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This will be Lady's thread where all of her new updates and photos will be posted.  

Please go to the original thread on this rescue case to read about the situation from the beginning, link provided here. 



Here is some information as well as photos copy/pasted from the original thread for Lady: 


8/27/2015:  The blind Paint mare is aged at 9 years old.  We are calling her Lady.  She is confirmed to be completely blind in both eyes.  It is evident that her blindness is due to injury to her eyes. She is very malnourished and needs her teeth floated as well, which we will be having done soon as soon as she is a little bit healthier.  Lady has really come around emotionally, and is getting along well in the paddock with her colt and with Faith.  Lady is already gaining weight, and with deworming and proper nutrition, she is making a little more milk for her colt.  Her prognosis is good for a full recovery. 


The colt, who we have named Teddy, is very malnourished due to his mother being so malnourished.  He is way behind and very lackluster.  With his mother gaining strength and getting the proper nutrition, he should come around pretty quickly.  At the vet's advice, he will not be weaned before the age of 6 months.  Teddy's prognosis is good for a full recovery and to be able to be a normal and healthy horse as his mother improves and with him getting the proper care now. 


9/2/2015:  Lady, the Paint mare, is coming along nicely.  She is super friendly and really has a hearty whinny for us every time she hears us.  She gets worried any time we are doing something with her colt, Teddy, but she is being very good.  She did not want to stand for her first foot trimming very well, but we eventually got her calmed down and she got a very nice foot trim. 


9/4/2015:  Lady, the paint mare, continues to do well.  Her rain rot is almost completely healed now, and she got another treatment for her lice, which looks to be gone.  I would love to give her a bath, but at this point she loses her mind even with fly spray, so I do not think I am going to attempt that quite yet.  She wears a fly mask well. 


10/6/2015:  Lady and Teddy just wanted to say hi to all of you great people, and thank you for caring about them!   Here is a picture of them from just a couple of hours ago.  More updates and photos to come soon on the other horses. 


10/7/2015:  Lady (blind Paint mare with colt):  Lady is doing very well.  She has learned the paddock area very well, so well that a lot of people wouldn't realize she is blind at first.  Lady absolutely adores attention and being groomed.  Lady had a very high parasite load, and we are still working on that and the deworming protocol seems to be working well.  Lady's skin is so much healthier and she actually has a shine to her coat now!  You could see all of Lady's ribs before and her hip bones stuck out pretty bad, but that is all filling in and she is gaining muscle back.  With Lady getting healthy, in turn Teddy has really gotten a lot healthier too.  Lady continues to make good milk for him, which she barely had any when she first arrived.  I put a picture of Lady below, and one of a comparison picture so you can see how her bones have disappeared.   


10/14/2015:  Lady, Teddy and Merry are all getting the (ExcelEQ) oil in their diet and it sure seems to be helping them.  They have all gotten so much healthier with everything that is being done for them, and their hair and skin is coming along very nicely.  It is amazing how much Teddy has grown and even has some shiny hair now!  With his ringworm being cleared, those spots have nice hair growing in them as well.  Lady has gained so much weight and you can really see how her neck has filled out as well and her coat shines. 


11/4/2015:  …. Having said all of that, today we brought Faith, Lady and Teddy into the paddock area for a while to see what they thought of it.  Lady and Teddy both led just great from their paddock, through the back parking lot and over into the new paddock.  Teddy is wearing bells on his halter as is Faith.  I do not leave halters on any of them, only put the halters on for this transitioning and getting them used to the new area while under direct supervision, and will make something for them to wear the bells without a halter after we get through this transition.  Lady and Teddy did pretty darn good.  Teddy had a blast running around in a new area.  Lady still gets very upset if she thinks something is up with Teddy or that she will lose track of him, but once she figured out that he wasn't going any further than the area of the paddock that she explored, she was just great.  I was amazed at how much they have both grown to trust us, and Lady actually "looked" to me today for reassurance.  I let them get their legs in there and settle before bringing Faith in, since Faith is so frail and I didn't want either one of them running into her if they got excited.  Faith wasn't as impressed as Lady and Teddy and just kind of looked around for a bit, explored and then stood by the gate, like "okay, I'm done, take me back to where I belong".  They spent close to 3 hours in there today and did pretty darn good.  They are all back in their regular spots now, and we will continue to get them used to the area and tweak fencing as we figure it out and what we can afford.  Lady and Teddy continue to do fantastic, and are two of the sweetest horses you will ever want to meet.  I describe Lady as "cuddly"...I have never seen a horse who is so affectionate.  They are both very healthy and beautiful to boot! 


