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I realized that I am going to need to start individual threads for each horse from this rescue case, and here is Merry's.  That will make it a lot easier for updates in the future, and especially since we have some extremely exciting news and it deserves its own thread.  

Here is the link to the original thread and story of the Clark County rescues to refer back to for more information:  

Little Merry got adopted yesterday!!!  Ann was looking for a companion for her mini mule (he is actually a hinny) name Shorty, so she came and met Merry and it looks like it is going to be a perfect fit!  Ann has been working very hard at making everything blind-proof and is all ready to bring Merry in.  We are so excited for Merry to start this new chapter in her life, and excited that little Shorty is going to have such a sweet companion.  

Merry is officially the first adoption from the rescued 6 of the Clark County case.  A big thank you and congratulations to Merry, Ann and Shorty!!  Merry is still with us, and Ann will be coming to pick her up after Christmas.  We will surely post updates when the official day comes, but in the meantime I did snap a couple of adoption day pictures to share with all of you.  I know that you all share the extreme happiness we are all feeling with this wonderful occasion, and a big welcome and congratulations to Ann!  

Here are a couple of pics from adoption day yesterday of Merry and Ann, 12/19/2015:

Here is a little of Merry's past history:  
Back on August 16, 2015, local authorities needed us to meet them at a farm with a horse trailer to get one very neglected horse out of a bad situation. When we got there, it quickly became apparent that the situation was much worse than everyone involved thought.

To make a very long story short, we ended up taking 6 horses out of that situation today, two trips. There were also about 40 dogs in various condition taken from there today as well. Everyone involved had their work cut out for them for sure, and it was 89 degrees outside to make it all that much nastier.

In the end we took 6 horses from the property. There are two ponies, one of them a young stud that was chained to a post in the ground, nothing to eat, no water in sight. The other pony is totally blind and was left to fend for herself in a herd of about 30 other horses. She is in pretty rough shape (this is Merry).  Merry was terrified, malnourished, covered in ringworm and rain rot.  

You can go to the thread mentioned above to see Merry's progress up until her adoption day, but I've included her arrival pictures on this thread as well.  

Again, a huge thank-you to Ann for taking this wonderful and loving little girl into your life!  

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Such wonderful news! Congratulations on adopting such a well deserving little mare ♡♡♡♡♡
What exciting news!  Congratulations to Merry & Ann!
Sue J
This is such great news. Thank you Ann for giving Merry a safe home.
Jenni O.
So happy!!! Merry is super cute, so not surprised at all, but so happy for her. Pink is her color, too. Congratulations, Ann and Merry! I can't wait to see Merry with her new pasturemate.
Wendy W - WI
Lucky little pony.  First, to be rescued and taught that there are loving people that you can trust and second, getting a loving forever home.  What a wonderful day and a HUGE congratulations from me!!

This brings tears to my eyes.  Congratulations to all, and a special thanks to Karen and Scott and your never ending wonderful work.
mel d
So freakin' happy! Congratulations!
How nice Merry found a home. Ann, I can't wait to see photos of Merry and your mini mule. I also have a mini mule but I am thinking yours must have a different kind of attitude then mine does [smile]

Will he  wear a bell to help Merry?     
I hope Ann finds her way to the forum soon.  Shorty, her hinny, has an interesting story and came from a bad past where he was neglected and abused, but has completely come out the other side of that now.  
Ann J
We are so excited to have adopted Merry, she is just so unbelievely sweet, just a little angel. Shorty was resuced from a situation were he was locked in a barn and not let out so he has had some fears to overcome. It has taken him over five years to overcome his fears and attitude created by this situation. He has come such a long way and really is a smart and good guy. I think Shorty can help Merry through the healing process and I think Merry will be a great friend to Shorty.

I will put a bell on Shorty so Merry knows where he is, but something tells me they will be immediate friends and inseparable. Merry will be in her new home by herself so she can adjust to her new surroundings, but will be able to talk to Shorty through the fence. Any other suggestions to make the transition go smoothly are apreciated.
Jamie M.
This is wonderful news!  Thank you Ann for taking Merry into your heart, it sounds like she will have a perfect place to live out a wonderful new journey with a new friend in Shorty!  You will be blessed
Denise S - WW
Oh Ann congratulations & thank you for taking this sweet girl into your heart! The pictures are beautiful & you have the sweetest & kindest face. Merry has hit the jackpot once again! GOD BLESS!!!
Congratulations Ann!  It sounds like you are going to be a perfect home for Merry.  I hope you stay in touch through the forum, I'd love to see how Merry and Shorty progress together!  You truly are having a "Merry" Christmas!  [smile]
Little Sampson just hit the jackpot and the horse lottery!  When Merry's Ann (Buddy's adopter's name is Ann also) came and spent time with Merry yesterday, she saw how much Merry loved Sampson and vice versa, and she has decided to open up her heart even a little wider and take Sampson in along with Merry!!!  It is an absolutely incredible and heartwarming situation to watch unfold here.  The first two of the six rescues from Clark County found their home, and it couldn't be a sweeter situation with them going together like this.  We are all hoping that Merry, Sampson and Shorty hit it off together, and having Sampson with Merry on this journey is going to help Merry settle into new surroundings so much easier.  Merry won't feel so alone in a new environment and having Sampson there with her is going to make a world of difference for her.  It takes a load of worry off of my mind about the adjustment period, knowing it will be so much quicker and easier for Merry now too.  

Dean is going to come and pick up the two little sweeties in a short while here this morning and get them delivered to their new home before the snow storm hits here today.  I will snap a couple of pics of them together before they leave....below.   

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Ann!!  

Merry and Sampson are off to their new home!  We really look forward to hearing about these two and their new life.  Thank you again Ann!  

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Sue J
My prayers were answered! I was hoping Ann would also adopt Sampson when it was mentioned that Merry followed him all over. This just made my day! Thank you Ann!
Wonderfull :-) 
Scott: MHWF
Merry and Sampson have arrived in their new home!

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Awwwww!!!  Now fingers crossed that all goes well with Shorty.  [smile]  
Donna R
Congratulations!  So happy for Merry and Sampson!  Thank you Ann!
Diane B
So wonderful they can be together!!  Thank you Ann!
Awesome!!! How wonderful of you Ann! I was hoping they could stay together as well after reading the post of how well they got along. Let us know how the introduction to Shorty goes!
I cannot say it enough! AWEEEEEE  I am SO happy for these two and for Ann.  Keeping fingers and toes crossed that Shorty is happy about his new roomies.  Thank you Ann for sending a picture to keep us updated on these two little cuties.
Ann J
It's going great! Shorty is excited to have horse friends and even though they are separated by a fence, Shorty wants to spend a lot of time hanging out with them. No nipping or mean chatter from any of them, in fact the whole herd thinks Merry and Sampson are cute. Merry moves easily in and out of the barn and has pretty much figured everything out. Sampson is protective of Merry without being aggressive toward the others, he is so much the little big man. I can't believe how quickly everyone has adjusted.
Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!  That really makes my day!  We were just talking about them and wondering how Shorty was doing.  This is really, really great news, thanks Ann!!
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