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Red Hot Democracy (Peanut) - 6 yrs.

$500 - Red Hot Democracy, or Peanut as she is called, is a 6 year old Arabian/APHA mare. She is 15.1 hands tall, sound, healthy and really nice looking. Peanut is only green broke, but her donor described her as embarrassingly easy to back and ride. After being ridden a handful of times, Peanut then went in for 90 days of training. So while she is still green, she is laid back and very cooperative. She came in with Lena and Corey. 

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What a nice mare!  Love that...embarrassingly easy...LOL...good girl, Peanut!
*Peanut* is gorgeous. Standing so regal, and that face... her facial markings are perfect.
Wow!  Love the name too
Nice horse.
We have to double check with Peanut's former owner, but Red Hot Democracy is found in AllBreedPedigree registered as a half Arabian.  Which makes sense because you can't register a Paint/QH cross and why would she have a registered name?  Her gorgeous head also makes more sense being half Arab.  [smile]  We are looking into this.  
It is confirmed that Peanut is Arabian/APHA cross.
Jenni O.
That just makes her better. [wink]
Congratulations to Peanut and her new person(people!).
Congrats to Peanut and her new family!
Big smiles...I know the lucky owner.
You mean adopter, right?  [wink]  [smile]  

Peanut did find her new home last night with her lucky adopter, Jenni.  

Jenni had adopted Diamond a short time ago.  We explained the situation with Diamond on her thread, and in the meantime with Diamond coming back, someone who was super, super interested in Diamond before and missed out on her came out last evening as well.  Jenni told her that she could go ahead and adopt Diamond and Jenni would adopt Peanut instead.  We will be posting the updates on Diamond's thread when the time comes and after her dental appointment next Wednesday.  [smile]  

Jenni was the guinea pig to try out Peanut last evening and see how she did under saddle, and we were all very pleased.  Peanut was a very good girl, and her and Jenni fit perfectly.  Lena and Peanut will be living very close to each other and will be going out riding together, so they will be able to stay in touch.  

Lena and Peanut are still here at MHWF until they can be picked up, but I snapped a couple of riding pics from last evening to share.  We will do official adoption day pics when the girls are picked up.  

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Yes, yes...I mean "adopter."
Jenni O.
Lol. You stand corrected. Twice. We three adopters will get together and ride some day, and send a photo to the owners.
Peanut is still here....  [wink]  
Jenni O.
Hey, now! You'd hate her, she's horrible.
Jane Liess
Great pictures.  Congratulations, Jenni O. (why does your name always remind me of turkey?)
Im happy for you jenny i have always wanted a horse they are great and nice animals and peanut looks like a nice horse im working to get money for a horse. [wink]
Jenni O.
Yeah, my name badge at work used to say Jenni O. I was glad when we got new ones with first names only, bc every day patients would comment on it. And don't even talk about Jennie O Turkey. Many of their barns are up here, and the bird flu virus had disastrous and stinky effects. It makes you gag just driving by.

On to a happier note, tomorrow evening we will be getting Peanut and Lena! So excited, and I hope everything works out for Diamond and her adopter.
Congrats Jenni O!  So very excited for you!
Jenni O,,,,, okay then now you are HAPPY with your new badges,,, oh that is just hilarious.The most ironic thing is that *Lena* and *Peanut* will be living near eachother... I sure hope that *Peanut* enjoys your  rides on the trails, and if *Lena* and her are together it will be one HELLOVA good time. cONGRATULATIONS.
Good for you, Jenni!  This whole horse world is such an awesome place!  Enjoy your new family!
Jenni O.
The horses are home. Lena settled right into her stall at Lisa's and Peanut is in her half of the run-in eating hay. Cloudy and Peggy Sue were pretty interested, but then I think the hay distracted them too.

The next couple of days will just involve grooming and getting acquainted, and Wednesday I leave for Wildcat. I'm borrowing a horse, so Peanut will hang out and settle in here.
Jenni, congratulations on your new pony. We miss Peanut (and Lena and Corey) very much but are thrilled that she has a great new home. Thank you for the updates, I can't stop checking their threads...

I am so grateful to Scott and Karen for the work that they do and the service they provide.

Kim (Pea's old owner)
Thank you for posting, Kim, and thank you for entrusting us with the care and placement of the girls.  

I'm coming in a little late here with the adoption day photos.  The weather was a real treat and decided to rain the hardest when the girls were being picked up, but Jenni and Lisa were sports and posed for an adoption day picture anyway.  [smile]  I'm glad to hear the girls have settled in well!!  

Here are a couple of pics from yesterday.  Thank you, and congratulations Lisa and Jenni!  

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