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Amanda S.

I just started thinking about this case and it seemed like I knew the names listed above from somewhere.  Well, a few years back when I was working at a vet clinic there was a negelct case involving a lady named Sharon Richards.  I was on maternity leave when her animals were taken, but my sister was there to help round up the horses.  Obviously it is this same person.  I saw the pictures of her animals when the took them away from her.  She had a paint mare tethered to a stake in the ground standing in a foot or so of manure, there were skinny horses, and she had a trailer house full of "dog kennels" with tons of dogs.  Needless to say it wasn't ever cleaned and the people who helped remove the dogs said the couldn't breath without gagging. 

Anyway, she needs to be stopped.  I have talked to the veterinarians, staff, and humane society that aided in removing her animals.  They will all be making phone calls to the DA's office.  They also said she was in jail for a while, and was not to have any animals ever again....This woman has to be stopped.  


Everyone, please make that call!!


Wendy W - WI

Can anyone get media coverage?  Or use that when the DA is contacted?  People hate looking like duffus's on T.V.  Things sure turn out better on Animal Planet Cops..............

Scott Bayerl-MHWF, Inc.

We would expect no less than the brush off with phone calls, but that is the idea we are looking for. If their phone won't stop ringing, their work schedule and other people trying to get through will be disrupted and they will eventually take notice. Do you all remember the Clark County case with Presage...similar thing. Keep on calling folks, let them get angry and mess up their day....if that's what it takes.


Letters are great too, but please call them regardless of the outcome of the phone call, then send them a letter that they will send out a form letter in reply.

Lea D

I apologize for the length of my reply, but I thought everyone would be interested in seeing exactly what some of the Wisconsin Animal Welfare Laws were. It seems to me by what everyone has said regarding Sharon Wolfersheim on this forum that she has broken every one of them. I did call the DA to ask why after not complying with Wisconsin Animal Welfare Laws that she is still able to have these animals (read 2M) according to this she should not even be able to own them. I was brushed off and told that they could not discuss this matter and to right a letter stating my concerns. I am going to keep doing some research to see what can be done. Thanks to everyone for trying to help these poor animals & for bringing this out in the open. 



Wisconsin Animal Welfare Laws (partial list) 


951.03 Dog napping and catnapping. No person may take the dog or cat of another from one place to another without the owner's consent or cause such a dog or cat to be confined or carried out of this state or held for any purpose without the owner's consent. This section does not apply to law enforcement officers or humane officers engaged in the exercise of their official duties.



(1) “Animal” includes every living:

(a) Warm-blooded creature, except a human being;

(B) Reptile; or

(C) Amphibian.

 (2) "Cruel" means causing unnecessary and excessive pain or suffering or unjustifiable injury or death.


(2m) If a person has been convicted under sub. (1) or (2), the person may not own, possess, keep or train any animal for a period of 5 years after the conviction. In computing the 5-year period, time which the person spent in actual confinement serving a criminal sentence shall be excluded. The person may move the sentencing court to have this requirement waived. The court may waive the requirement except that the waiver may not authorize the person to own, possess, keep or train animals of the species involved in the offense under sub. (1) or (2).


951.14 Providing proper shelter. No person owning or responsible for confining or impounding any animal may fail to provide the animal with proper shelter as prescribed in this section. Nothing in this section shall be construed as imposing shelter requirements or standards more stringent than normally accepted husbandry practiced in the particular county where the animal or shelter is located.

1) INDOOR STANDARDS. Minimum indoor standards of shelter shall include:

(a) Ambient temperatures, The ambient temperature shall be compatible with the health of the animal.

(b) Ventilation, Indoor housing facilities shall be adequately ventilated by natural or mechanical means to provide for the health of the animals at all times.

(2) OUTDOOR STANDARDS. Minimum outdoor standards of shelter shall include:

(a) Shelter from sunlight. When sunlight is likely to cause heat exhaustion of an animal tied or caged outside, sufficient shade by natural or artificial means shall be provided to protect the animal from direct sunlight. As used in this paragraph, "caged" does not include farm fencing used to confine farm animals.