 New update, 4/4/2016:  

We had a very big vet day at MWHF on Saturday, April 2nd.  It was such a big day and big deal that we will go over the whole event on it's own separate thread and page.  I will just update regarding Teddy here on his thread. 

 Teddy is now a gelding!  Yes, the little man went through his surgery just fine on Saturday and is doing very well.  Not only that, but the weaning process has also begun.  We are doing our best through this phase with our set-up and trying to accomplish this.  With Teddy's mother, Lady, being blind this brings a whole new set of circumstances to this process and her safety is priority.  We have had to do some temporary remodeling to a couple of our stalls, covering the open panel parts on the top half of 2 stalls so that Lady could not feel any openings at all with her nose and then try to jump out (which she did attempt when we tried to put her in a stall the first time). 

 I should mention that Lady has a new adoptive home to go to as soon as this weaning process is over and Lady is adjusted and safe to handle for her adopter.  In this process of weaning and getting Lady ready for adoption, we also had to pair Lady up with another horse who she would get along with and she can leave here with to go to her new home with.  We tried Penny out in that role and it did not work at all.  Penny and Lady did not get along, as a matter of fact, didn't even like each other at all.  We had to find a horse who not only gets along with Lady, but would also be a good match for the adopter as well.  We have gotten to know Phoenix and he is a doll to handle and be around, and thought we would give it a try with him.  This has gone better than we could have dreamed.  Phoenix gets along with Lady and Teddy both, and we are think that Phoenix and Lady were probably pastured together at some point in their past (we are also about 99% sure that Phoenix is Teddy's sire, so that would back up our theory of Lady and Phoenix having been together at some point).  This was the answer to our dreams of a good scenario.  Phoenix, Lady and Teddy pretty much instantly hit it off well.  It has been nice to have Phoenix in with Teddy and Lady in the respect that he will discipline the youngster like an elder should, whereas Lady does not do that probably due to her blindness, so Teddy has in turn learned a lot more in horse language that people cannot teach. 

 Now fast forward to the big vet day and Teddy getting gelded.  This was also our big move to start the weaning process now that Lady has a horse that she matches with to help her through this as well.  With Lady being blind, we have no choice but to stall her through this process, because she would crash and run through any type of containment system that isn't a solid wooden stall that goes from floor to ceiling.  After Teddy's geld surgery, we kept him in a stall next to Lady (Lady had her teeth floated as well on vet day and was sedated for that, so this helped through the initial process of separation right off the bat).  Lady is in the first stall in the barn, Teddy in the next and then Faith next to Teddy.  Faith has a job to do here as well.  The next morning after the geld surgery and all of the sedation had worn off on both Teddy and Lady, we put Faith in the ground pen first.  Then I grabbed Phoenix from out of the pasture and brought him by the barn while Scott took Teddy to the round pen to be with Faith.  I immediately put Phoenix in the stall next to Lady, and he immediately comforted her and helped tremendously to settle her down.  I think I might have cried a few tears of joy that this actually worked.  There is some calling going on now and again, mostly from Teddy, but Lady is handling this far better than we dreamed, and especially after we saw how she completely lost her mind the first time we tried to separate them even by a stall.  Phoenix has made all the difference in the world through this process to help Lady through it.  (side note:  I don't know how breeders do this, the weaning process is heartbreaking)  Aunty Faith is helping Teddy by being with him so that he does not have to be alone, and they already know each other as they have been together for some time as well.  Faith is doing a great job with Teddy as well.  So, how this is going is that at night, Lady, Teddy and Faith are in stalls and Phoenix is back out to pasture, and during the day Faith and Teddy go in the round pen and Phoenix in a stall next to Lady.  This is the best we can come up with, and it is working.  What would be ideal is if anyone who was interested in adopting Teddy would come forward and take him now....it would be perfect timing all the way around. 

 I have tried not to make this too wordy, but if I've left anything out that people would like to hear about, please just ask and I'll be happy to answer.  Here are a few pictures to go along with this post, which I will also share on Lady and Phoenix' threads as well.  

