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Ozark Dave
Sharon Marie Wolfersheim
135 McKinley Ln
Ozark, IL 62972

Phone: 618-777-3809
E-Mail: cmw.smw.horses@gmail.com

Southern Wolf's Farrier Service


Glass-Wolf Farm

I also have pics.

Ozark Dave
Here is the link for the news on Sharon Wolfersheim

Laurie L.

What is it with this woman?  She seemingly cannot be stopped as she just up and moves and starts over and over and over again. 

Jenni O.

I Googled her and found her name on a list titled "Responsible Breeders".  There was a contact email for someone-the host of the site maybe? and I emailed wondering how Sharon's name could be on the list since she is guilty of animal neglect and improperly disposing of carcasses.  No reply yet.


I truly don't understand how the legal system allows this type of pattern with people. It reminds me of why all the gangsters got away for so long because police couldn't pursue them out of their jurisdiction. In this day and age how can this be?!

Lori Hutson
Yep Like i have said many times before she is a horrible person and yes some of those horses she had in the trailer that my hubby saw were in that round pen on the news, so if she rescued them back in 2008 and they looked like that then and they look worse now. Not sure how that is considered rescueing as i have rescued lots and they seem to gain weight pretty quick. So i would say she is torturing them can you imagine what those animals have been through i have called everyone and no one will help. Some one needs to take her horse trailer so she cannot move the horses anymore. And just think cold malnurished horses and not even a blanket anywhere to keep their poor thin bones warm and it has been so cold down here. I just don't get it why can't they stop her some one has to soon before more die in vein.
Lori Hutson
Check out the link to the Delinquent Taxpayers listing for Sharon Wolfersheim http://www.revenue.wi.gov/delqlist/nmallW.htm in the amount of $28,529.87 for Income and Sales tax that was listed as owed to the tax payers of Wisconsin.  So it is quite obvious that anyone who would cruelly treat an animal in the manner that we have all seen documented for this alleged "person", will cruelly treat all humans in the manner she sees fit.  No regard for anyone or anything is how many people would describe someone who has no civic responsibility to pay their taxes or follow the laws of the state or federal laws.

Wow someone like this seems to get by with so many violations of the law and even cheating the citizens of the state of Wisconsin as well as.  Will no one agency ever stop her? Why didn't the Wisc department of revenue not confiscated her equines and sell them for back taxes, they would have been more likely to have found better homes than the one she provides!!! Many of her horses met with death under her ownership.
Anger and frustration for the horses and I am simply looking for a way out for these  doomed horses. Normal anti-cruelty laws and regulations have not worked, a slap on the hand and she moves and is right back at it.

Dear Readers and forum surfers,

Food for thought - you have the right to request that the website review or remove from their listings any listing that could assist a "Lister" in using fraud to receive payment. Anyone who  has represented themselves as a service provider of upstanding services can not omit the truth.  This is inclusive of all areas of service for example farrier, animal care, neglect of animals while in the care of a boarding facility or operation that provides a place for housing of animals, a breeder, etc.
*The Black's Law, American College, and Random House dictionaries along with the court citations below* define FRAUD as:
A perversion of the truth to induce a person to part with something valuable belonging to them using false or misleading representations.

Elements of fraud which make it actionable are:

  1. a false representation of a past or present fact by the defendant
  2. a plaintiff action based upon reliance of that representation
  3. and damages suffered by a plaintiff from the reliance of the misrepresentation
What the law and the courts say about fraud:
"Anything calculated to deceive, whether by a single act or combination, or by suppression of truth, or suggestion of what is false whether it be direct falsehood or innuendo, by speech or silence, word of mouth, or look or gesture.
Delahanty v. First National Bank, NA, 318 Pa. Super. 90, 464 A.2d 1243,1251
*www.uslawbooks.com/books/fraud.htm, http://www.answers.com/topic/fraud

By bringing to the attention any website the facts of a listers past criminal public record you can dissuade a web site from listing that persons services.  Public records also include news organizations as well. The forum participants have been very good at posting the facts as seen in court records, http://www.wcca.wicourts.gov, and the various news articles.  Google has also reveled some current facts that can be added.

Many times grassroots efforts can help put pressure on to stop violators of the law from being able to continue making a living while committing crimes against animals, if those crimes include any advertised "services" (farrier, boarding, animal care, etc) when the defendant does not reveal the truth  and is attempting to use fraud to earn money ( any thing of value).

Something to think about.


Hey! I just read about a woman named Sharon M. Richards that was shut down in northern WI in 2001. She was breeding dogs and horses in horrible conditions. She moved further south in WI and it was reported that she was breeding horses as well. I read in this forum that she was breeding dogs as well. Were they Rotties? Because that's what she was convicted of up north. It could very well be the same woman.

