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Luna Bint Capitan - 14 yrs.


Luna arrived at MHWF on 1/17/2015, any updates will be posted here.  

$450 - Luna Bint Capitan is a registered, coming 14 year old Arabian mare. She is a dainty thing and stands at 14.1 hands tall. She is sound healthy, has no health problems and has been in the same home for her entire life. Luna is stunningly good looking and put together as good as they get. She is outgoing and confident as well. Luna is broke to ride, but is green and has not been ridden in a few years. Whoever adopts this beauty should be someone who can finish her training. If you are a fan of Arabians, then we do not need to tell you what a stunning ride this horse will be. She has always had great care, she leads, loads ties and is good for the vet and farrier. We will test ride Luna as soon as time and weather allow.

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Luna and DeeDee arrived yesterday, 1/17/2015, and Luna already whinnies to us when she sees us come out.  
They have settled in really well already.  [smile]  
*Luna* is a good lookin mare.... her long hair and that gorgeous long tail...[smile]
Holy smokes she's adorable.  Her friend Dee Dee isn't bad either.  I love all horses but sure to gravitate to the lovely Arabs.  Pretty pretty pretty little girl.  It will be fun to see how she rides.
Nicely built mare, love that stride and all the hair.  What a cutie!
Jenni O.
I hate you. Just kidding!!! But this is just mean, really mean. I would LOVE to have her for a project horse.
Luna, aka La Bella Luna, thinks she is human, and smarter than any of us 2 legged versions walking around.
Jenni O.
She's most likely correct in her thinking.
...coming back just to look at the pics of this lovely little girl.  She is beautiful and has clearly been loved in her life.  I am sure her donor will be missing her.  I am so glad she is in such good hands.
Wish I could come and snatch her up. She really caught my eye.
{{jaw drops to floor}}...

Oooohhhh!  I've owned Arabians much of my life, and I have always wanted a Babson-bred Arabian, they are such athletic horses and their disposition cannot be beat.  Would love to have this girl, someone is going to get a NICE mare.    [smile]
We figured there might be a lot of fans of Babson-bred Arabs out there.  [smile]  She is a super nice mare, and so is her friend, DeeDee the Paint.  
Wendy W - WI
I know nothing of the Arab breeding so can you explain what Babson breeding is?  I do see a line breeding early on.
I will copy/paste a bunch of info here Wendy, for anyone who is interested: 

Henry B. Babson (December 1, 1875 – October, 1970) was an entrepreneur, investor inphonograph technology, and notable breeder of Arabian horses. He first moved to Chicago at the age of 17 at the urging of inventor Leon F. Douglass.[1] While working at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition, better known as the Chicago World Fair, Babson first encountered purebredArabian horses brought from the Middle East for exhibition, and decided that some day he would own such horses for himself.[2]

Babson obtained Arabian horses from England, Poland, and most notably, Egypt. He began to travel in search of the finest quality Arabian horses in 1930, traveling to England, France, and Spain, but was unable to purchase horses of the quality he sought.[6] In 1932, when he was 57 years old, he made his first major importation from Egypt of two stallions and five mares, and built a farm near Grand Detour, Illinois, for his horse breeding operation. In 1938 and 1939, he imported four Arabians from Poland to cross on his Egyptian-bred stock. In 1940 and 1941, and again in 1958 he imported a small number of English-bred Arabians via farms in Canada and England. Over the years, Babson-bred horses excelled in the horse showring in both halter (horse conformation) classes and various performance disciplines under saddle and inharness.[6] Respected for his contributions to the Arabian horse breed in America, Babson served as President of the Arabian Horse Registry, now part of the Arabian Horse Association from 1949 until 1957.[2]

The most notable of Babson's imports was the stallion *Fadl, who went on to sire the champion Fa-Serr, who is a major genetic source of the color black in modern Arabians. Fadl's most famous son, however, was the half-Egyptian, half-Polish stallion Fadheilan, sire of the legendary champion of the 1960s, Fadjur, grandsire of Khemosabi, a national champion in both halter and performance, who was one of the most significant Arabian sires of the 1970s and 1980s.[7] Today, *Fadl is found in at all "straight Babson" (or "Babson Egyptian") pedigrees.[6] The best-known horses of his Polish imports were the stallion *Sulejman, who sired many champions, and the mare *Azja IV, who became the dam of the major American-bred sire Azraff.[6]

