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Anna WI

Does anyone have a list of dates for organized trail rides in WI or know when any of them are? I would like to go on some rides this summer but need to ask off from work for them far in advance. I have looked at the WI Horsemans News but I didn't really see anything. I thought someone had posted a thread on here with different events but I wasn't able to find that either with the search tab.


Anna,I too have been looking for trail rides. I have found two organizations that do trail riding as a group. http://www.midwesttrailgaiters.com  and  http://www.mntra.org The first one is mainly gaited horses the second one is Minnesota trail riders association and they are a mixed bag of horses. I am waiting for my daughter to have her baby she is at full term today so any time now. Then I can go out trail riding. I live in Ettrick, WI. and I would love to go out with you if you want. Make it a girls ride.

Anna WI

Ok seeing only one person posted back does anyone know the dates that the Pella, Gresham, Rez, Wittenberg or other rides in the area are?

Pella - Labor Day weekend.

Gresham - Unless there's one in the fall that I don't know about, that one's done. It was this weekend.

Rez - Sept 16-18

Wittenburg - Aug 26-28

Caroline - Sept 30-Oct 2. You didn't ask about this one but since it's the biggest. 

Next weekend some club has a ride at Crocker Hills.

You could check out Hags On Nags (http://hagsonnags.net). Also the FARCS(Fat Ass Riding Club). Couldn't find a link for them but many women are in both clubs so once in the Nags you could find out where the FARC rides are too.  

The Lily ride is the weekend after Pella.  Sept 9 -11th.  Tigerton also had a ride that weekend.  Lily is really nice, been there the last 7 years.  We are going to try Tigerton this year as heard it is very nice as well.
Pam H.
Also one on October 9th and 10th in Red River by the Horsin around Richmond Riders.
Yea, many other trail rides. I tried to stick with the ones Anna was asking about. Rodeo City Riders(Manawa) will probably be October 21-23. Underdown will have one for the people that don't want to go to Caroline. I think people kind of have a limit to how many organized trail rides they can do though. They're more likely to have a half dozen or so favorite places to ride and kind of stick with them.

Pam, did you make it to Gresham? I thought the best thing about that ride was the fiddle player Saturday night. 

I give this ride only a luke warm endorsement. Too much road riding and the team of horses pulling the wagon scares alot of other horses. But for those that might be interested, here you go.

Yep, We made it.  It was a great weekend!  I like the smaller rides like this one was. We stayed by camp on Saturday night and missed the fiddle playing.  Would have liked it though.  Did you go to the Crocker hills ride this last weekend?  They had some beautiful weather for it.  We missed this year, have gone in the past and enjoyed it.  Some really nice trails but always so many ticks!
No, didn't go to Crocker Hills. Have some friends had a ride down by Hancock so went down there Saturday. With $4 gas I'm kinda partial to trail rides near home. That's why we'll probably go to Kellner next weekend even though it'll mostly be riding the dirt/gravel roads east of Kellner. Rather ride trails in the woods. But Kellner is basically in our back yard so cheap ride.

If you wipe some of that real pepperminty mouthwash on your horse's legs it helps with the ticks.
new rider
    Hello i am new to trailing and would like go this come year in 2012 but my mom needs the days that the trail rides are so she can take them off. I want to start on a little ride small group of people. I keep hearing about the lily ride the gresham ride, wittenburg ride the pella ride. and the Rez ride. need dates for the 2012 year rides on thoses trail rides. If any one knows the dates time and cost to camp over night or just the cost to go on the ride then plz reply asap.
    Thanks so much to all of you that helps me out.

2012 rides so far....


Gresham   May 25th, 26th 27th


Wittenberg   August 24th, 25th 26th  (this is a little more challanging ride)


Pella      August 31st, September 1st, Sept 2nd'


Tigerton   Sept. 7th, 8th and 9th.


Lily          Sept. 7th, 8th and 9th


Caroline   October 4th thru the 7th   (Largest ride)


Red River    October 11th, 12th, 13th.



Not sure of the rest of the rides yet....


