage money from Sharon.


So, when I go by, I always look around to see if there is a horse loose...Then maybe I can give it a healthy life here at our place. She did have a pig loose not to long ago...It was running down the street...I stopped to head him out of the road so a car wouldn't hit him...But BOY, he started running faster and jumped doing into the ditch and off he went...Poor thing, he probably felt like a prisioner breaking out of H-e-double L.


But what gets me also is, the next road down there was another animal neglect case...And it was called in and someone got the horses out of there...Now whats the difference with this Sharon. Why can't something be done like down the road?????? It was also in the paper last year.


I'm ready to do some more complaining on her...Maybe with more mouths going this time at once...They'll get tired of it and finally do something about it.


Sharon tends to buy cheap and tell people a price and when you approach her on the horse then right away the price goes WAY up...She's sick.


And for whoever wanted to know what she looked like...She is SHORT--Long blackish GRAY hair---Very ROUND---A mole on her cheek like...With hair growing out of it...And not very nice.


But remember, if you go out and step on her property, I would highli recommand bleaching the bottom of your shoes when leaving...


I don't no if this made much sence...But talking about her makes my skin curel...And thanks for letting me BLAH-blah-blah




How sad...


I put my two cents into the D.A.'s office and I wasn't very nice.  I also emailed over 10 other area shelters/rescues.  Hopefully this will get the ball rolling.


I feel for those poor animals.  There comes a point when SOMETHING has to be done. 





The power of this MHWF forum and the people behind it have blown open a lot of cases in the past and nudged the powers that be to act on situations that they had not previously acted on.  I have no doubt that this being brought forward on this forum will bring some results to this case. 


This morning my wife contacted the Rock County Humane Society in regard to this problem.  They have been working on this for about 4 years with little or no help from the DA's OFFICE. They were informed about the effort that is being put forth in regard to this matter and that they may receive a large number of e-mails about this. They are trying but have hit a brick wall.


Also there is a motion hearing scheduled for Monday 1-08-2007 on the injunction/restrain order that the Town of Newark has obtained against this women. It is at 2:30 PM, Court room "H" 4th floor, Rock County Court House Janesville. We plan to attend the hearing to get 1st hand information on this matter. It is my understanding that the injunction is to CLEAN UP the property or the Town of Newark will do so and put the cost on her property taxes.


I have a call in to the Newark Town Chairman as well to get the correct information on this matter rather than guess. As more information becomes available I'll pass it on. Let's keep writing & e-mailing.


Well I'm don't live in WI and not up on laws...but it seems to me that if she keeps moving around...changing names...and not getting prosecuted at the county level....isn't there someone, or many someones, at the state level to contact to get the case heard at a higher, maybe state, level?  Just my two cents to put in for all it's worth.

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