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Buddy - 13 yrs.

$300 - Buddy is a 13 year old grade QH gelding. Buddy stands at just a hair under 16 hands. He is a big boy with stunning looks. He is super laid back, really friendly, well-behaved and everyone who sees him quickly says "who is that"? Buddy is also very well broke; anyone can ride him. He is current on all his shots, wormers, trims, he leads, loads, ties and is good for the vet and farrier. Buddy got wrapped up in some barbed wire as a two year old and is also a tiny bit over at the knee on both front legs. Because of this he does not have quite the flexibility that other horses have. He will make someone an excellent walk/trot horse. He has been this way for years and years and has never gotten any worse. He is the perfect horse for someone who likes to go out on those short, one or two hour trail rides and never goes faster than a walk or trot. Let's be realistic, half the people who have horses never get above a walk or trot. Buddy is really likeable, flashy as all get out and a really sweet, mellow boy.....one of those horses everyone wishes they had one more of.  

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Holy smokes.....GORGEOUS!!!!!
Chris K
I saw this boy tonight in person and he is awesome! Anyone would be lucky to have him.

Very nice boy!  He has a very stately expression, so dignified and royal.

What a babe. He'd make a good husband horse for us. 
I bet someone lands a gem with this guy.  Wow, perfect age and sounds like he has training and manners to boot.  Sigh - I wish
Andrea B.
What a handsome gelding.  I would love to meet him?  How about you bring him along to the horse show? 16 hh can fit in your backseat right? (totally joking).  
Love your pictures of him.  Such a sweet face.

We are setting up appointments on Sunday after the fun show, you are more than welcome to come and meet him then, Andrea.  [smile]
Sherri N.
I really like this horse.   He reminds me of Zona.  Doing a feasibility study.  Would like to trail ride with my buds, but need a pokey, chill horse.  
Monique P.
Hi everyone!

I hope you don't mind me posting, however, when I saw that Buddy was adopted I came right to his thread and starting reading.  I wanted to mention that I first came across MHWF by doing a random Google search.  I did not find your website or Facebook page at first. 

My search led me first to the discussion forums!  Eventually I did some more research and found your facebook page and website, and I have been following the horses and your foundation for about a year now.

I do hope to own a horse in the future but for now I am just reading and learning.  I just wanted to let you know that many people (just like me) probably find the discussion forums first-which is why sometimes they post without knowing all of your rules and procedures.

Anywho, please keep up the great work.  This is a wonderful organization and you all are greatly appreciated and admired!

Hi Monique!  Thank you!  And thank you for posting, we appreciate the input.  [smile]  

We've added the link to the adoption horses page to all of the adoption horses discussion forum threads here now and will do so for future horses added, so that really should help to avoid any confusion for people who can't find our website link on the forum.  

We will be posting about Buddy's adoption when official adoption day comes and we can take some pictures.  The weather sure wasn't the greatest for doing adoption day photos, and Buddy is still here with us, so we will do the pics and info when his adopters come back to get him.  [smile]  
Kayla with Buddy in his new home in Mosinee!

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Thanks for the video!  So neat...Buddy looks good!

Jenni O.

Would sure love an update on Buddy.  
Wendy W - WI
Yes!  I would love an update on Buddy too!  Such a super nice horse.  [smile]
Buddy is doing great. He is very shy of the head so it makes it difficult to put halters and fly masks on but he has gotten a lot more comfortable with it. With that said, he is ridden with a halter and 2 ropes because he has not mastered the bridle yet. He is ridden both bareback and with a saddle. He does very well. He is very spoiled and we love him to pieces.

