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$400 - Ty is a 14 year old Quarter Pony gelding that has been waiting his turn to come into MHWF for a very, very long time. He is sound, healthy, well broke, experienced on the trails and some fun shows and stands at 13.3 hands tall. He is a very likable guy and has a lot of experience and even more personality.

So Ty came in to MHWF on Saturday 10-7-2017. When he came in there happened to be a potential adopter here to see Kidd. She looked at Kidd, but never hopped up on him. But...Ty was here and we were doing his paperwork when this person asked if she could ride him. It did not take her long to fall in love with him.

Ty might have waited a really long time to come into MHWF, but it sure did not take him long to get adopted (30 minutes maybe)....if it is a good match, it is a good match.

So Ty never got listed on our website, but he is part of MHWF and did get adopted right away. he will be staying here with us for the next 2 weeks, then will head to his new home.

A big congratulations to Ty and his new adopter, Lori B.!  

Here are a couple of pictures from Saturday, and we will do an official adoption day picture when Lori comes back to pic up Ty.  

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Well it is easy to see why she fell in love!
Sometimes things just work up like that. Sometimes things just work out.
And "good things to those who wait."
Donna R
Congratulations Ty and Lori.  You look great together!
Scott: MHWF
Something we meant to post, but forgot. The photos of Ty being ridden are not of his new adopter. They are of the daughter of his donor, who very happily and willingly showed us how well he rides. We will get photos of Ty and his new adopter on the 21st when they come back to pick him up.
Congratulations to Ty and his new adopter!  What great timing for everyone!
Ty did get adopted and got picked up on 10/21/2017, I'm just a little behind on my postings.  [smile]  We are so happy for Ty and for Lori, what a cute team these two make!  

We really look forward to hearing about Ty and Lori's adventures together.  Ty is such a character!  

Here is a cute adoption day picture from 10/21/2017.  Thank you for choosing adoption, Lori, and congratulations!  

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Congratulations on adopting this cutie.
Cute. Congratulations!
Donna R
Congratulations!  Updates please!
Ty is getting along really well!

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Jenni O.
He is just the perfect size! Short and a little stocky.
Hi.  I am the one who donated Ty several months ago and have been meaning to post about my experience for a long time.  I cannot tell you what a good feeling it was to leave Ty in good hands and trust that Scott & Karen will do their best to ensure his safety and well being.  There is no way to express what a relief it is.  We owned Ty for 8 years and it was not easy to let him go back out into the horse world where anything can happen.  When I bought Ty for my kids, I knew that they would outgrow him at some point and we would be in a position to rehome him.  And when the time came, it felt right.  He was getting used less around our place and it was time for him to move on to his next home and next adventure.  But still it was hard.  He is a part of our family and always will be.  We have so many good memories and funny stories with him.  My kids learned a lot with him.  I knew I wanted him to be rehomed through Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation because of their experience and giftedness in finding the right homes for the horses in their program.  And because I knew they would follow up on his well being and safety.  Again, can't tell you what a good feeling that is.
My daughter and I prayed on the way to MHWF that Ty would find a good home and be happy.  It was such an enjoyable experience once we got to MHWF I didn't even have a chance to get weepy.  Scott & Karen, you are so down to earth and easy to be around, I felt right at home.  I believe it was an answer to prayer that Ty's new owner just happened to be at MHWF looking at another horse when we arrived.  And through talking, turns out his new owner used to live in my area and is good friends with my neighbor/friend and my farrier who is also a friend.  Its a small world at MHWF.  I continue to pray that Ty works out in his new home and is a blessing to his new owner, but I know that even if something comes up for his new owner, Ty will come back to MHWF and find another great home.  Thank you Scott & Karen for what you do.  You are awesome!! ( I wasn't sure if I was going to break down when dropping Ty off and get emotional but I had so much fun at your place talking and goofing around that I didn't even think about it until we were driving away.)
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