(b) Shelter from inclement weather. 1 . Animals generally. Natural or artificial shelter appropriate to the local climatic conditions for the species concerned shall be provided as necessary for the health of the animal.

(3) SPACE STANDARDS. Minimum space requirements for both indoor and outdoor enclosures shall include:

(a) Structural strength. The housing facilities shall be structurally sound and maintained in good repair to protect the animals from injury and to contain animals.

(b) Space requirements Enclosures shall be constructed and maintained so as to provide sufficient space to allow each animal adequate freedom of movement. Inadequate space may be indicated by evidence of debility, stress of abnormal behavior patterns.

(4) SANITATION STANDARDS. Minimum standards of sanitation for both indoor and outdoor enclosures shall include periodic cleaning to remove excreta and other waste materials, dirt and trash so as to minimize health hazards

kris g

If she is also Sharon Richards/Melton/Glaski she has several accounts of animal abuse against her in Washburn County in northern WI.  Does anyone think it would help to try to get the court records from Washburn County regarding the dogs and horses that were confiscated in, I think 2000?  I'm sure the Humane Society still has a file on all the animal neglect and an actual picture of Sharon Richards to see if she is even the Sharon Wolfersheim.  I live up here and I could talk to the HS.  The person managing at the time said she would be interested to know if there is a connection. 


I have looked her up on the internet and found that the name of her farm is Glass-Wolf Farm. Hadn't seen it posted here yet.


SHARK and TMJ4 (Milwaukee TV station) have the story.  Hope this helps get the story blown wide open.


BTW Can the DA's office really turn away our calls?  Aren't they concidered public servants?

Amanda S.

Kris G,

Has it already been said that this Sharon Wolfersheim IS the same Sharon Richards, or was that just speculation?



Wow, this woman has a court record longer than anyone I have ever seen.

She owes so much money there is no way she could ever get out from under it all.  There is no way she could afford to feed any animals.  She has delinquent tax warrants back as far as 1999.  She has been at this a long time and it makes me sick that they can't step in and do something about it right away.  Unreal!!!

Amanda S.

Here is an old picture of "Sharon Richards/Melton".  I am posting this picture to see if anyone recognizes this woman as the Sharon Wolfersheim.  It's not the best photo...... 


Anyone recognize her???  Thanks!




Here's PETA's alert that went out TODAY.

Urgent: Neglected Animals on Wisconsin Farm Need Your Help


According to concerned area residents who have contacted PETA, dozens of animals at 8051 W. Cleophas Rd. in Newark, Wisconsin, are in dire shape. Click here to view photos that were anonymously submitted to our office that reportedly depict some of the animals in question.

It's been estimated that there are as many as 60 animals on this property. Many of these animals, we are told, are allegedly suffering from malnutrition and rain rot and are "standing up to their knees in manure." One source tells us that there is no food or water for these animals in the stalls and little of either outside. Pigs, we are told, are drinking their own urine because there is a lack of potable water. Reports depict one especially nightmarish scene at the property in question: The legs and hooves of dead horses reached out from beneath piles of manure while the alleged abuser burned the carcasses of other dead horses—a smell that our complainants said they won't soon forget.

Although the alleged abuser has reportedly been oft-cited for failing the animals in her charge, her alleged gross misconduct has continued. Reports indicate that over the last several days, a total of three goats have died at the alleged abusers' "farm," including one who remains in the same spot, chained and padlocked. Click here to read a disturbing news story about this property.

While the sheriff's office and other parties have reportedly worked hard to resolve this matter, our complainants tell us that these efforts have largely been stalled at the prosecutorial level. Please ask the district attorney for his assurances that the welfare of all the animals at this property will be immediately secured and that justice will be vigorously pursued so that this dreadful situation can reach a speedy conclusion.

