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This will be Sky's thread where we will keep all future updates and photos.  Sky came to MHWF from the 1-Day Open Door Shelter for Horses on 10/22/2017.  

More photos and updates coming soon.  


Sky is a super sweet, and really nice looking 15 year old Arabian mare. We have no idea why she came into the event, but she is well-cared for, very quiet and sweet and is sound, healthy and beautiful. We are told she is also broke to ride and we will give her a test ride soon. Sky was pretty scared at the event and was really nervous her first day or two here, but now seems very content and loves to beg for attention and treats. She is a smaller mare at around 14 to 14.1 hands tops (we haven't measured her officially with the stick yet)

Update:  Sky had full workup with teeth floated, full vaccines, dewormer and trimmed on 11/4/2017 at Vet Day at MHWF.  The vets seemed to think her teeth showed her more as a 9-year-old than 15-year-old, but we were told she was 15 and we do not have registration papers on her.  

Quarantine period is over 11/20/2017. 

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Heike B
She looks so inquisitive!  What a pretty mare; someone will be lucky to have her!
Fifteen is not old for an Arabian, and if Sky is really closer to ten, what a long time companion she will be for a lucky someone!
15 isn't old for any horse and you are right especially an Arab since they live forever.  
Sky got turned out today, along with Trace and Casey.  Here is a pic of Sky getting to know Pippa (Pippa is a hair over 15.2).

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Donna R
Sky is one lovely little horse.  She is as sweet as can be.  With everything going on during the one day shelter event, she couldn't have behaved any better.  Better not wait too long on this beautiful horse!
Beauties, both of them!
Wondering if this could be the same mare -  assuming of course that her registered name is Sky


That's interesting Pam.  I tend to doubt that is the same horse... I guess it could be possible, but this Sky looks like a purebred Arabian, not half pony.  The vets also aged Sky at around 9 years old, but we all know how teeth can be a bit deceiving as well.  
Here's the update a lot of you have been waiting for.  While we know Sky did well on her test ride at the 1-day event, now that the horses are out of quarantine and settling in, we had a chance to work with Sky and test ride her.  Sky is a super nice horse, sweet, smart, friendly and well trained.  Sky did great with everything, from ground work to saddling up and being mounted.  She got a little "concerned" going to a fast gait (we stayed at walk and trot with no canter for her first time), but we do not have the proper footing in the arena yet and who knows how long it has been since Sky was ridden last.  She did wonderful though!  I wouldn't call Sky a horse for a beginner, but someone is going to be very lucky to call this girl their partner for sure.  She is a small mare with a petite build and a big heart.  

Here are some pictures of Sky from yesterday, 11/25/2017:

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Just bumping Sky's thread up.  [smile]  
Beautiful, perfect and ready to go!  Looks like a nice, nice mare.
Sky looks very nice under saddle.  Love the lunge line pic with that ear listening to her handler.  Super nice!
Jennifer T.
Good evening - I have been doing a little digging around with Sky's possible pedigree. I found her grandmother horse listed as the offspring of two Estonian horses. No mention of being a pony. Of course we really don't know if this is the horse Sky that is at your horse welfare foundation. I am putting together my application and when school gets out this Thursday, I will visit a couple stables nearby and finish the application. I am a teacher in Illinois and I'm about to retire .
Donna M
Sky looks so little next to Pippa but they do seem to be fast friends. Sky is going to make someone a fabulous companion. 
Since Sky has been brought up to me numerous times today, I may as well bump her thread up for anyone interested in her.  There are no real new updates to share.  As you read through her information, you can see we have noted that she is a petite mare who stands about 14 hands, and we would not consider her for a beginner rider.  She has a heart of gold and is a good girl, and we hope the right person for her is right around the corner.  Sky is doing great out in the herd and is an easy keeper.  She is about a middle of the road girl as far as herd order (she never picks on anyone and also won't allow herself to be picked on).  She is good for vet, farrier, deworming and all of the regular things a good equine citizen needs to be.  😉  
Sky has SUCH a pretty face, every time I visit the site I hope to find she's adopted! I would love to adopt her as I'm looking for a smaller horse, and she's the same grey as my big boy quarter horse gelding, but unfortunately I can't get a mare as my boy has a bad habit of getting a little too randy around them...
Sky, my girls would love you!! How do you think she would be with young kids?
Hi Lindsey!  We have gotten to know Sky and she has been ridden quite a few times now since arriving here.  While she is a very sweet girl and does well under saddle, we are not listing her as a horse for beginner riders.  As to how she would be with your kids, that totally depends on your kids and their level of experience.  😉  
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