By the early 1960s, Babson decided to concentrate his breeding program solely on the subgroup of Arabian bloodstock now known as "Babson Egyptian" bloodlines. He kept his breeding stock that was descended from his original Egyptian imports and sold his non-Egyptian bred horses. He then began to cross some of his stock on the "new" Egyptian imports that began to arrive in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, primarily the descendants of the stallion Nazeer. After almost 40 years of horse breeding, Babson died in 1970, and his breeding operation continued until 1999.[2]

Babson breeding today[edit]

Babson's most enduring legacy was his contribution to the Arabian horse breed. Babson bloodlines are noted for producing Arabian horses of substance with calm, steady, trainable dispositions, used for dressage and endurance riding as well as many different horse show disciplines in both the United States and Europe. Horses strongly influenced by Babson breeding are generally darker in color, mostly dark bay, liver chestnutand black.[2]

Approximately 230 Arabian horses today are pure, direct descendants of the Babson Egyptian imports and are referred to as "straight Babson" or "Babson Egyptian" horses.[6] However, Arabians with "Babson-influenced" bloodlines number in the thousands, both in what are known as "Domestic" pedigrees (Arabians with ancestors imported to the United States prior to 1944) and "Straight Egyptian" pedigrees (Arabians with ancestors all tracing to Egyptian bloodstock).[2] Both the "straight Babson" group and the "Babson-influenced" group of bloodlines havepreservation breeders working to preserve the Babson influence.

Wendy W - WI
Very cool.  Thank you.
Donna R
LOL!  I would have saved myself a lot of time if I just waited for Wendy and Karen's last comments.  Instead I researched Babson bred Arabians and then tried to explain to my husband, who is very hard of hearing, how one would know that Luna is a Babson bred Arabian.  Our conversation was good material for a sitcom. 

I have been admiring Luna as well as other horses you have there. 

That is so funny Donna, I can just hear it!  [smile]  [smile]  
Leslie V
I remember going to that farm in high school trying to get a job.  I had no idea who it was and actually, by then, it probably wasn't owned by Babson.  I just knew they had (insert starry eyed teen) Arabian horses!!

Very cool!
Lord, she is one beautiful mare... 

Very neat to know to her bloodlines!  Thanks Karen for the background and info on the Babson lines. 

I just can't say enough about the Babson-bred Arabians, they really do have wonderful dispositions, and also are very athletic and have done well under saddle, many have done well in dressage.  Even the stallions are gentle as kittens.  I visited an Arabian farm several years ago, they raised Babson horses, they were showing me their stallions, brought one out that I totally fell in love with, and then out of the blue they handed me the lead rope and told me I could take him around the farm on a walk... he was a total dream and such a gentleman, even though there were mares all around the farm (I had no experience with stallions), I was hooked.
UPDATE: 3/29/2015

Luna got kicked by another horse shortly after arriving at MHWF, preventing us from test riding her. Then time and weather became a factor. But finally, the stars aligned and we got to test ride Luna yesterday (Saturday). All we can say is it was well worth the wait and we were all very impressed by her. Luna not only loves people and will follow you around like a puppy dog, turns out that she rides very well too! She is always easy to catch, just call her and she will come to you. She loved being groomed and pretty much went to sleep while being brushed. When it was time to tack her up, same thing, she could not have cared lass and napped while we put the saddle and bridle on. She stood still to be mounted and waited for her cue to move forward before taking a single step forward. Under saddle, she moved out, stopped, backed and turned perfectly. She went from walk to trot with ease. Luna quickly went from one of our favorites around here to our favorite just like that. What a fantastic little mare with looks and personality to match.  
Luna is very petite, and we rode her in just a halter with a lead because we did not have a bit and bridle small enough ready to go at the moment.  

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Oh wow, this is a really great update!  The phone will be ringing off the wall [smile]
Wendy W - WI
She was such a good girl!  (I got to watch this ride)  She is so dang fancy too.  
*Luna* looks really nice... and it is sure GREAT to see Karin back in the saddle... *Luna* will make her decision when she finds the right person to ADOPT her... She looks fantastic as she is strolling along.
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