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An Arabian mare disappeared from her paddock in Superior, WI sometime between after dark on Dec 16th and AM Dec 19th.  There is no evidence of her having gotten thru or over fence thus it is believed she was stolen.
This is a large (Straight Egyptian) gray Arabian mare standing approx. 15.3 HH with a bloody shoulder spot on the right side of her belly near her back ribs.  She is approximately 5 months in foal and has a history of rejecting her foals thus concern is not only for her but for her May/June foal that will require special attention.  PLEASE FORWARD this to EVERYONE you know who has ANY contact with horses in hopes that someone knows someone who knows someone with info as she could be anywhere by now so search needs to expand beyond WI.
Please contact Superior Police, Jaimie Runstrom in Superior  at 218-591-7319, or me via email with any info.

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Scott Bayerl: MHWF

How it is that it took almost 3 days for someone to notice she was missing?


Scott, I was wondering the same thing.  I do hope that they find her though. 

nancy m

Jamie is in a position where she is no longer living on farm where the horses are.  She has someone who feeds and waters everyday and she tries to get out every couple of days.  I am quite sure the person who does daily feeding could not tell one gray horse from another.  One gray horse more or less would go unnoticed by a non horse person.

Nancy K

Unlike some of us with small paddocks this is a situation where the horses have 20+ acres including some woods edge and are free to roam the whole area and have round bales so unless someone consciously does a head count looking behind the trees in back paddock or behind the bales it is possible that someone didn't notice one missing especially since not theirs so didn't make effort like most of us maybe do to say"hi" to each forse individually each day.  It is believed she was likely taken Friday and noticed 1st thing Sat AM but no absolute memories of knowing caretaker for sure saw her Thursday or Friday is leaving the time span of disappearance wider between the last photos taken Wed near dark and when search began Sat AM. But really thats not the important part - the important part is she is loved and wanted unlike so many others in this world and if there is anything we can do to find horse 1st and the guilty party 2ndly we need to, particularily since she is in foal and needs special help when that time comes.  So please good thoughts and positive energy.  If Anyone is hitting auctions in the near future please keep this horse in mind in case "new owner" gets cold feet or scared about getting caught and decides to dump her.   

Jenni O.

I would think it is more likely someone will try to sell her to make a quick buck, vs having the intention of keeping her.  Horses are free these days, no need to steal one.  Unless she is extremely valuable and the person knew this, or is motivated by revenge, etc.  People are nuts, I wish the best of luck in this horse getting found safe and sound.

Laurie L.

Sending the photos to the local auction houses, including Cannon Falls, would probably be a good idea.  Are they sure the horse isn't dead on the property somewhere?

Yes, that is a great idea Laurie, alert all of the local auction houses along with photos. 
We've talked about this situation too, and it is just so hard to wrap the mind around the idea that this horse was stolen, in this economy and the state of the horse market and where so many people are giving horses away, and all of the value of a horse lies in it's training really (or stellar breeding).  I would really get on the searches out and about as well, as my feeling would just keep going back to the fact that the horse got out somehow, even jumped a fence (we've surely had that happen here a time or two, with no fence broken).  I would think that there would be signs of someone being there to steal the horse as well.  I guess anything is possible, without knowing the whole situation and why there may be motivation for someone to steal this horse.  But I just can't help but think that searching would be my primary focus for this missing horse.  Whether she escaped or was stolen, I sure hope she can be found and I hope there are people out there searching as well. 
cindy g
I work in Superior and live in rural Douglas County and have not seen anything on the news about this or the papers. My farrier was out Monday and he did not mention anything either.

The owners need to get this out locally if they think this horse was stolen. don't just let this forum know---have you contacted the local law enforcement dept or the extension office?  
And what about NetPosse?  They help locate stolen/missing horses too....Here's a link to their website.  http://www.netposse.com/
Nancy K

We heard the story was on TV in Superior area, an attempt was made to notify all farriers and vets could find #'s for, newspaper had interview scheduled for story but police said to cancel it for their reasons.  So for Cindy G or whoever else is in the northwoods or NW Minnesota please share with your farrier and vet in case they weren't reached and put the pic in your mind or at least the basics of grey fleabit large for arab mare with unique bloody shoulder markings on RT side and keep eyes open as pass fields of horses.  I believe netposse was or is in process of being covered.  DOES ANYONE HAVE A LIST OF MIDWEST HORSE AUCTION PLACES ?? Having a heck of a time establishing one off internet, maybe my search words just wrong but if someone can help - please!!  And for those who are curious about if she's dead in paddock - no it has been searched by truck, on foot, snowmobile, and horseback covering completely at close spacing and snow cover at that time was minimal with no drifting.  Thanks so much for any help - someone knows something so we just have to find the someone who will speak up. 

John R
My sincere hopes that you find your missing horse, but my question is, If she has a history of rejecting her foals, Why is she bred? Aren't you asking for more hardship down the road?

Some people only think about the quality of the foal being bred and the money, not whether the mom will reject it or not.

nancy m

Thinking about stolen horses..I wanted to bring this back to the top.  We have not found this mare yet.  The police in Superior, Wi have been little or no help.  They have not been interested in checking on any of the leads that have been given them.  Not much concern about a lost/stolen animal.  Please keep looking and listening.  Thanks   

Kathi T
just a heads up on this.  There is more to this story then is being told and the side that you are hearing is to say the least full of holes. 
Scott - remember the story I told you about the herd of Arabs down the road from us that the babys kept getting out and playing on the highway............

I've heard some more of the story than is being posted, and it is an odd one for sure. 

Kathi T
It is an odd one for sure.
Im not sure what happened to the horse other then it is missing, I hope it is okay. 
What I can say for sure is that if the sheriff dept had gone out there and done something the 3 times that they were called Im positive that  the horse would not have gone missing.
The person who was left to take care of the horses called us for help several times because they have no idea how to take of horses and the sheriff dept refused to take their abandonment request or even file a report. So they are stuck taking care of horses that they dont want and cant get rid of nor afford to support.
nancy m

Kathi T.. Thank you again for the phone call.  I really appreciated your time and effort.  We will all keep our fingers crossed for a positive end to this.

nancy m

It appears that the missing Arabian mare Rafatta has been found dead.  She was found in a pond on the property where she was stabled.  There is strong suspicion that she was a victim of domestic dispute.  This is a very sad ending on many levels. 


Oh Nancy, that is so sad.  What a heart wrenching thing to have happened.  RIP Rafatta. 


That is heartbreaking.  This poor animal it makes me cry.  I hope they prosecute the person who did this.

Jenni O

RIP, Rafatta.  That is so sad, and this kind of thing happens more than we'd like to think.  At the very least, the owner knows what happened and doesn't have to wonder any longer.  Sad.


I am so sorry for all involved.  My heart breaks for those who loved her.

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