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Mary H.
I'm really curious about this and wondered if anyone has had results/benefits from feeding it to your horses or have any ideas about it. In theory it looks good but I'm still a bit skeptical until I hear of someone who actually fed it to their horses.  Here is their web address:http://www.chaffhaye.com/chaffhaye-equine.htm.  I'm also sure it is pretty pricey.

Mary, we've never fed this forage product, but someone on one of my groups I know has because they had a real problem with a bad year for hay.  I will ask what they think of it and what the benefits were and all and get back to you. 

Mary H.
Thanks Karen - you can just e mail me if you get a chance.  It just sounds like it would be good for the retirees in that it is more of a consistent feed (for the ones who still have teeth that is)!

Mary, I've emailed them trying to find out if this is really chaff (i.e., small pieces of hay) because that might be good for my old Arab with practically no teeth.  They emailed back that it was very successful with older horses with few teeth.  However, they didn't actually say it was chaff, so I've sent them another email.  If it is chaff, I might see if they will send me a bag and try it.  If I do, I'll let you know

Mary H.
Yes please let me know and if they give out samples to try - that's a big plus also!
Laurie L.

just wanted to put this thread at the top for the gal that was looking for info on this product - - seems that someone was looking for the same info about 6 months ago, also didn't get much feedback.  There's a website, but it's probably the one you already have....


I was just reading about this stuff & asked a few people I know their thoughts, and I also haven't heard much yet.  My boy is younger though, 3, and just getting started under saddle...having a hard time putting a bit of extra weight on him & wondered if maybe THIS is the answer!?  My guess is it's pretty pricey too though. 


$12.50/bag, which doesn't (isn't supposed to) change from dealer to dealer.  I c


Hello, this is my first-ever response to a discussion forum so forgive me if I do it wrong!  I attended the Central Wisconsin Horse Expo today and talked with Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation folks at their booth.  What a great program they have going!  I am the Wisconsin distributor for Chaffhaye, and the reps said that this discussion was on their forum, with people looking for more info about the product.  I see in the earlier messages that the http://www.chaffhaye.com website has already been given, so that's an excellent place to go and get more information.  I also have an ad in the September 2007 issue of the Wisconsin Horsemen's News, and in the new Wisconsin Equine Resource Guide (go to their website at http://www.WIHorseGuide.com for a picture of my horses, and the story of how I first started using the product.)  Long story short, Chaffhaye has significantly enhanced the quality of life for both my older rescue horse that I had in Colorado, and the "heave-y" horse I have here in Wisconsin.  I am currently feeding all four of my horses (one 10-year old Quarter Horse, two 7-year old mini's and a 21-year old Standardbred) only Chaffhaye, and supplementing them with minerals.  They are all doing great!  Chaffhaye has been around for 25 years, but I am the first distributor in the state of Wisconsin.  I have plenty of product here in Winneconne, or you can go to dealers located in Platteville or Marinette; I'm currently working to get new dealers set up throughout the state of WI.  Chaffhaye is like silage, but it is specially made for horses and it goes through a controlled fermentation process which results in lots of beneficial yeasts and probiotics.  It is alfalfa but is only 9-11% protein in the as-fed basis.  An alfalfa/grass hay mix should be available next year.  It is certified weed-seed-free, dust-free and mold-free and comes in 50-pound bags that can be stored outside for up to 2 years with no loss in value.  It's great for horses with teeth and/or respiratory problems!  The feed rate is 15 pounds/1,000 pound horse/day, so 1 bag will last 3.3 days for a 1k pound horse.  The retail price is $12.50/bag (same price at all dealers.)  I'm pretty sure I can offer a lower price once we get higher volume of sales here in the state; the product comes out of Southwest Texas so the freight charge is almost the same per bag price as the product itself!  For larger shipments, please contact me directly at 920-582-0134. 

Sherri N.
Thanks for the link & information on this product.  Have you had any people try this for horses that have had serious cases of choke?  Also, the website says it reduces waste by 30%.  While I like this idea, I'm wondering if this is a good thing for the horse . . how can this occur & why is it good for horse health?  I did not see any dealers listed in Illinois.  Do you service the Illinois area?  And finally, are these 50# bags?

Thanks!!  It sounds like it might be just the thing for my retirees.


I'm not a vet, and I'm pretty sure this is covered in the http://www.chaffhaye.com website, but Chaffhaye is helpful for horses with choke for two reasons.  Often, horses with choke problems have poor teeth.  Chaffhaye can be eaten by horses with very poor teeth due to its consistency.  The second reason is the higher moisture content, versus dry hay or pelleted feed. Our old rescue horse in Colorado had a case of choke, due to her very poor teeth, and the fact that she was so hungry was just gulping her food.  Once we got her on Chaffhaye we had no more instances of choke.  Horses produce less manure while on Chaffhaye because their body is absorbing more of it, due to the beneficial yeasts.  They get more nutrition from a lower volume of food, so yes, that's a great thing!  There are currently no dealers in Illinois; I'd like to get some set up there so if you know of one that would be interested, let me know!  And yes, the bags are 50 pounds each.

