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Ruby - 9 yrs.

$400 - Ruby is an 9 year old Haflinger mare. She is sound, healthy and stands at 14 hands tall. She is a very nice looking mare and has a strong build and a beautiful long white mane and tail. Ruby is also well broke to ride. She has been ridden quite a bit, has done some trail rides and has even done some jumping and a lot of barrel racing. She leads, loads, ties and has very good ground manners. About the only negative thing we can say about Ruby is that she needs some work on de-sensitizing. We are told she was not treated very nicely by her original owner (not the same people as her donors) and because of that, she can be a little spooky at times. This is something that is one of those things that are fun to work on and she should get past it with some consistent work. She has been ridden by both kids and adults. She is not a horse for a timid or green rider, but someone with a little confidence and know-how will find Ruby to be a blast. She is sweet, good looking, has some time under saddle and is a very easy keeper. We do not know if she was ever driven, but suspect she may have done some driving at some point in her life. This is an exceptional mare for the right person. As soon as she arrived, we had her tacked up and ridden and she did very, very well.

Here is a short video of the daughter of her donor running some barrels with her:

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What a nice looking mare!  She is going to be a gem for someone!
Jenni O.
I really like her! She sounds like a very fun horse. Wish I were looking to add one to the herd.
Here is a short video of the daughter of her donor running some barrels with her.

Ruby got some grooming and one on one time with the volunteers who were here yesterday, and boy did she enjoy being able to come out of the pasture and not do any work and just "be".  She really relaxed in no time and was standing there just sucking up the attention with a foot cocked in relaxation. 
Ruby also got her feet trimmed yesterday, she had not had them trimmed in quite some time and she was a real champ. 
So happy ruby is settling in and enjoying the extra attention with you guys! thanks again! :D
Wow, *Ruby* sure moves nice around those barrels, and looks like she is enjoying it too. She won't last too long. Hope she finds a good forever family. These horses DESERVE that much in this life. Good Luck *Ruby*.
mel d
So pretty and will make the right person so happy :)
Wish she was a tad shorter.  Looking to replace one of my team who is getting pretty slow.  She'd be perfect if shorter.
We cannot believe Ruby is still looking for a home. This is one solid, healthy horse, not too old, not too young, good looking and very sweet. It takes her a bit to trust her rider 100%, but once she knows you are ok, this horse will work her heart out for you and be a superb partner. Stocky and strong enough to carry just about anyone, well broke, good looking....what else could you ask for in a horse?
Hello, I am very interested in Ruby. I sent my application in this am. I would love to come meet her. I'm wondering about how spooky she is now that she has been with you for awhile. Thanks!
Hi Barb, thank you for your interest in adoption and in Ruby! 

Ruby has really chilled out a lot since she first arrived.  She is now catchable every time, and she has learned that coming out of the pasture doesn't always mean she is going to be worked/ridden, and she has really learned to relax.  Due to us not having an indoor and the amazingly awful winter weather we have had, I really have not worked on any specific desensitizing with Ruby, but to answer your question, she has become a lot less spooky since her arrival.  :) 
She is a beauty that's for sure! It says she has some jumping experience, do you know any more about what that entailed? How do I go about making an appointment to see her?

Hi Barb, I believe her jumping experience entailed a teenager going over some jumps with her, but Scott will be more apt to have more of that information for you when you speak to him.  As soon as your application gets processed and approved we will give you a call and then can go into greater detail and set up an appointment to meet Ruby. 

We are really looking forward to meeting Ruby! Fingers crossed the weather calms down asap.
Jenni O.
I'll cross my fingers too. The weather changed three times while we were doing chores this morning! And Ruby needs a home, and what a good time to get a horse if you can. Good luck!
We hope the weather is decent on Wednesday. It will be cold of course, but I sent Scott an email letting him know we will aim for Wed. before the sun sets.
I am that teenager lol and yes she does like to jump! she would make a great english horse!!!
Hi Jessie!
Thanks so much for chiming in! I'm glad to hear that Ruby likes to jump. Do you remember how many times you jumped her and what/how high you jumped?
We are very anxious to come meet her. We are hoping the weather will be ok this weekend. We can't wait to meet Ruby!!
I am very interested in Ruby! My granddaughter (11 years old) saw the post about her and fell in love! I know that you require pictures of my property but right now the fences are covered in snow. We have a small farm in N. WI. We have 5 other horses ranging in age from 7 to 32. I am a stay at home retired Social Worker so all of the animals get lots of love. All of my animals have a forever home as they are considered a part of our family. I would love to come see Rubs as soon as the weather allows. I do have the application to submit and will mail it out ASAP. Thank you.   
Scott: MHWF

Once we receive your completed application, with the required photos, we will call you to go over any questions you might have and can set an appointment at that time.

Thank you and talk to you soon.
Excited to see ruby tmrw :)
Ariel beat me to it!  :)  LOL!  

It is great news, Ruby got adopted!  We are so happy for Ruby, she found herself a great home.  Tammy is a friend of Ariel, who adopted Dakota not long ago, and Tammy had been watching Ruby after Ariel told Tammy about her.  Tammy has been looking for a horse for her daughter, Josie.  She came and met Ruby today and she also thinks Ruby will be a great match for her daughter.  Ruby will be heading out tomorrow morning for her new home!  Ariel will be working with Ruby, Tammy and Josie too.  We are super  excited and really look forward to hearing of their adventures together!!  

Thank you for choosing adoption, Tammy, and thank you Ariel for speaking up for Ruby too!!  

Here is a really cute picture from today of Tammy and Ruby together.  

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Donna M
Winter adoptions are always so heartwarming. Congratulations to Ruby and her new family! 
Jenni O.
Congratulations! Happy for Ruby! I don't know why Tammy is so bundled up. It's spring, for crying out loud! ;)
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