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Lovely Lady [smile] She is so sweet and her adopter is very, very lucky!!!

You guys have done such a wonderful job with all of these horses. Managing their care, nursing them back to health, some near death. Working through the challenges that come with a blind mare and her colt. All of it....amazing! Thank you!
Wendy W - WI
Ditto to everything Christine said.  
I think Lady should be nominated for "Mother of the Year Award"  I am sending $10.00 on mother's day to her.  Blind mother would break through a wall to be with her colt!
Yep, I know what all you Moms reading this say; and what is your point John?  That's what mums do.

Very sweet and very challenging - I hope all works out with this as this is quite the challenge for sure
Scott: MHWF

Lady and Phoenix

As most of our website followers already know, Lady and Phoenix were two horses from a rescue we did in Clark County, WI last year. Phoenix was horribly thin and was still a stallion. Lady was also thin, had a colt at her side and was blind in both eyes.

Phoenix was gelded as soon as we thought he was healthy enough and lady fattened up pretty quickly. We won’t go into all the details of what was done to get them both back to full health, but it was no small task and we got a lot of support from friends and donors. Both Lady and Phoenix now look great and both of them are two of the sweetest horses you will ever meet, affectionate actually, even after all they had been through. We had always suspected that Phoenix was Teddy’s father (Lady’s colt) and that these two knew each other.

We never expected Lady to leave MHWF. Finding a home for an untrained, blind horse is not very easy. But, this past winter we met a local woman named Debbie who instantly fell in love with Lady and wanted to give her a home. All we had to do is get Teddy, Lady’s colt, weaned, buddy him up to another horse, then buddy Lady up to a horse that she not only liked and trusted, but that could be her eyes for her and would watch over her.

We tried a few horses as buddies for Lady. None of them worked out. Most of them just picked on her until she was afraid of them. Then the idea of trying Phoenix came up. That could not have been more of a success. Lady and Phoenix not only clearly liked each other, but also clearly knew each other and it seemed that Phoenix knew it was his job to watch out for Lady.

Yesterday was the big day…..time to bring them both to their new home. It is a beautiful place, specifically built for a blind horse. It has two very nice stalls, about ½ acre of pasture with a very nice shelter in it, and post and rail fencing made special for Lady.

We walked them both into their new pasture and showed them around. Both of them almost instantly had a good roll in the dirt then started exploring their new place. They both looked nervous, but happy.

Just before we left, we saw Lady bump into the hay feeder and frighten herself. The second Phoenix saw that she was worried, he trotted back toward her and let out a light nicker that instantly put her at ease, and she answered back. We could not have asked for a more stress-relieving and sweet moment before it was time for us to leave. We are very, very proud of Debbie for opening her home to them, for our supporters who made this all possible and to be honest, proud of ourselves for not taking the easy way out and taking the time to do this the right way with the best chance for success. Lady and Phoenix can now move on to their new home and live happily ever after, a real life fairy tale.

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I was going to say what an awesome ending but it's really an awesome beginning for Lady and Phoenix. Thank you so much, Debbie, for giving these 2 a safe and loving home and thank you Karen & Scott for all your hard work to make this happen. [biggrin]
Jenni O.
Best story of the month (year?)! Congratulations, Debbie, and thanks for taking in these two. You have some wonderful horses. [smile]

Scott and Karen, you did an amazing job, and how great to see these two loving their new home already. Kudos to you for all your hard work and determination.
Mary V.
What a wonderful story. It is so nice that both horses can stay together.
Sue J
This just made my day! Happy tears and thanks to Debbie, Scott and Karen. What a great end to this story but also a happy new beginning. Lady will be safe with her guardian Phoenix.
This program continually impresses me with the people who run it, the volunteers, the supporters, and the adopters. This story of Lady is a great example of the hard work and dedication it takes to run this program and an example of those who lovingly adopt an equine in need of a good home.