Please send polite comments to:

The Honorable David J. O'Leary
Rock County District Attorney's Office
608-757-5725 (fax)



That picture isn't Sharon Wolfersheim. I'm sad to say that I've known her since 1992. She has been at her farm in Beloit/Newark ever since I've known her.

I did board my horses there back in 93 for about 5 months. She was shoeing then, and always gone, so in exchange for part of our board, my teenage son & I fed & watered all the animals.

She got mad at me one day(long story) and to get even with me, she "trimmed" my mare so short that she bled from both fronts! I found a new barn to go to, and I did tell her we were leaving - 2weeks notice, no contract, and she padlocked the gate across the driveway and had a male friend of hers stay at the barn during the day to try to keep us from entering the grounds. Needless to say, that did not fly with me so I threatened to call the cops and report a theft, so she "allowed" us there. One friend who was there and going to be moving with us actually found one of her horses PADLOCKED in a stall! I DID call the authorities then, but guess what?? THEY REFUSED TO GET INVOLVED!!!!

We did manage to move all our horses (my 2, friends 5) to a safe barn far away from her.

I have contacted the DA with my experience with her, and he just blew me off. This morning I have learned that someone has notified PETA -WARNING  Graphic Pictures        


No, it wasn't me, but I hope and pray that they can get something done.

God Bless you Scott & Karen for all the good you do for our equine friends.


kris g


 I was only speculating because for some reason it sounded like her.  Both are Sharon M and she had horses up here and I knew she ended up down in southern WI somewhere.  She also is good at going under several different names and birthdates.  The picture is bad, but good so maybe someone else will see if the Sharon W is the same person.  Also, if you look at the different people under WI Circuit Crt website the dates up here are Richards and then they stop with just a little time overlapping for Sharon W.



"Please send polite comments to:"

The Honorable David J. O'Leary
Rock County District Attorney's Office
608-757-5725 (fax)


That is why I'll not be sending anything.  I know there is no way I could be polite.  This is way past polite!!!  "Honorable" , what a laugh that is.  How honorable is it to sit back and watch those poor animals die knowing he could be doing something to stop it.  Honorable my ass!!! Sorry, guess I just don't have the manners the rest of you all do when it comes to this.  Makes ya wonder why it is he is protecting her over those suffering animals.  I was sick enough before I saw the pics.......now I just want to kick some butt's!!!


Sometimes you have to "suck it up" for the animals and if you want to get something done.  In this case, it is very hard to "suck it up", but you do want your voice to be heard and not come off sounding like a half-cocked nut case.  Sitting back and not doing anything because it makes you too mad certainly isn't going to help either.  I'm sorry if I have offended you Terri, but this case needs all of the help it can get and I don't mean to offend, just speaking very matter of fact and to the point. 

This is why being a humane officer is such a tough job also, and my hat's off to all of you out there in the trenches. 


Rubbing salt into a wound doesnt heal it.  Honey does.  Sometimes you have to bite your tongue & be nice to get things accomplished.  If someone rails on you are you more inclined to do what they're yelling about?  No.  If someone "shows" respect to you & asks nicely then you're more apt to do as asked.  In writing & in verbal conversation one does have to "schmooze" sometimes, everyone can & does do it.  But if you'd rather sit back & complain then thats your choice, although the squeaky wheel gets the grease & the do-ers will get it done.


I just saw the pictures of these animals. She should have been in the same block with "Sadaam". Hanging isn't enough pain for this woman. She should be dealt with like she is treating the animals. I can't for the life of me understand why a PERSON can do this to innocent and DEFENSELESS animals. Somewhere on this forum, I read where someone stated that even a country singer, and I take it for Willie Nelson, couldn't stop this HORRENDOUS abuse! SLAP!!! If that is what it takes to get the job done, I only wish I had Whoppi Goldbergs email, because I do have the INTESTINAL FORTITUDE to approach someone who has a little CLOUT, and see if they would HELP!! By the way, does someone have her EMAIL address, cuz I would be happy to do it.. Doing the "Rosie" blog doesn't work!


