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Raindancer- 13 yrs.

$500- Raindancer is a 13 year old Tennessee Walker mare. She stands at 15 hands tall and is current on all her shots, wormers and trims. Rain is well broke to saddle and is a horse anyone can ride. She is sound, healthy and a very sweet mare who started her career as a Christian camp horse. She is low on the totem pole and had a hard time asserting herself and was not able to maintain good weight because she was getting pushed off her food. Since then, she has been in a home with 2 other horses and has thrived. Not only is this mare beautiful, but she is affectionate, well-behaved and equally sweet and easy going. Good for the vet, farrier, leads, loads, ties and is a joy to have around. Raindancer has been ridden by all ages, types and sized riders out on the trails. She is a steady, safe horse with a lot to offer.

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This beautiful girl was such a fun ride and so sweet and gentle. She was very smart and light off the leg. Listens well and also did a little leg yield /side pass. I hope she finds her forever home soon.
Seriously?!?! Why do I look at these nice horses I cannot have.
What a pretty mare!
Oh my she is gorgeous! I bet she gets adopted quickly!
Andrea B
She is stunning!  Someone will be very lucky to have her as a trail partner. 
lindsey s
I so would love to adopt Raindancer! Beautiful horse and exactly what we need for my kids. Scott do you except IOU's??? :)
Donna M
You guys are killing me! DROOLING
Beautiful!  Sounds like the perfect horse
Jenni O.
Oh, she will be a popular one I bet!
Julie G.
Oh I so hope that you got the comment and message I left on Face Book where you had posted this mare. I just have a feeling she would be perfect fit for Alissa Sovsnoske who just recently sent in all her adoption paper work. She is a gentle loving 13 yo girl who is searching for her first and forever mount. I hope her mom gives you a call today and is able to set up a time when we can come down and meet this mare and Chip and Apache.
Hi Julie, thank you for posting here because we don't always see comments on the Facebook page.  Please have your friend give us a call when she can if she is interested in Rain.  MHWF is closing for a few days, but we will be back open again next Tuesday (July 22nd) and will be able to take appointments starting then for people to come and meet Rain.  
NO.  I did NOT SEE THIS!  NO.  

 She is beautiful and a Walker and so what I would love.   
Can you take 5 of my old farts and one monster pony mare in trade??   :) 

Donna R
Sounds perfect!  And a walker to boot.  What a great looking horse.  She won't be there long.
I like her colors; it is called "gone-in-a-week"

I am very interested in Raindancer, but the soonest I can get there is the 25th.  If  she is still there I would like to see her then. I will call you on the 22nd to firm up a time.  :)
Julie G.
Karen I did tell Mary to call you and her daughter Alissa is very eager to meet Raindancer. They will be boarding at my farm and my TWH mare is also a low man on the totem pole so they would make fabulous companions in a separate pasture from the crabby other three mares. The thing is they dairy farm so time getting away is difficult at the moment which bites I know they will be doing their cows and other crafts veggies etc at their local Co fair next week as well so very busy. I will try to get them to MAKE time are you available on weekends at all? Alissa will be taking lessons from me she has only ridden a few times on a cousins dead broke bomb proof horse previously and that is why I thought as per your description of Rain that she would be a perfect fit for Alissa. I oh so hope that they get to find the time and manage to make a appointment to come down and meet with you and Rain.
Thank you Julie.  We are generally open for appointments for people to meet horses every single weekend as well as every day of the week except Mondays, and also open to phone calls for people to set up appointments to meet horses Monday thru Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and weekends any time, but it just so happens that we are closed from today (Wednesday the 16th), until next Tuesday (the 22nd), but we will be taking phone calls again on Monday evening, the 21st and setting up appointments next week.  So we won't be setting up any appointments until we open back up next week.  I do know that two people have already contacted Scott about Rain, waiting to set up an appointment next week and we will be taking calls to set up appointments next week as well, putting everyone in order on the list to meet Rain.  Rain seems like a very sweet horse and I know she is going to make someone very happy, and it looks like there are going to be some disappointed people as well since there is only one of her and it sounds like there is a lot of interest in this girl.
Scott: MHWF
Appointments for Raindancer:

We already have our first and second people set up for appointments to meet Rain once we open back up again next week. We will honor those appointments, in order, then consider other people as potential adopters if she is still available.

Thank you.
I have sent in an application and sent u an email! PLEASE let me have an appointment to meet Rain also B4 she is adopted! I have a feeling I may be the perfect fit too!!!!!!!
Thank You for your consideration!
Appointments for Raindancer:

We already have our first and second people set up for appointments to meet Rain once we open back up again next week. We will honor those appointments, in order, then consider other people as potential adopters if she is still available.

Thank you.
I just wanted to post a couple of extra pictures of Rain in a bigger size, because it was brought to our attention that in the smaller pictures on the website you really cannot see that she has a sway in her back.  That may or may not make a difference to the people who are interested in her.  If you look above on the pictures of Rain being ridden you can see there is a sway in her back, but here are a couple of extra photos as well in a bigger size.  

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Name: 1RAIN-EXERCISE-JULY23-IMG_5742.jpg, Views: 561, Size: 276.95 KB

Is that Karin H on Rain ???  :) 

In regards to sway backs.. having a herd of older horses, I have many sways including one 28 year old Tenn Walker.  Riding him correctly to get him in shape makes drastic changes to his sway every spring.  We are always stunned.  So perhaps regular exercize will help hers too.  It would not change MY mind about getting her and I'm still drooling..
Scott: MHWF
Nope, that is not Karin H. on Rain. It is one of the Stable Hands instructors. Karin H. still has another 10 days before she is back to work and no crutches.
Has she found her forever home if not I javr one for her!!!!
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