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Hunter D
Has anyone used the equi-shine supplement? If so, did you see any improvements on your horses coat or hooves?
I used horseshine, and I did really like it, but I hear of a lot of people using the equishine and for 20-30 pounds more in a bag and for only $10.00 more I thought about giving it a try.
Any input is great! :)

I used Equishine for a number of years.  It was ok. I switched to winnies cookies about two years ago and like the results that I got better. On my horses within only a few weeks their coats already showed changes.  Their hoof growth was better (faster), coats softer, shinny and had they got dapples in their coats that they didn't have on the Equishine supplements. Also, some of the horses didn't seem to finish the Equishine right away and took time to clean it up.  All the horses really like the cookies. 


Almost forgot, I had to cut back on their grain too.  The winnies cookies helps with digestion and the grain the were getting at the time had to be cut back, there were all gaining weight after I added the cookies. 


I just had two of our horses shoes put back on for the season and my farrier asked what I was giving our one horse that used to have bad hooves.  I said well she gets her grain and at night I also add equishine and she is getting corn oil to gain some weight.  He could tell the difference in her hooves.  It can make a horse a little hot if you give them too much that is why I only give it once a day.


I feed both. Equishine is a broad spectrum vit/min supplement. Horse Shine is a product that enhances that.  It is not meant as a stand alone supplement. Used together they do a great job. The benefits of flax are many but it's not a replacement for a good well rounded vitimin mineral supplement. The only way you're going to see real results is by having bloodwork done annually. The rest is all guesswork really. I've been told Kent has an equivalent vit/min supplement for much less then Equishine.


We use Equishine and really like it. We always bring home a 1 year supply from the Equishine booth at the Midwest Horse Fair. This year a 50# bag was $44. We sprinkle it on top of our horse's grain so if they want to eat their grain they've pretty much got to eat the Equishine on top of it. One thing I like about Equishine is that it has a high level of Magnesium and I'm one of those people that thinks Magnesium helps keep a horse calm.


Haze has had both. I didn't notice a huge change in is coat with Equi-shine, but he is quite glossy and sleek with Horseshine. The amount of Equishine Haze needs is no different than the Horseshine, so I pick the one that takes up less space! Plus, Horseshine has fat in it (30% min) and Equi-shine does not include any on its label. Haze burns fat like crazy...so I feel better giving him Horseshine. He looks great, so unless he dulls in appearance I will not change. Also, people say that a horse can get a bit hot if given too much Equi-shine...so whatever the preference.


Horses getting hot on Equishine is pure fantasy. No more then you would for taking a multivitimin everyday.


Amy, just repeating what people have told me. Haze never got hot while on it. It was a bit of news to me when others told me that their horse got hot after starting Equi-shine. I guess it depends on the horse!

Karla Joy

I used Equishine for years but about a year ago changed to "Perfect Balance" which is a Vit.-Min. supplement made by Landmark.  Perfect Balance is cheaper and I've seen better results. I also bought some EquilPride from Fleet Farm at Horse Fair and have been giving that to my 2 seniors and I REALLY see a difference!


I've been hearing a lot of buzz about the EquiPride lately, sounds like it might be a pretty good product from what I'm hearing. 

Anna WI

Karla what benefits do you see? I have a 6 year old paint that will not put weight on and I have tried just about everything with him and I was wondering if you noticed any benefit for weight gain if your older horses had any issues with that? My horse doesn't really loose weight but he has always been thin and will not fill out no matter how much he is fed. I even had bloodwork done on him to see if there was an underlying cause to it and everything came back normal. I looked through the online brochure for the EquiPride and it says it will help hard keepers and I just want to know if it really will.

Karla Joy

My seniors are each 31. I have a mare and a gelding. The mare has always been an easy keeper and the gelding has been sort of a hard keeper. The mare has all of her teeth but the gelding is missing most of his molars so this makes it an even harder task to keep weight on him. Since I started him on the Equipride I have seen weight gain, a shiny coat and more pep. The mare is a dun and her coat, for whatever reason has never been super shiny. Since the EquiPride she actually has a shiny coat. I am sold on it. I think the flax, the omega 3 and the PRE-biotic is what is different. Since the gelding doesn't chew his food as well he really needs to get all that he can out of the food that he gets and I think this helps him. I'm sold on this stuff.

Krissy I heard those comments once too and since I was feeding Equishine I contacted Doctor's Choice myself. They replied and the jest of their response was there is less sugar in a 4 oz serving of Equishine then there is in one apple. Never had an issue but then again I don't feed sweetfeed, sugars, or anything with molasses in it either. When in doubt contact the company for a list of ingredients.

Hunter D
Thanks everyone for the replies! We went and got a bag of Equishine yesterday to try it out.
I have heard of the Perfect Balance as well. If I dont like Equishine I will try that out!
Diann N.WI

It was recommended that I start my horse on Equishine for his hooves due to founder/ getting older. Are the ones using it really happy with it, and ones that switched, what are you using instead?

Wendy W - WI
I think it's a great product, and use it, but if you need more for hooves you can add biotin or flax.  I don't think there is enough biotin in the Equishine for my liking, but that is just my opinion.  
Equishine is a vitamin supplement so I'm not quite sure how it would help a horse prone to founder but the added vitamins would be good for a senior horse. It all depends on what kind of grain, if any, they are getting, the quality of their hay/pasture and what their teeth are like as to what should be added to their diet.
Diane B.

Equi-shine is the general name.  They make specific products for specific need.  The Equi-Shine product Biotin & Methionine Supplement is their product the advertise for the hoof.  You can check out their web site to find a complete list of their products.  You can get there by typing in Doctors Choice Equine.  That's who makes the Equi-shine products.

Wendy W - WI

Thanks Diane B.  I just get the vitamin supplement and never thought about other products they make.  Great advice.

There are some positive remarks about EquiPride, I haven't used that product but am using Equi-lix (made by the same company) and am very happy with it. My horses are on pasture 24/7, only 'extras' are salts and horse mineral mix. They went through the first tub very fast but now are slowed way down, since it's free choice I can't put an exact cost per head but it averaged about .50 cents per day per horse in the first couple of months. Before the pasture when feeding only hay and Equi-Lix they definitely ate less hay and it also now seems they are less piggy about getting every blade of grass in sight.  I began feeding the product because I have a horse with an ulcer history. He has maintained a good weight and it seems to be keeping a 'bloom' on all of them and no concern about starches/sugars.
I have used Equishine and Horseshine and Forco and they all are good but different products depending on the horses needs.
The EquiPride, Equi-Lix website is a good read about both products.

I actually use the hoof supplement and Vitamin E supplement from Doctor's Choice.  Great products!

Hunter D
My Equishine dealer no longer carries the Equishine, but they carry the Perfect Balance supplement. What do you guys think of that versus the Equishine. 
I have never used the Perfect Balance, and I really did like the Equishine a lot.
So I was just wondering what the differences are, because if the Perfect Balance isnt like the Equishine I will probably just go back to the Horseshine.

You can order Equishine online.

Hunter D
Since my feed store quit selling the Equishine they offer a Perfect Balance, and Calf-Manna. The nutritionist there told me since I have a growing baby that the Calf-Manna would do awesome and WOW it works like wonders!
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