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This will be Trace's thread where we will keep all future updates and photos.  

Trace came to MHWF from the 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses on 10/22/2017.  

More photos and updates coming soon.  


Trace is a big, strong, beautiful 12 - 14 year old grade QH gelding. We are told he may have some on/off soundness issues in one front leg, but we will look into that, get some x-rays and find out. Other than that, Trace was a working ranch horse and after handling him for a few minutes, it is clear that he has some outstanding training. We are told that he can do anything and can be ridden by just about anyone and our guess is that this information is correct. Trace is 15 hands tall, super easy going and has a ton of personality. This is one big, beautiful and very likable horse who simply needs some evaluation to see what he might be best suited for.  

Update:  We have received radiographs from a previous owner of Trace, along with information about his treatment for Lyme that he had in the past.  Trace also had a full workup on Vet Day at MHWF on 11/4/2017.  Trace had his teeth floated, full vaccinations, dewormed and trimmed.  Trace also had extensive lameness examinations and chiropractic and acupuncture work done on 11/4/2017.  Trace was about grade 2-3 lame on front left on initial examination, and after his trim and adjustments, no lameness at all could be found.  We have to keep an eye on Trace and see how things go, what adjustments he may need in the future, etc.  As of today, 11/15/2017, Trace is still not showing any signs of lameness, but we know this can possibly pop up again.  
Quarantine period is over 11/20/2017. 

[trace1-oct26]  [trace2-oct26]


Heike B
What a gorgeous bay!  Seems like he might be a good "husband horse" candidate; sounds like he has the right temperament and he's nice and stocky.
Jamie M
So nothing conclusive on the exrays as to why the lameness? Could it have been lameness due to the lymes possibly?
On the x-rays, the vet noted that the feet were trimmed to the wrong angles and made notes at to what angles the hooves should be trimmed to. So far so good.
Trace got turned out this morning.  [smile]  Such a beautiful boy!

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What a handsome boy !!!   I am very interested in him. How do I get started - Fill out application and send it in. Then do you contact me or I contact you for a visit ?
Hi Joan, thank you for your interest in adoption!  As soon as we get your application processed, we will give you a call and then we can set up an appointment to meet Trace or any of the other horses you might be interested in.  [smile]  
Trace is very handsome.  Such great expression.

As we've mentioned, Trace came in with some mysterious slight lameness.  We were lucky enough to receive past vet records and radiographs from a previous owner, as well as had him fully worked up on vet day, 11/4/2017.  After Trace's proper trim and some chiro work he came completely sound.  A couple of weeks after that, there was a day when he had been running around like crazy (being chased by Kidd the pony on first turnout) that he had a very slight lameness in that left front.  Nothing was found on radiographs, and Trace came completely sound again within a day or two.  Trace has continued to be sound. 

This is a bit difficult to say exactly who he needs for a rider, but what we can say is that Trace is very, very well trained and we even had 3 different people ride him this past weekend.  He is very responsive under saddle, neck reins, stops, backs, and is a very laid back and pleasant ride.  I know I wouldn't pass him up if I was looking for a solidly trained horse to do a bit of trail riding with.  We know that he is a great trail horse, and he was ridden all over the place out here in the yard with a multitude of things going on and with traffic close by on the highway when he was in the front yard being ridden.  

Here are a couple of short video clips of Trace being ridden from Saturday, 12/2/2017:  

or click here

Short cantering video:  

or click here

Donna R
Wow!  Trace handles very nicely[love]
Update 12/9/2017:  

Trace got adopted today!  Jamie came and met Trace when he was still in quarantine, and she patiently waited while we got him all figured out and came back again today to ride him and make a decision.  Her decision was to adopt, and all of us couldn't be happier!  Even though she was thinking pony at first, Trace really fit the bill for what she was looking for.  

Jamie is no stranger to MHWF and adoption, and many of you will remember her past adoption horses Diablo the Paso Fino, FanFare the Trakehner gelding and Delilah the pony mare (adopted in 2011 and 2012).  FanFare and Delilah had such great retirement and wonderful lives with Jamie, and they have since crossed the Bridge.  

Trace is going to have the most wonderful job of hanging out with the grandkids and taking the occasional little trail rides around their property.  Trace is such a laid back guy and has such great training on him, he is the perfect guy for the job.  Jamie also has a chiro on board in case Trace needs adjustments in the future as well.  [smile]  

A big thank-you to Jamie and Roger for choosing adoption, and congratulations!!  We look forward to hearing about Trace's new life!  

Here is a cute adoption day picture from today, 12/9/2017.  

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Photo of Trace in his new home already!

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Congratulations to Trace and his adopter, and also on the progress of Quest and Calamity Jane.  Are you ready for another session with Pandora?
Medusa, we work with Pandora and Quest on a daily basis...I just take video occasionally to share.  It is very time-consuming to do video from start to finish with uploading, etc., so that is why my videos are minimal.  [smile]  I'll shoot another short video of Pandora soon and share that on her thread.  [smile]  
Congratulations!! Trace is a great horse who now has a wonderful family!
Donna R
Congratulations to Jamie and Roger, their extended family, and of course Trace.  What a great home for Trace! 
Jenni O.
Congratulations! He's definitely no pony, but I bet you will really enjoy having the big guy around.
It warmed my heart on this cold winter morning to hear that this beautiful boy has found such a wonderful home. Congratulations to Jamie and Roger on your adoption of Trace and thank you!
Wow.. That's awesome. Congrats!

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Congratulations to Trace and Jamie.  He seems to have settled in like he has lived there all his life!
Beth s
Awe he looks sooooo sweet, relaxed.... contrgrats to all.  I'm glad he found such a soft spot to land!!!
Jamie M
Yes, what an absolute gem he is.  He is very calm and quiet, respectful.  Now, if my other two hoolagans will get used to the idea of him being around.  He's separated for now with Little Maggie the pony for company.  Diego and Sugar are not too happy.  It will take time, all will be well.  I'm  Very happy with him!
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