John B.
I am just guessing that you are talking about central-Northern WI?  There is another group that organizes rides in N IL - SW WI,

Website or Map: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/pages/Northern-Illinois-Southern-Wisconsin-Trail-Ride-Association/114326042199

I know they have a scheduled ride SW of Madison 1st weekend of June
Check us out on Face Book, we post the upcoming rides in the surrounding area. Horsin Around Richmond Riders. Love to hear from you. Plus we have a ride in Oct 11th~14th. Fun for the whole family $25.00 camping $5.00 a horse.
Horsin Around Richmond

Also is the Nine Mile Ride Oct 19-21 Nice Ride, electric avail and water for $25 a night. Langlade County. Hwy 55 North.

Anna WI
I can't wait for the fall trail rides!
Scott: MHWF
We are still working on the fall MHWF trail rides....the problem is there is a wedding, family reunion...something about 3/4 of the weekends left this year.

We will find a couple dates and make this happen though.

In the meantime, any opinions/info on Ukarydee that you all can share?
John B.
Scott, I rode the Castle Rock trails a few years ago in the fall.  They are nice trails and no need for shoes (mostly sandy, anyone can ride these trails but that does not mean they are boring to ride; nice views of the river and various ponds.  Lots of loop trails)  I have been told the bugs can be real bad in the summer so this might be a good one to plan late fall.

While we did not camp at Ukarydee we did ride through camp;  Most the sites have a circle corral and it looks like a nicely equipped camp ground.  For anyone sort of new to horse camping this is probably as easy as it gets and they have tools for clean-up.  I think if you are looking for a central WI location this is probably one of the best choices.  We would def. be up for it depending on the dates.

John B.
Weddings, family reunions? Bah Humbug! Isn't it how it always goes that the end of summer everything gets packed in?

I have no info about Ukarydee but I think it sounds like a good choice and I would go there if the dates work out. 
Kara W.
The camp sites are very nice. Easy to drive in and out of. Pen will fit two horses in each one if they really get along well otherwise you might want to bring a portable pen to. If your lucky the site next to you may be open to use the pen as long as you clean it out. Didn't get to go on the trails cause it stormed the entire time I was there but the beverages went down really well sitting in the back of the horse trailer watching the horse in the pens :D
Ken W.
I don't know why but Ukarydee/Castle Rock is the absolute worst place for bugs....mostly deer flies. Maybe because it's right by the Wisconsin River. If you're going to have a ride there wait till October. Probably the best thing about Ukarydeen for camping are the steel round pens. No need to bother with tie lines or portable pens.

Another place to consider that's near Pittsville is Wild Rock west of Neillsville. They don't quite have the camping facilities that Ukarydee has but it's still pretty nice. More difficult trails than Castle Rock though.

For a day ride since no camping is allowed at either I'd go with Big Eau Pleine or Hartman Creek. Big Eau Plaine is nice because you kind of ride along the edges of a peninsula that jutts out into the Big Eau Plaine Reservior. And it's only 30 miles from Pittsville. Both these places have easy trails that anyone can ride.   

Steve,I mean Scott, ha ha! Did you forget, we have our 25th class reunion this weekend? Everybody,quick, do the math and you,ll know how young Scott is!,
Scott: MHWF
Sorry, I don't do class reuinions :)
Me either, keep in contact with the important ones.

I've heard a lot about this ride from locals. I plan on going with Sugar Bear. Ironwood, Michigan is just across the border from Hurley, Wisconsin. It's a little more than 2 hours north of Wausau.

Rockin' "A" Ranch. (Auvinen's House)-E4494 Tree Top Lane, Ironwood, MI.

The ride is on Sept. 8th, 2012. This event will start at noon. We will also have a cookout to follow the ride so bring your lawn chair and a dish to pass! Hope to see you there! All proceeds will go to St. Judes Children's Hospital. I will be bringing some fundraiser information to some local businesses when I get it in the mail. If anyone would like to help me with this my number is 906-364-3873. Thanks!

It is an event on Facebook. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/list#!/events/444028942297990/

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