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Pippin - 13 yrs.

$500 - Pippin is a 13 year old Quarab gelding. He stands at 14.2 hands tall and is a well-muscled, good looking guy. He has excellent ground manners, loads, leads, ties, you name it. Pippin has been ridden both Western and English and has been used primarily as a trail horse for riding on the trails around the farm and neighborhood. He is a very sweet, easy going guy who gets along well with his pasture mates.He is the kind of horse that once he knows and trusts you, will do absolutely anything for you, a great friend and partner for the right person. 

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What a nice boy!  Handsome and with experience!

Jenni O.
Ooh, another one! He's nice! And an easy keeper. It's a really good thing I don't live closer. I'd spend way too much time mooning over the horses in person. (Not that kind of mooning either- I know how some of you people think!)
Kara W.
Very pretty boy :)
Please keep in mind that while we are video taping these horses being ridden, we are also evaluating them, some of them for the very first time. In this video, Pippin is being ridden for very first time since arriving at MHWF. These videos are not edited or polished up and the riders are not professional riders. We want to show the horses for what they really are and what they really are like, so we are not looking for perfect videos, but rather are looking to show potential adopters how the horses act and perform as they come into MHWF.


Pippin did a nice job undersaddle!  Responsive to his cues, and he looks very calm. Love the branch brushing...so accepting.

Well, I hope you didn't blink too long....Pippin got adopted today!  He went to a great family who has other MHWF adoption horses that they have had for a few years now.  You may remember, Abe, Charlie and Renegade, and now Pippin is going to join this wonderful family and have 7 children to dote over him as well.  This time Tim (dad) was looking for his horse.  He has been looking for a while and Pippin really seemed to fit the bill!  We look forward to hearing how things go with Pippin joining the crew! 

Thank you Tim and family, and congratulations! 

Here is a pic of Pippin with part of his new family, Joshua, Jonathan, Benjamin, Kelsey and Tim from adoption day, 6/2/2013. 

I want to explain the beautiful blue halter that Pippin is wearing. A wonderful lady named Toni came by the MHWF farm brought 20 halters, 10 pink and 10 blue. The Sandy Hook tragedy hit her really hard and she was thinking about the 20 acts of kindness and she came up with this idea. Each horse that gets adopted now will leave with a beautiful rope halter with attached lead rope, pink for the mares and blue for the geldings. You will notice that there is a little horse figure attached to the halter, and each one of those little wooden horses attached to the halter has the name of a Sandy Hook victim on it.  What a wonderful way to remember them and share their memory!  Here is an adoption day picture of Pippin in the beautiful blue halter in remembrance of NOAH from the Sandy Hook tragedy. 

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Jane Liess
What lucky guys!  (Tim, Pippin, and the boys)!  Pippin looked like such a gentleman in the video;  I didn't think he'd last long.  Congratulations to Pippin's new family!
Congratulations to Pippin and his new family!  Big grins here for all of you!  Thank you Toni for such a special way of remembering Noah.  May he be remembered always.
Jenni O.
Congratulations! I'm jealous. I saw this horse in person and would have put him on the trailer if I had needed another one.

I hope there's a pony in heaven for Noah. Pippin looks great in the blue halter.

Pippin - 16 yrs.

Pippin is a 16 year old Quarab gelding. He stands at 14.2 hands tall. We have known Pippin for a few years now and have always known him to be a great, safe and experienced ride. He has excellent ground manners, loads, leads, ties, you name it. Pippin has been ridden both Western and English and has been used primarily as a trail horse. He is a very sweet, easy going guy who gets along well with his pasture mates. He is the kind of horse that will do absolutely anything for you. Very well broke, ultra mellow, experienced, sound, healthy, very likable...what else is there? Pippin got trimmed, de-wormed and vaccinated the day he came back to MHWF.

The family who had Pippin also had Abe and Renegade.  They are getting out of horses completely and these horses returned to MHWF.  

Below are Pippin's pictures upon arrival to MHWF yesterday, 5/26/2016.  I am also sharing the pictures of Pippin in the same pose from 2013, which was 3 days before he was adopted out.  I am not sure exactly what happened here, if the last few months the horses became super low on the priority list with their adopters or what, but Renegade came back severely underweight and he gained the weight back in no time flat with very little effort.  Pippin obviously has lost quite a bit of weight over the last few months as well, and we are not worried that he will gain this weight right back.  I would not say anything at all if I thought there were some sort of hardship or financial issue or any problem at all, but I know that is not the case.  I am not happy about the weight on either one of these horses upon their return, Renegade particularly, but Pippin and Renegade both.  Abe looks fine and we also know he is an air fern and usually runs chubby.  We have no doubts that Pippin will gain the weight he needs in no time at all, but I felt I needed to say something about this as I know people have noticed.  
I did not post this for any commentary on it, I just wanted to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with Pippin other than he has been lacking some groceries.  

Anyway, here are Pippin's intake pictures from 5/26/2016, along with his pictures from 5/30/2016.  

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Jenni O.
He's a great-looking horse. He also looks like the type that will put on that weight in no time. Frustrating that these things happen, though

Still the loveliest, cutest boy!

Lisa B.
Has Pippin been adopted again...already...!?!  Pictures please!
Pippin is still here with us and we did not do adoption day pics yet because they needed to go home and talk things through before making a 100% decision.  We will be doing the adoption day pics soon though.  [smile]  
Pippin did officially get adopted and left for his new home on Sunday, 6/12/2016.  Pippin is a lucky boy who is going to live with adoption horse, Clansye, and be doted on by a wonderful family and especially a young teenage girl.  Mary E. and her daughter, Faith, came and met the horses with Faith picking out Clansye for herself and they both picked out Pippin for Faith's younger sister (help me....Abby?).  They all came and picked up the boys on Sunday, and we really look forward to hearing about Pippin and Clansye's new life!  

Thank you all so much for choosing adoption, and we look forward to hearing from you!  

Here is an official adoption day picture of Pippin and Clansye from 6/12/2016.  

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Congratulations to Pippin and his new family!  So glad Clansye gets to go with him.

Pippin, adopted by Mary E. in 2016.

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