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Phoenix - 16 yrs.

Phoenix is one of the six horses rescued in the Clark county case in August 2015. He was a stallion at the time and was in really rough shape, he was very skinny and was kept alone in a tiny paddock that was thick ragweed as tall as he is. As soon as we entered the paddock, he called to us and did his best to make his way over to us. We were delighted to see that he was about as sweet and friendly as they get, very laid back, well-behaved and a joy to be around. Phoenix is now a gelding and thanks to the help of friends, Dean and Tracy, he has made a quick and pretty dramatic recovery. Phoenix now looks and feels great. He is current on all his shots, wormers and trims, he got gelded and even had his teeth floated. We have not yet set an adoption fee only because we need some time to work with him to find out what he knows. With his good manners and laid back attitude, we will not be surprised to find out that he rides or drives or both. Stay tuned for updates once we find out what this special guys knows.

For much more detailed info of the rescue case, updates and photos, follow the link below.

For more information, photos and updates please visit our discussion forum.  

UPDATE:  Phoenix arrived to the MHWF farm on 12/26/2015 from his foster home and is now available for you to meet (and fall in love with).  

Phoenix was introduced to Sheba and Cherokee, and the two mature ladies accepted him immediately as well.  Phoenix acts like he has lived here forever, is as sweet as they come and a joy to have around.  On day 2 of being here, Phoenix was laying by the round bale sleeping with Sheba and Cherokee watching over him.  Such wonderful creatures these horses are, I love them.  

Here are some of the pictures of Phoenix upon his arrival August 16, 2015 when rescued and some up to date pictures on December 26, 2015.  

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Name: phoenix1_before_august16.jpg, Views: 1089, Size: 336.38 KB

Name: phoenix2_before_aug16.jpg, Views: 1077, Size: 339.44 KB

Name: PHOENIX1-DEC26-IMG_0390-copy.jpg, Views: 1059, Size: 292.67 KB

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What a sweet guy, and gorgeous as well! I am sure he will find his forever home very soon [smile]
Oh, he is looking good! So glad he's feeling at home.
Jenni O.
I'm sure he's happy to feel full, and safe. He's a looker!
Sue J
Thank you Dean and Tracy for fostering this special guy. He looks great!
Looking so much better.
So cool.  What a great personality and many thanks to all involved in getting him to this point.
 I look forward to finding out what this guy knows.
I love this guy!  He is so, so sweet.  You would never know that he was a stud, even when he was still a stud you wouldn't have known it.  We got our first big old whinny out of Phoenix today when we went outside to do chores this morning.  I am starting him on the ExcelEQ oil and will be taking pictures of his progress on that as well, seeing him finish out on his weight and fill in those spots that need a little bit of filling.  Phoenix wasn't on any grain in his foster home up until the last week, and he is getting our ration twice a day here right now, nothing huge, but we'd like to see him fill out a bit more and then go from there on what his needs will be in the future for feed.  I am enjoying this big snow storm we are getting, and once we are on the other side of that we will see with some ground work and whatnot what the big guy knows.  [smile]  

What a sweet boy!

Handsome-pants Mr. Phoenix just wanted to say hello, and hopes that someone will come and meet him soon. [smile]  He is getting a nice roundness to him.  

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Name: phoenix-jan11-IMG_1090-copy.jpg, Views: 862, Size: 381.72 KB

Name: phoenix-full-body-jan11-IMG_1077-copy.jpg, Views: 839, Size: 301.17 KB

Name: phoenix-full-body-jan11-IMG_1081-copy.jpg, Views: 832, Size: 333.22 KB

What a handsome man!
Kara B.
Holy wow.... he's drop dead gorgeous!
Donna R
He's looking great!  He is one handsome guy.
Wow! What a difference! He looks wonderful!
He looks wonderful!  What a gorgeous gelding [smile]
Hello Mr. Phoenix! Would love to meet you! But, first I want to know what you know. [smile] Spring, or at least more mild weather, is coming soon. 
Handsome pants is right!  I can't help but notice the interesting coloration on his face...some black areas.  Or is that just the lighting?  Really a handsome fellow....I hope he finds a loving home soon.
Tricia, he does have the black on his face and interestingly enough, Teddy has been developing that as well.  [wink]  
Jenni O.
Well odds are good that Teddy is going to get even better looking as he ages.

Phoenix is gorgeous! I didn't think he would look so chunky once filled out- he's a solid guy. I'm curious to see what he knows. He sounds easy-going, so shouldn't be hard to work with.
Sherri N
He is so beautiful.   Shines on the inside.  [smile]
Mary V.
I can't get over Phoenix's improvement. He looks so sweet.

Another quick update on Phoenix.  He is just such an amazing boy.  If we had better footing (or an indoor!), we would already have figured out what Phoenix knows as far as training, but he truly is a well behaved gentleman.  From the day he came back here from foster with Dean and Tracy, he went out with Sheba and Cherokee and there was never a fuss.  He fit right in.  We have never seen any studdy behavior out of him.  Today when I went out to get him to be trimmed on farrier day, he had not quite finished his breakfast yet, but when I put my hand on his neck and held the halter in position, he put his head right in the halter.  He was an absolute perfect gentleman for the farrier too.  This is one really beautiful and well behaved boy.  Someone is really going to be lucky to have this guy.  

Here are a couple of pictures from Phoenix' trim day today, 1/27/2016 

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Name: phoenix-trim-jan27-IMG_2099-copy.jpg, Views: 532, Size: 294.13 KB

Name: PHOENIX-TRIM-jan27-IMG_2111-copy.jpg, Views: 527, Size: 339.16 KB

A picture of Phoenix from today, 2/13/2016, and a set of progression photos.  

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Name: phoenix-feb13-IMG_3964-copy.jpg, Views: 441, Size: 203.77 KB

Name: phoenix-progression-before-and-after-exceleq-feb2016.jpg, Views: 435, Size: 412.05 KB

Jenni O.
He just gets better looking all the time. I really like him, but I'm partial to bays.
Denise S - WW
He is beautiful. Amazing what humans can do if they care enough. [love]
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