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Wendy W - WI
He is gorgeous!  Head shy?  What the heck?  I know he wasn't and he looks comfortable in the pictures with his bridle.  Talk to Karen about her trick to bridle horses.  Works great.  Love the picture!
When I clicked onto *Buddy* and saw this picture, it is a WOWZA photo. He is beautiful.. and this never happens to me, to be SPEECHLESS.. but WOW.
Jody M.
I'm the one that use to own Buddy!  Barb, I've tried calling you numerous times, but you wouldn't return a single call. I can tell you that Buddy can be bridled fairly easy.  When I got Buddy in 2011, I was hardly around horse at all since 1995 and I was at first a little timid around him until I got used to being around horses again and of course I'm stubborn.  However, after a few weeks of working with him and that was only on the weekends, I was able to Bridle Buddy and actually it got pretty easy.  After he accepted the bit in his mouth, I rewarded him with a treat immediately after.  I also rode him in an English bridle with a snaffle bit.  Good Luck with the bridling and again I know for a fact that he can be bridled easy.  If you have anymore questions or concerns about Buddy feel free to call me.  I would appreciate a call anyway because I did own Buddy for over three years and just because I had to put him up for adoption doesn't mean that you stop caring/loving your horse and just being concerned about his well being.  He looks good and I'm happy to see that he is being loved and well cared for.  
Thank you for posting Barb, we are happy to hear an update on Buddy and everyone is very happy to hear that Buddy is so loved.  
Thank you also for posting, Jody, it is nice to see you here on the forum.  

I am going to copy/paste from above and try to address this and hopefully we can all figure something out.  
Barb posted, "Buddy is doing great. He is very shy of the head so it makes it difficult to put halters and fly masks on but he has gotten a lot more comfortable with it. With that said, he is ridden with a halter and 2 ropes because he has not mastered the bridle yet."

Buddy was not head shy at all in the time he was with us, so I would be concerned that maybe there is some sort of an issue...possible a tooth problem?  Multiple different people met and handled Buddy in the time he was here and we never saw an issue with him being head shy at all, so that would raise a red flag as to some kind of an issue going on.  As far as him not mastering the bridle, we had different people ride him when he was here and he had no problem at all with a plain o-ring snaffle bit and bridle and understanding that well.  
Hopefully we hear from you, Barb, so that we can help you work through these issues you are having.  

Here are some random pictures of Buddy when he was with us here that you all might like to see.  

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Jody M.
Thanks Karen for posting the pictures of Buddy.  They were nice to see.  I just wanted to say that besides Buddy possibly having a tooth problem, I do know that he will test you and see what he can get by with.  I know this because like I had previous said it took me some time with Buddy because at first I was a bit timid around him.  However, when I was a teenager I used to live/work at a boarding facility so a combination of me being stubborn and not giving up and just being around a horse again made all my past horse experience come back to me.  Buddy used to test me and at first he got by with it, but I boarded him out so I had the help of the owner and trainer. They had no problems with him either and the trainer showed me how to bridle him and after just a few weeks we had it mastered!  I hope the issue is that maybe Buddy needs a firm but friendly reminder of who the boss is. I know a lot can change in two years, but I did have his teeth checked in the spring of 2013 and they were good then.  I never ever had a problem with putting the halter on.  When I first got him, picking up his feet was a challenge, but after working with that issue also, we soon had that mastered too.  Buddy is a good horse, but if your not confident he will use that to his advantage.
Thank you for the insight Jody, we very much appreciate that.  Buddy was with us for about a month, and he never tested us at all in that time, he was so easy going and so easy to handle, work with and ride (quite a few people really fell in love with him in the time he was here!).  There was never an inkling of him being head shy at all, so that part concerns me a bit.  We understand how a horse can change a bit from handler to handler and how they can test different people like that.  The great thing is that Buddy's new home isn't that far from us, so if need be we can go and help in person as well.  [smile]  
Thanks for the Buddy update and photo. I am one of the people that fell in love with him. He was a very respectful horse when I met him.
Kayla D.
Buddy is a really great horse! I have been working with him everyday. I have come to learn he does not like cross ties and to be tacked up in the barn. Tighter spaces seem to make him nervous. My boyfriend is a beginner rider and he and buddy clicked and are perfect together. He is constantly wanting to ride buddy over our other 2 horses. He definitely needs work with the bridle issue though. He has gotten so much better with putting the halter and fly mask on. At first we thought the same thing with tooth issue but he was head shy with just a halter or anything by his ears, but the vet was out a few weeks ago giving shots and there is no problems with his mouth. He is a very sweet horse. He comes right up to you when he sees you, very gentle but has some giddy up and go to him as well. He does okay at the canter sometimes but he has his days where he is a bucking bronco. Overall great horse. Jodi I will call you Saturday. I got your voicemail.

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