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I've been doing online searches but have not come up with anything so maybe someone out in MHWF forumland knows. I have a saddle I really like but the stirrups are too short for me. Is there such a thing as an extension of some sort to add?? And by the way, yes, they are lowered all the way.




Do you have any Amish saddle/harness makers near you?  Maybe they could make you some longer stirrup leathers. 

Leslie V

Do you ride western or english?

Denise S - WW

Hi westiemom ... I did buy a stirup extension, I can't remember the brand but it would loop thru the stirup & then hang down. It is actually a great invention, very simple & inexpensive. Problem was...it would hang down low enough for me to get my foot into it but then I was to low & couldn't get my leg up over my horses back.  A pretty funny sight to see, I'm sure. I found it to be a waste & never use it.   


Country Supply  http://www.horse.com  has both English (catalog #EPO51) and Western (WPX12) stirrup leathers . They are probably a standard size, so I am not sure if they will work for you.  Don't forget to put MHWF in the country care box so that the horses get a donation!

Leslie V

Actually, you can get English leathers in different lengths and most catalogs that carry English tack should have them...

Wendy W - WI

Laura rides western..........or at least when ever I've seen her ride it's been western.  The leathers (western) that Peggy has posted from Country Supply look good, and if they aren't long enough, find someone like Melody mentioned to make you custom ones. 

Tricia - No. WI
I've used the stirrup straighteners from Country Supply and they work great. They do add from 1-2" to your stirrup length, depending on the type of straightener. I think there are a couple of different ones on there. So, if you just need an inch or two, this might be a good option for you...and your stirrups are turned to boot!

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