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Okay, we have some pretty amazing people out here (as well as just as crazy as I am).  You all saw that picture I did of me out doing chores with shorts and a t-shirt when it was -22 degrees, and I shared that on Facebook as well.  That was inspired by Jenn M. when she said she "did chores without her snowpants on".  Now Vickey Marie Hollingsworth saw my pic and took it another step!  

Here is Vickey's post and challenge, as well as the pictures of me, then Vickey, then Anna and Flash!  

Come join us!!  You can post your pic here or we can post your pictures here for you!  (just send them to karen@equineadoption.com or scott@equineadoption.com)  

Here is Vickey's Challenge
Freezin' for a Reason!  

"Many of you have seen the photo of Karen Bayerl of Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation where she appears to have snuck out of the loony bin and is doing chores in her skimpies. 

Maybe if we all join her, our collective warm thoughts will usher in spring a little sooner!

Take a photo of yourself riding or doing chores in your summer attire and I will make a donation to the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation on your behalf! Just post a photo or video on this thread. 

This is a great opportunity to have some fun and raise some funds for a great equine rescue program.  

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Jenni O.
Too funny!!! I'll try to find time to do this, but I'm going to wait until that 30 degree day. I'm not stupid!
Is there a deadline for this Freezin for a Reason? I just may do it. My neighbors already think I am crazy so why not convince them!
Contest on!  Since the snow was too fluffy to make a pasture snowman contest, you just set the new standard.

Does anyone realize how "Off - Demented - Out of our minds," we are???  Blaze orange looks like camouflage color to me.  I am not going to (TG) try to one up on this, all up to you gals. 
We hadn't really thought about a deadline, but we can come up with one....need to give people time to get the pic and post it, and while it is still actually cold out.  LOL!  
Vickey Hollingsworth
Anna in her bikini just cracks me up!  I can't stop laughing when I see these photos!!!

Come on, let's see some topless men also! LOL :-)
Scott: MHWF
Nobody wants to see me topless, I can assure you of that!

But come on folks, these are about as fun and funny as it gets.....don't be a wimp, do it!
We have two more who have joined the Polar Ponies Club today!  

A big WOOHOO! to Jessica H. and Carol B.!  

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Denise S - WW
OMGosh! These pictures are hilarious!! 
Scott: MHWF
Really, only Myself, Karen, Jenni and Denise think these are great?

What's going on with everyone, been way too quiet on the forum lately. 

This is hilarious.  If I can get a few (dog - horses - person taking the pic) to cooperate this weekend it will put the Bud commercial to shame!  Ok I will try to one up it, well other then the fact it would be me in the picture, but the title and back ground will be fun.

Scott, you did a Mohawk for crying-out-loud  surely you can do a winter pic???
Karen, dare him...
Jenni O.
Tomorrow is going to be absolutely balmy, around 30, so this should be a breeze. Love these photos. I want to see John in a bikini. No, I really really don't, kidding, joking!!!

Jurita, Jeremy has told me about what your neighbor wears when he mows his lawn. You have no need to worry about him thinking you're weird!

I have a mound system which conveniently hides odd activities like this, sheath cleaning, etc. :)
Kara W.
there will be more pictures coming this weekend :)
You are correct Jenni, NO!  If I can make this happen though it will be fun.  I agree with Scott, let's all show our Midwest humor side of us horse owners in the winter.  I am putting up $20 for the best winter - bare skin photo to MHWF.  Like Karen said, no time frame, ends in the spring - will we have a spring?

Ok, since I put it out there, I get to be the judge (anyone else want to help?) - Karen and Scott are not eligible since Karen has one of the top spots so far.

My pic, if I can pull it off (pardon the pun) will not be eligible.  Just an idea for us cabin fever horse owners.  Come on all, this ain't the swim suit addition of sports illustrated, this is the "Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation Winter classic" in honor of the Olympics.

Anyone else game to throw at least $5 in for MWHF for this effort?

Vickey Hollingsworth
Yeah, come on Scott! Let's see some skin!  I'll throw in a few extra bucks for whoever has the best calendar pose! :) LOL
Jenni O.
Great idea, John. I'm not going to volunteer as a judge though-I'm going crazy figuring out a kitchen remodel, I'm not picking a best winter crazy photo.

Remember I said balmy? Balmy as in gusty wind, mixed precip (snow but I also felt some ice at one point), cloudy skies, that sort of balmy. Maybe by this afternoon it will be sunny and pleasant. Bahahahaha!
Scott: MHWF
Like I said, nobody wants to see my fat rear end without as much clothing on it as possible. I have shaved my head in front of 200 people, so I think I have showed that I will get crazy to help the horses, but we are surprised that there are not more people out there who like a funny, crazy dare. Party poopers!
Oh we have another brave soul who joined the Polar Ponies Club and did some freezin for a reason!  Holy cats, check this out!  (cannot stop laughing)

Here is Jenn M. and her note:  
It was a balmy 20 degrees out so I figured I might as well relax in a nice refreshing snow bath with my 2 favorite boys keeping me company 

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Scott: MHWF
Hehehe...LOL, love it! Now there is someone with some guts!
I am thinking, "The Winter Calendar Gals"

You all look great  :-)

Heather W.
What a great idea!  Love the pictures - a nice way to get a giggle in as this winter continues to drag on and on as well as bring in some $ for the MHWF ponies!

I will get a picture in soon!  
mel d
Holy Freezin' for a Reason...snow bath! Now that is totally impressive (or crazy?)! Love it!
Jenn, that is fantastic!  so creative and clever to include Woody and Theo. Theo is such a fuzzy boy!

Heather H
These crack me up and the comments are so funny! Thanks for freezin' your buns off ladies.
Looking forward to this weekend and all you that are going to get goofy and take a few winter classic pictures.  If Jen can sit in a tub covered in snow then surely you all can get out there in a T n shorts (or swim suit) and capture a pic with your equines.  Besides, I hear it supposed to be balmy out this weekend - with it being so warm I am thinking a pasture picnic with the herd is in order...

Look at the bright side, I don't need a cozy to keep my beer cold
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