Thank you so much for posting Ron, we truly appreciate it. 

I want to mention to Feleicia who posted a while back asking about this product, and let her know that we will personally be using this in the very near future and will keep everyone posted. 

"Also, the website says it reduces waste by 30%.  While I like this idea, I'm wondering if this is a good thing for the horse . . how can this occur & why is it good for horse health"

Usually a product that reduces waste means that the nutrients are all more absorbable (is that a word?) and the horse will get more out of the feed than passing so much thru.  A reduction in waste means bascially that the horse or animal in any case will use more of the feed and pass thru only waste and not as much of the feed....it's a good thing generally ;-)
Sherri N

Ron, you are on my 'call' list.  Your product sounds like it's well worth a try.  Thanks for the good info.

Mary H.
Chaffhaye sounds really good and we will also be testing it on our geriatric group here also.  Thanks Ron.  We all know that our older horses are not always the easy keepers we would like them to be and this could sure help!
Scott-MHWF, Inc.
Hello everyone,

We want to send out a very special thak you to Ron over at Chaffhaye for donating a LOT of product to try out on the MHWF horses. That was very generous of Ron and Chaffhaye and we hope you all go check out their website and maybe even try their product. We have also added the Chaffhaye website to the sidebar on our website, so check there as well.

Here is their link: http://www.chaffhaye.com

A great product and good people.....please support Chaffhaye!!

Jenn WI

Just bringing this to the top....

Bringing this thread back to the top for Tammy who just asked if anyone is using this product, as there are the links provided here as well.  You will see Feleicia had brought it up on the other post as well earlier, and what a coincidence, she is on her way here right now to pick up a couple more bags from us.  I know that Feleicia is extremely happy with the product.  I know she cannot post yet as she is probably driving here right now as I am typing, but she may chime in later on her successes with the Chaffhaye. 

We have been using this product since the date that Scott posted above when Ron from Chaffhaye delivered that load to us (thank you again Ron!!).  We have seen absolutely great benefit with some of the horses here.  I will highlight one particular horse, and that is Cain.  Cain is a very hard keeper and we were at that very slow point in his weight gain (with all of the right things), but when the Chaffhaye was introduced to his diet gradually and then upped, he continued on more quickly and really thrives on this product, having gained what he needed and maintaining extremely well. 

For us, we cannot feed this type of product out to the entire herd, as not only is that is not very cost effective for us, but it cannot be fed free choice like we prefer to feed the majority of the herd throughout the winter months.  We do have 9 horses currently on the Chaffhaye as a supplement to their diet and we are extremely pleased with the product.  This product has absolutely great benefit to horses who have any dust sensitivities and/or cannot be fed regular hay.  Anyone out there with heav-ey horses, this is the product for you....no more having to soak that hay! 
Mary H.
We have also been using Chaffhaye and have seen a huge difference in Chipper who does have heaves and has not coughed since we started feeding this product.  Also the "old guys" who are not hay eaters because they don't have many teeth left are all peppier and have gained a bit more weight with Chaffhaye added to their diet.  We are sold on it.  Like you said, Karen, you can't feed it to everyone but boy what a great product for those hard keepers and they just love it!! 

I LOVE IT! I have a 21yr old OTTB,  he is my best boy, but only has 4 back teeth left and they are smooth, hay does absolutely nothing for him. He is a very hard keeper, very healthy in all other aspects but just can not get/keep weight on him. He gets senior, alfalfa pellets and beet pulp (soaked of course) a probiotic and our regular grain mix from the feed mill. I added the chaffhaye and a fat supplement called Cool Calories and within a week we could notice a little difference, within 3 weeks a huge difference. I have always had to put his thick saddle pad under my bareback pad just to tolerate his backbone now I can ride him bareback with nothing. He still has a more prominent spine but nothing like it was. He goes to the vet more than any of our other horses, teeth are floated routinely (what's left of them) and he is still full of P&V like you would not believe, I still ride him around the farm and he still wants to GO GO GO, sometimes goes so fast he takes my breath away. I love this horse tons and I can not tell you how happy I am to have found the chaffhaye and be able to get it from Scott and Karen. I recommend it highly. I only use it as a supplement to his feed, it can be gradually increased until that is all your feeding. It's awesome stuff and I hope Scott and Karen continue to get it and are able to sell it, but if not, I will get it straight from Ron. Thanks Karen and Scott, as always, you guys are the best!

Tammy Mn

Thanks everyone, that's great to hear....just out of curiosity, what is the texture or consistency of it look like? 


Tammy, I'm not sure but there might be a picture of it on their website.  It is very moist and it is very compressed into the 50 pound bags that it comes in.  Rather than us trying to paint a visual, go ahead and give them a call and have them send you a sample...that way you can see it, feel it, smell it and let your horse's taste it as well if you are interested in the product. 

Tammy Mn

I'll do that, thankyou!

Ron Cook

I am so glad to hear that you are experiencing the same benefits from Chaffhaye that I have personally seen with my own horses! 


Bump to the top...hope the person who asked the question sees this...

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