Well congratulation guys your hard work payd off!!!  Don't stop the horses need you!!! 

Scott Bayerl-MHWF, Inc.

Folks, hope nobody takes offense to this, but let's keep this thread to facts, and new info about this case, and not personal opinions etc. Looking and acting professional is important in a case like this and repeating how we all feel about her serves no purpose. So if you have relevant facts or info to share, please feel free to do so, but let's keep our emotions and personal opinions out of this post. There are people reading this who can have an influence over the outcome of this case and we would like to leave them with a good impression of our organization and the good people who frequent our website and forum.


Thank you,


Scott Bayerl

Director-MHWF, Inc.


Just to let you know, I got a reply from 106 and of course they can't help.

But I did put in a good word for MHWF and told her if they are ever looking to do a story for one of their on the road shows, that they should contact you.  Said it would be a good way to help raise money for the horses.  They could do a "beer for your horses" theme and bring Toby Keith along. 

Below is the reply from Karen at 106

Hey Mooki!
I am SO sorry this is happening...I HATE to hear these stories.  Unfortunately, our management doesn't like for any of us to get into "legal" situations so as much as I wish I could help,my hands are tied.  Keep working to help those poor animals. I can't BELIEVE that the DA won't help to get the horses out of there.  Let me know how things go.
Thanks for sharing,
Karen Dalessandro
Scott-MHWF, Inc.

Hello everyone,


We have have some good news and some advice to share with all of you. We have received a few phone calls today, several of them from organizations that are trying to help in this case. Apparently this forum is drawing a lot of attention to this case, and that is a very good thing. Thank you to all of you for that.


Something that was pointed out to us by these organizations is that some of them are receiving phone calls from private citizens that want to know how to get to this woman to buy horses from her. It has been brought to our attention that with all the charges this person has accumulated over the years, all her debts to the state are paid in full. How is that you ask? The answer is simple.....whenever she gets in trouble and gets charged with something, she simply sells off some of her herd, pays her fines, and moves on like nothing happened.


Please do not support this woman by contacting her and offering to purchase her horses. I am sure intentions are good, but it is this kind of thing that has kept her in business all these years. If we stop buying her horses, she won't be able to buy her way out of it this next time. It has also been made clear to us that anyone contacting public officials or the organizations dealing with this will not get the contact info they are looking for to buy horses from Sharon Wolfershiem. Please support the local authorities and organizations trying to help by calling and contacting the Rock County DA office. Only then will this all end once and for all.


Thank you,




Thank you Scott for reminding us all of what our goal is here.

Kris - luv2ryde

I appreciate the update Scott.  It's refreshing to know that there are other organizations that see a need and are willing to get involved.  I'm a strong PETA advocate -- don't get me started there -- they help A LOT of animals in some pretty rough situations.  And while I might not agree completely with everything they do, I feel they are a very organized, professional and vocal voice for innocent creatures that get taken advantage of.


In terms of this particular case, I hope that the DA and Animal Control are wise enough to confiscate any remaining animals and send them to shelters so they can be evaluated and rehabilitated.  There's no way, these horses are ready to go into regular homes without some interim TLC.  Based on the photos shared, time is of the essence.


Please keep us posted on what you learn and how best we can assist keeping the awareness about this issue alive.


Thank you for your proactive and caring approach.  We're obviously all pulling for these poor animals!


Interesting update:

That last time PETA had questioned the D.A. about this farm, the D.A. stated that he had more important things to spend "his" money on than animal abuse.

What scum....


You guys are so dumb. First of all I know for fact them horses are feed daily as I have went there with Dale a friend of mine who feeds them. Second the pictures of the horses here are nothing but crap. Those horses were purchased in that condition and were being nursed back to health. She buys animals all the time that hav't been cared for. Just cause she has a horse that doesn't look to good doesn't mean she doesn't care for it. The neighbors in this area have been complaining about her just to complain.


Get your stories straight before making these stupid statements.

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