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Sarona - 15 yrs.

$500 - Sarona is a 15 year old Morab mare. She is sound, healthy and broke to ride. She stands at 15 hands tall and is a very easy keeper. Sarona has had one home her entire life and was born at the farm of her donor. She was only donated because her mother is now passed and her pasture mate had to be put down recently. It was not fair for Sarona to be kept alone and not be ridden very often anymore. She was and is very much loved and well-cared for. Not only will her adopter be able to talk with her donor who has known her for her entire life, but her adopter will get plenty of baby pictures of Sarona too! Sarona did some showing in halter when she was very young and went on to become a very reliable and fun trail horse. She leads, loads, ties, stands for the vet and farrier, crosses water, loves being with people and other horses and is a very sweet, gentle mare. She is not a horse for a first time horse owner or someone brand new to horses however. It has been about 2 & 1/2 years since she was ridden, so she might need a little refresher, but we have no doubt she still remembers all she needs to know. This is an exceptional, very likable mare. Don't wait too long to call, she probably won't be here long!

If I adopted this one, I would have bookends :)  She looks exactly like my Morgan mare, Spice.  So cute!  If she is still around when we are bringing our horses home (yay!), this might be our fourth horse.  I don't think she will be around that long, but if she is . . .
She is just lovely!!  I like her substance and classic look.
Donna R
What a sweet looking mare.  I love her name too. 
Beautiful mare!
We were having some fun with a little Irish hat for St. Patrick's Day coming up, and here is an outtake.  Sarona told us what she thought of the hat.  :)  

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Name: SARONA-TONGUE-HAT-MARCH15-096-FORUM.jpg, Views: 1326, Size: 186.87 KB

Diane B
Love it!  Nice to see my horse Jack is not the only one to express his opinion in front of a camera!  Sarona sounds like she would be a great addition to someone's home!
Oh funny!
Jenni O.
Well you guys just suck! I realized that I'd like my next horse to be a Morgan or Arab or mix of both, and was thinking I'd prefer a mare, and here she is. When I have no room. Ok, you don't really suck. ;)

I brought my 25 year old Morab mare on the MHWF fall ride last year. Her pasture buddy was injured so she was brought out of her semi retirement and ridden all last summer and fall. These horses are very easy keepers, and tough. Whoever adopts Sarona is going to be one lucky person.
Love that expressive face!  Cute girl!
Val P
Nice looking mare. Gus and Bella are drooling. Bet she won't be there long.
Donna M
Love how you've captured her good looks and playful personality.
bump....new horse!
Lindsey N
She looks like quite a doll!!  It must be "torture Lindsey" season again with all the new kissable mugs coming in!  Hopefully she'll still be there when I visit next just so I can meet her sweet face :D
Here is a pic of Sarona from fall of 2009, all shed out and in shape.  She is the gorgeous girl in the middle.

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Since the winter is not letting it's grip go yet and the round pen is still deep with snow and ice, we had to ride Sarona out in the lot and driveway to see how she did.  She did fantastic!  We were told she is used to an English saddle, but we also wanted to see how she did with Western, since they usually don't mind a bit, and that was the case with Sarona, she didn't mind a bit and it made no difference to her whatsoever.  We did walk and trot with her, but no canter as we didn't want to test the footing that much and possibly hit a slippery spot.  She did just great with everything, from saddling to mounting and riding.  She seemed to really enjoy herself too!!  What a wonderful mare she is.  

Here are a couple of pics of Sarona from yesterday, 3/22/2014:  

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Name: SARONA-TACKUP-MARCH22-148-copy.jpg, Views: 985, Size: 257.91 KB

Name: SARONA-DRIVEWAY-MARCH22-151-copy.jpg, Views: 953, Size: 248.25 KB

Name: SARONA-RIDE-MARCH22-166-copy.jpg, Views: 965, Size: 356.93 KB

Love the last photo.
Jenni O.
You can really see the Morgan in that last photo. They have a way of moving and I can see it in the photo even. Or maybe I'm just sleep-deprived. But I do love this breed.
Sarona fan
I personally know this horse.  She is awesome.  She loves to go places and see and do new things.  She will jump into any trailer you point her to.  She is smart, really really smart and will need a person who is just as smart as her.  She has never been ridden hard and has many years for riding left in her.  And there is the total stunning good looks.  She would also be a gorgeous cart/carriage horse if someone were looking for that.  She is easily trained.  Her movement is really really nice too.  
Leslie V
Have to add my praise as well.  I've had the pleasure of not only trail riding in a group with Sarona but also riding her as well.  She is an aswesome little mare and a blast to ride.  And I totally agree with "Sarona Fan" - she is very smart.  Someone will get a great partner and have so much fun with her out on the trails.  I know we all say this about many of the horses at MHWF, but if I had room, she would be in my pasture right now!

And my TB Gandy would love it too.  He totally fell in love with Sarona when she came to visit  for the weekend.  I'll try to find the pictures and post a couple - he thought he was quite the handsome man and tried so hard to impress Sarona.  :-)
Harley and Gypsy's Mom

Sarona looks so much like the Morgan I rode growing up, she definately tugs at the heart strings!

Leslie V
Found some pictures to share.  If these post in order:

Sarona and Jaybez (adopted from MHWF) on the trails at Lockwood Park in IL.

Sarona "flirting" with my guys Preston, Gandy and Jay.  This picture cracks me up!

Sarona and Jay again - Lockwood does a haunted hayride every Fall and we were riding on the same trails.  The horses weren't phased at all by the spooky props.  In fact, I think Sarona was telling us just what she thought of the skeleton.  :-)

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Name: Sarona_and_Boys.jpg, Views: 755, Size: 237.19 KB

Name: Haunted_Ride.jpg, Views: 769, Size: 330.99 KB

Sarona fan
Great pictures Leslie V.  Looks like her rider was a little off kilter in the one pic and Sarona is fine (and know her rider straightened up).  I love the pictures of her with your horses too.  While she isn't registered I know her sire has some nice lines.  I cannot believe this horse is on page 2.

I just love this horse!  I can't believe someone has not grabbed her up yet.  I know I would if I were able to (health issues prevent me, for now...).  Not only gorgeous (I especially love her classic looks), she looks like a very fun trail horse.  Someone will get a very, very nice horse.
Harley and Gypsy's Mom

I see a tentatively adopted for the beautiful girl!  Congrats to the lucky adopter!!

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