Don and Marianna
What a great story to be told and a wonderful happy ending for these horses !!!!
Donna R
This story just keeps getting better and better.  I'm so happy that you are seeing these wonderful results for all the effort you have been putting in for these horses, Scott and Karen.  Could you have written it any better?  I don't think so.  Thank you guys once again for all you do.  And thank you Debbie for providing a  great and secure home for Lady and Phoenix.
There have been many challenges throughout the years at MHWF but this one is truly a miracle. 
Thank You for your patience.
You guys just keep solving the most impossible-sounding equine problems.  And then the next one comes in and it's worse and you solve that one, too.  Rebel.  Cherokee. Lady.  Faith.  I am in awe.

This is just spectacular news.

Denise S - WW
I am so happy for Lady, Phoenix & their new family. This is just wonderful & I really have to wonder if it gets any better than this. Karen & Scott, with all the heartache & crap you guys deal with on a regular basis, endings like this must just mean the world to you.  Thank you for giving your all to these horses & to Lady & Phoenix's new family I applaud you. GOD BLESS!!!
Jennie took this pic of us, if you do want to use it. I won't be doing any selfies. LOL The rest will only be horse!

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Thought this was a cute pic

- Debbie

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I am not the brightest bulb on the tree but it took me time to understand that Debbie adopted these 2, mostly because of the "Adoption Picture" thing.  Am I right on this?

Debbie - you are are my new hero :-)  Please keep a lil journal and us posted of this adventure with your new friends.
Love the pictures! A happy lady and 2 happy horses. Doesn't get any better than that!
Jenni O.
Great photos! Looks like it was meant to be. [smile]
John, yes, Lady and Phoenix got adopted together.  I thought that I was updating their threads as to what we were doing through the whole process, with trying to pair Lady up with a "buddy horse" so that she could get adopted and go to her new home with Debbie.  Debbie wanted to adopt Lady, and we knew that we had to find a suitable match for Lady in order for that to happen.  In this process, we tried Phoenix with Lady and that worked perfectly.  We delivered Lady and Phoenix to their new home ourselves, but we didn't do an official adoption day picture with Debbie, but I thought that the one of Lady and Phoenix was pretty perfect...a picture really can speak 1000 words.  

There is one thing that we have probably not been very clear about that a lot of people would not realize if we didn't tell them, and I will explain that a little bit now.  A lot of people thought that Teddy acted as Lady's "eyes".  That couldn't be further from the realization of what things were.  Lady, of course, was extremely attached to Teddy and probably even more so than a sighted mare, but Teddy surely didn't act as her eyes and was actually more of a detriment to her than any kind of help.  Lady was always extremely worried about where he was and always trying to "watch out" for him.  He did not do anything to help her.  A lot of people thought that it would be nice to keep Lady and Teddy together.  While that would have been super simple for us and would have taken away a lot of the work (and the time, heartache,  tears and frustrations), that would not have been the proper thing to do.  It would have been nearly impossible to teach Teddy much of anything without him getting weaned from his mom, and Lady would always been anxious about where Teddy is at any given moment.  She would lose her mind when he was more than 10-15 feet from her whenever we tried to do anything with either one of them.  It made trimming feet difficult and everything else.  We needed to buddy Lady up with a horse friend who would possibly help her, and while you cannot make another horse do that, and we failed at a couple of different attempts, Phoenix turned out to be that exact horse and he seems to understand her disability.  

Teddy is a young, sound and healthy little guy who needs to go on to be trained and we need to provide him with everything to ensure the most safe and fulfilling outcome and future for him as possible.  Weaning him from his mother and having Teddy go on to eventually be trained is the best thing we can do for him, and for Lady.  Phoenix even taught Teddy some manners in the time that he spent with Lady and Teddy both together, before we started the actual weaning process.  Lady did not teach Teddy any manners at all like a sighted mother normally would and never disciplined him for anything.  So Teddy really needed more in his life than just Lady, or he was going to grow up to be a tyrant.  Teddy has been able to live with other horses now who are really teaching him the ropes and what it means to be a good equine citizen.  [smile]
Pic from tonight....

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Wendy W - WI
I would never say you failed at anything..... Just needed to figure out what would work best and you did.  Too many people wouldn't have put in the time that you both did.  I remember the first time I got to meet the new "crew" and Lady kept head hugging Scott while he sat on the bench next to her fence.  It really brought tears to all of us there.  Oh and lots of smiles too.  I am beyond thrilled that she has adjusted to her new home and life.  Kudos and love to you, Debbie and family, for taking in a horse that most would turn away.  
Yes exactly what Wendy said.

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