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Sherekhan (Kermit) - 7 yrs. 

$500 - Sherekhan, or Kermit as he is called, is a 7 year old registered TB gelding. He stands at 16 hands tall and is sound, healthy, very well-behaved and well broke. He has been used as a hunter/jumper the past 4 years, having been ridden by a young teenage girl, but does not enjoy the jumping part of being a hunter/jumper and is balking at jumps. It is for this reason that Kermit is here with us and is looking for a new home to be an English Pleasure horse. He is very easy going, super sweet, gets along with his pasture mates very well and is wonderful on the flat. This horse will take some 4H kid to the top in local shows right from the start, or make him into a great trail horse. He is current on everything and is ready to go right now, having been ridden right up until his arrival at MHWF. If you have been looking for that really nice English prospect, here he is!

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Was that Kermit or Carrot?  Boy is he orange!

Was he ever on the track?
He only raced twice in his life.  
Kara B.
He is beautiful!
Leslie V
A TB and an OP!  Oh he is sweet!!
goodness he's so pretty
Any idea if Kermit would enjoy dressage?
He very well might, we were told that the only thing that he did not enjoy in his previous home was the jumping and jumps.  
Kate S
oh.  yes.  Just thinking about it makes my ankles hurt.
Jane Liess
OMG, be still my heart!
Any idea if there is a specific reason for the dislike of the jumps? Or does he just not like them in general?
I had the pleasure of riding this handsome horse today, and he was a gem. He didn't take one wrong step. He would definitely do well in dressage, as he carries himself nicely. Responsive to your seat but needs work on not being so dependent on your hands. Very sweet horse with some potential, or would probably love going down the trail as well. Was very quiet and not very reactive to his environment (except when a great dane charges the fence in front of him [wink] ) , but appreciates a leader.
Here are some pictures to go with Priscilla's narrative above.  Thank you Priscilla!  
Kermit is a gem for sure.  

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HOly smokes.  Really pretty and Priscilla always seems to bring out the best in the horses that she rides.  
Jane Liess
If only I was 30 years younger, but had the riding experience I have now!  He looks like he'll be a blast.
Barb S
All I can say is WOW
Such a good looking horse and rider!!  I am sure the phone will be ringing...

Update: 6-9-2015

Kermit got his first test ride in this past weekend and we could not have been more impressed with his work ethic and training. He did not question a single cue and really looked striking all collected up and working. Whoever adopts this boy is going to get one heck of a nice horse with a sweet personality to match.

Congratulations to Kermit and his adopter!  Look forward to pictures and updates. He sounds like a great horse!
Kermit is now officially off to his new life and adventures with Todd.  We are very happy and excited for them both!  Todd came with his trainer/instructor to meet Kermit the other night, and they both rode Kermit and did great.  Todd is learning Dressage and even hit his first show a couple of weekends ago on one of his instructor's horses and did very well!  Kermit will be learning right along with Todd, and I am sure they are going to be a fantastic team!  Kermit's new residence is not that far from us, so I hope to get invited to photograph them some time in the future at one of their events.  [smile]  

Thank you for choosing adoption, Todd, and big congratulations!  We look forward to hearing of your adventures with Kermit!  

I couldn't choose just one adoption day photo, so I am going to post two.  That Kermit is quite the character.  [smile]  

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Love that second photo!!!
Wendy W - WI
Wowza on the photos!   Congratulations Todd and Kermit and I would love to see some "Karen" pictures of the both of you at an event.  
Kara B.
Nice photos. Congrats to Kermit. So, he's going to be a dressage horse. Maybe he should be called "Kur-mit". 

Okay, so I'm a little nerdy. 
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