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Razmatazz - 15 yrs.


$400- Razmatazz is a 15 year old draft/paint gelding. He stands at 14.1 hands tall, sound and healthy and has all his 2014 shots. Raz rides and drives and is very mellow easy going guy. He has been part of MHWF for many years and and has been in the same home for a long, long time.

Razmatazz came back to MHWF for no other reason that he really wasn't getting any work the last year or two. He is a great horse with good training, so his adopters decided to offer him up to another family that could use him and love him. That family just happened to be here this past weekend when Raz came in and it was a great match. Razmatazz is already adopted and is now living with his new family, who also adopted Thunder Bey.

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Heather H
Congratulations! And I'm happy to hear that Thunder Bey found his new family too.
This is great news for the family and Thunder as well!!!  Congratulations Cant wait for Pix!
Congratulations to Razzmatazz and his new family
Donna M
What a handsome guy. Congratulations to Rasmatazz and his new family. 
He's cute and looks like he could really carry a rider well. Congrats to the new family.
Jenni O.
That's so cool, he barely had time to let his big hooves cool before he found a new home. And with Thunder. What a good weekend!
Oh my goodness, how cool is that?  What a gorgeous guy!  Congratulations!

Here I am with the official update and pictures of adoption day for Raz and family!  

As you already know, a really wonderful family came to meet Thunder a couple of times, and this last time they brought their trainer with as well to help them along with this journey in choosing the right horses for them.  The girls have been in lessons and will continue, and they are just getting their first horses, so this is super exciting for everyone!  They also needed two horses, so it has taken some time to find just the right two.  We were lucky and Razmataz came in and he worked out perfectly for spot #2.  You can see Thunder's thread for updates there: http://mhwf.websitetoolbox.com/post/thunder-bey-arabian-gelding-6426141?pid=1283463923#post1283463923

Raz got himself a great home with Todd and Amy and their six children as well as with Thunder! 

On the official adoption day, it was Todd, Abbie and Eleanor that came with their trainer, so not everyone is the the adoption day pic.  I must have been slacking with my camera, because I didn't come up with any riding pics of Raz, other than Priscilla riding Raz as well as their trainer riding him, so will share one of those here too.  

We really look forward to hearing of all of their adventures together and really look forward to pictures too!  Thank you so much for choosing the adoption option, and congratulations!!  

Here are a few pics, including official adoption day pics.  I am going to include Thunder's adoption day pic here too.  We did not put the two horses together for a picture because they had not met yet, but I'm sure we'll be seeing pics of them together soon.  

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What an exciting time!  I STILL remember getting my first horse....grin....congrats again to all!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! I bet the kids are off the wall excited. Two first horses!
Amy K
Thanks everybody - yes, we are thrilled with Raz and Thunder.  They bonded immediately and have been SO much fun to have around!  Our girls have been saving and reading everything they can about horses for well over a year so they were giddy the night these two came home.  We've given them time to adjust but will start riding this week!


Jane Liess
Jenni O.
I agree, beautiful. Have fun! Glad the two are getting along so well. It's nice when things go smoothly.
mel d
Amy, how is Raz doing?
Amy K
Raz seems happy as a clam!  We saddled him up once to see if the tack worked for him but other than that, he has just been ridden bareback a little here and there so far.  He's getting a lot of pasture time and we did order a grazing muzzle knowing that he was on dry lot before, but it just came so we haven't even put it on him yet.  (The one from Fleet Farm was too small! lol) The vet comes on Monday and the farrier on Tuesday, so we'll definitely be asking them for their thoughts on Raz's weight and diet.  But Jane said he still looks fine to her, not noticeably bigger even after so much grazing these first couple weeks.  We might be in the clear now since the grass is dryer anyway???

Allie and I were just talking last night about how happy we are with the two horses.  They are a good balance, Thunder with some spirit and energy and Raz being so easygoing.  Feeling very blessed!
Scott & Karen: MHWF

Amy K
Quick note on Raz - the vet definitely wanted to see him wear that grazing muzzle, so we put it on and thankfully he adjusted to it very quickly!  I feel a lot better knowing he can be out as much as he/we want now and his weight will be under control.  Here's a funny pic from today:


Jane Liess
Amy K
Raz has been getting ridden a few times a week these days, mostly by us but also some friends and relatives.  It's just been in the last day or two that he's decided he's not sure he wants to be caught, and today he even bucked Todd's sister off!!!  She got right back on though, and Todd rode some more too - we were definitely not going to let him be done after that.  We had tried a different bridle and bit which he didn't seem as comfortable with, so that may have contributed to his crankiness.  Poor guy with the grazing muzzle and more activity than he was used to. Todd and I hung out with him and Thunder in the pasture tonight while they were having their hay.  I know he will get used to all this, and we still have so much to learn too.  We love it, and them!

The riders in the photos are Todd, our son Spencer, and our niece Niki.

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Heather H
Long time supporter & forum watcher here....thanks for the updates! [smile] It is always fun reading how the horses are doing.

I think I recall this might be the first time the family has had horses? Just speaking from personal experience of 30+ years with horses (grew up with them), here's my 2 cents from past experiences I've had horses that sometimes don't want to be caught. The trick is to catch them sometimes just to hang out and brush them or give them treats or let them eat some grass on the lawn. Horses are pretty smart and like people can have good and bad days. They learn pretty quickly if you are going in to catch them to always ride that work might be coming so then they can sometimes not want to be caught as they think "Oh great, I'm going to be worked again." I've had horses who've greeted me at the gate always...and ones who always were little stinkers not wanting to be caught. ha. They all have unique personalities.

I will sometimes lunge a horse on a rope or even free lunge them in the ring before riding to let them run around and get some energy out. I'm not sure if the buck happened due to extra energy or maybe not liking the new bridle/bit combo but sometimes it helps to watch the horse on the lunge line to see what sort of mood they are in that day. I'm not sure what sort of bit Razmatazz was ridden in the past but I prefer a mild bit like a snaffle if the horse is okay with it and if a newer rider is on I'm not as worried about them being off balance and accidentally pulling on the horse's mouth. I've ridden a friend's horse in a Dr Cook bitless bridle and use a side-pull hackamore too so those are some bitless options. You can usually find used tack at tack sales in spring or on Craigslist or if you are on Facebook there are TONS of groups for buying & trading tack.

Sorry for the novel! Sounds like your family is enjoying the horses and nice your friends and relatives can enjoy them with you as well.
Lindsey N
His "fro" picture from last month is HILARIOUS!  I can't believe I didn't catch that one [tongue] 

You have such a great attitude about the bucking, and I'm sure you'll figure it out.  I've had far too much experience in that area.  Sigh...

But Razz is absolutely adorable and I'm happy to know that him and Thunder have become very close.  I love seeing all the horse activities going on around your place and cannot wait to visit!!
Jenni O.
That picture is great! I could be wrong, but I think dry grass can be just as high in sugar or higher, because it's storing it due to drought. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But in any case, you've got the muzzle, so hopefully that will prevent any issues. Those darn easy keepers aren't always easier.
Amy K
Thanks for the comments, Heather!  We've eased off the riding for a while and worked on more groundwork with Raz like lunging and backing, and like you said, come out to visit sometimes with no work for him to do.  The catching hasn't been an issue anymore.  We'll try to keep it that way. [smile] He had started to feel like the boss around here, but our instructor Jane really helped us with that and it's amazing how their attitudes can change when you are a more confident leader.  He's a funny horse - when he's ready to go outside in the morning, a couple times he's reached over his stall wall and grabbed the lead rope or grazing muzzle off the hook and shaken it around like "let's go!" [smile]
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