Kris G

I was the one wondering if they were the same person.  Seemed like a coincidence same intials/name and same type of story.  I was not aware of Rotties, but when all teh dogs were confiscated there were Shih Tzus, Min Pins, Bostons, Rat Terriers and horses.  So who knows.  Sharon M Richards still owes Washburn County over 40,000 dollars for care of the animals when they were confiscated.


I googled extensively and found that she has four other aliases as well. They all have some kind of animal abuse charge on them! How can this woman acquire these animals?! I thought that once charged with abuse that you can't own anymore animals. How come no one in WI is going after this woman? She owes so much and no one cares?

Kris G

Many times people are court ordered to not have pets, but who is actually going to enforce it.  A local situation of a man starving a few horses "just to see how long it would take" and this guy was guilty and ordered to not have any pets.  He had a dog and the DVM I worked for had no problem treating his animal for routine things.  When I mentioned the court stipulation his comment was, "no one ever informed me of that," so the court doesn't let all the local animal care people know of different actions.  My comment to my employer was "How does it look to have this gentlman in our office when many in the local area knew of the court case?" ( this gentleman had an amputated arm and wore a cowboy hat--- pretty noticeable.)  Unfortunately many times people just pick up and move and recreate the mess they were caught doing.

Lori Hutson

Has anyone heard anything about what is happening with her or her horses i live in So IL and have not heard anything but then i don't live by her either? And we have another storm coming tonight. Very cold and snow. Poor ponies

Annie LaVrar
Why doesn't someone just call the sheriff to go out to her house if you have her address?

I'm in N. Illinois and they had a small report about Sharon Wolfersheim on the news tonight.  Apparently PETA has gotten involved and they're looking into the neglect that Sharon is yet again inflicting on animals.  I was a little surprised to see it on our news up here but she used to be in this area (just north into WI).  The newsclip showed thin horses, one definitely with rain rot and, unfortunately, at least one dead horse.  I hope they are able to shut this woman down!!


Sometimes Peta does good work, as long as you let  them know the WHO/WHAT/WHERE..Lets hope that she gets something more serious than just a FINE.Is it only horses, or are there other animals in the case?


The news report only talked about the horses.  I'm hoping this stays in the news and the public eye so people are aware of who she is and what she does.  And I agree wholeheartedly, hopefully she gets more than a slap on the wrist and a small fine.  I have no idea how effective ACO's are down in Southern Illinois....

Sherri N.

My area is sometimes called Southern Illinois, although I think it's because we all have the same area code.  As far as how the ACO's act around here -I think it's like most other places, hit and miss- county by county.  My county, Madison county, is pretty good and would act right away on a report of serious neglect.  There are counties in the area that would not respond as quickly, or know what to do even.  I'm not familiar with Ozark, IL, but will look up the county. 

I am new to this forum but I found the info on Sharon M Richards (Melton) very interesting.I live in central Wisconsin and I know where she has set up her latest puppy mill.She now goes by yet another alias,Sharon Lambrecht.She lives with a man who has been convicted of  1st degree sexual assault of a child.It appears she is back to doing the same thing with up to 100 dogs and several horses.
Sherri N.
Just wondering if there has been any more news on 'Sharon'.  Is there info on where she is now, and her husband's name. 
Lori T
The Sharon Wolfersheim ordeal continues - now in southern Illinois.



That report is from March of this year.  I wonder what the follow up was with this situation.  I highly doubt Sharon Wolfersheim has suddenly seen the error of her ways.  Seems to me she needs to sit in jail for a good long while!

Lori T
My apologies, first, for posting a link to old news. And secondly, for pasting the same link twice.  The other link that I intended on posting was this one:
http://wsiltv.com/p/news_details.php?newsID=9216&type=top  It is probably related to the March incident then also.  I was misled by the "Last Updated 11/18/2010" date at the top of the page.  My apologies.  Thanks for pointing out my mistake. 

Lori - I'm sorry, I just re-read my post and I sure didn't mean to sound so harsh!  I remember seeing the first story you posted.  It aired on our local TV station because Sharon used to be in this area.  Thank you for posting that 2nd link.  It sounds like she is being watched but how frustrating that it is taking so long to get something done!  Sounds like the County Commissioner is very hands off, issuing a dogs and cats only policy for Animal Control.  I wish this woman could be stopped for good!! 

Lori T

Hello BOP Mom!  I was not at all offended by your comment, no apology is necessary. I was angry at myself for not noticing that what I posted was old news. 

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