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This will be Rebel's thread where we will keep any new updates and/or photos. 
Date of arrival to MHWF:  10/05/2011
Rebel - 20+ yrs.

In Rehab - Not Available

Rebel is a rescue taken out of a bad situation by authorities in Trempealeau County. We hired someone to help us get him here and he will remain here rehabbing until he is healthy and ready to go and all court dates and procedures are done. We can safely assume that both of those will take a great deal of time. His rehab will take at least a few months and court hearings could go on forever. In the meantime we are going to give him our full efforts to get him back to full health. He is needy in just about every possible way. He will need his shots, a regular worming program, his feet trimmed, his teeth floated and lots of calories, plus whatever else we might find. He is pretty stocked up in his back legs and we will have to see what exactly is the issue there as well.

Rebel is a  20= year old gelding. He appears to be a Saddlebred. He seems very sweet and laid back and we will obviously learn a great deal more about him as he gets healthier and we get to know him better.


How You Can Help

In the meantime, we anticipate Rebel being with us for a long time and also anticipate spending a great deal of money on his rehab, especially this time of year when pastures are no longer green and we are feeding hay and grain. If you would like to help out and pitch in a few dollars toward Rebel's care, we would certainly welcome any help we can get. Thank you!

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Truly this horse thinks he has died and gone to heaven now that he is at MHWF.  Hoping and praying for a good and fairly easy recovery not that it will be cheap by any means.  Making a little donation to help out.  Thanks for taking him in Karen and Scott.  He will be sparkling before you know it I bet!!

Thank you so much everyone for helping us take care of Rebel, we truly appreciate your support, as does Rebel. 
Angie, thanks so much for all of the time you spent on the phone and everything else and getting the big ole boy hauled here to us, you rock! 

Rebel is doing pretty well, he has a super good attitude and as friendly as can be.  He is still a bit stocked up on those back legs.  Our vet is out of town, but we have another vet coming tomorrow (Monday, the soonest time available) to do all of the blood work, teeth, etc. 

I have more pics of Rebel, I just haven't had any computer time over the last couple of days, but will post more soon.  He stays quarantine area in the paddock/barn area for now, and he is so tall and has such a long neck that he reaches over the top of the board fencing to reach down to get grass on the other side.  He is like a giraffe.  We are really thinking Saddlebred as his breed. 
As long as Rebel's thread got bumped here I may as well share a little update and a couple of photos.  Rebel continues to do well, turned out in Mista's pasture and getting along very well in there.  He is settling into his routine and is now getting some feed mix twice a day.  In the very short time he has been here we are already starting to see a little weight gain on Rebel.  His attitude is fantastic, a very happy and well adjusted boy. 

Here are a couple of pics of Rebel from 10/13/2011.  One where he is just hanging out with Dragon in the pasture, grazing, and the next where he spotted Scott going in the barn at supper time, and he knows that means it's time to eat.  :) 

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I just want to let everyone know that Rebel continues to do well.  The stocking up in his legs seems to be gone now also, so that is good news.  He is visibly gaining weight steadily as well.  He has a great attitude and gets along well with his pasturemates.  Actually, he acts like he's lived here forever.  :)  He knows the routine well, and now we will even see him trot up once in a while when he's called up for a meal.  That is very exciting to see!  I brought my camera out with me last night in hopes that I could capture that for you and share, and I did.  Here are a couple of pictures of Rebel from last evening, 10/16/2011. 

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The vet who did Rebel's teeth and exam was out here this evening and Rebel was up watching us.  She commented on how happy he looked.  :) 

I just love the nickers we get from Rebel too.  Such a sweet guy he is. 
You know, he just doesn't have those Saddlebred ears, that is the only thing that has made me waiver back and forth from Saddelbred to Walker, but he sure looks like a Saddlebred! 

I've mentioned that Rebel gets along great in his herd, just like he's always been there, and I notice that he hangs out with Mista a lot.  I grabbed a shot through my kitchen window yesterday of Rebel and Mista just hanging together at the entry-way to their pasture (and it reminded me how I need to clean that window!)  Here's a picture of that. 

Rebel and Mista, 10/17/2011. 

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I asked Rebel what he thought of all of this wind we've been having lately and this was his answer (pictured below).  :) (he is actually licking his lips knowing that I'm coming to feed him) I just wanted everyone to know that Rebel continues to do well, gaining weight very steadily and surely and in great spirits! The stocking up he had in his legs when he got here is now completely gone as well. Rebel is a very happy guy with a great attitude and a joy to have around. We anticipate his rehabilitation going very well from here on out, he is improving very quickly. We, and Rebel, thank you for all of your support!


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I never did post one of the earlier pics of Rebel.  This really shows what a huge transformation it has been already in this short of time. 

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We took Rebel out just for a good grooming and to hang out today with us.  I snapped a few pictures of course, and here are a couple.  I had Karin H. stand close to his withers so you can see how tall he is.  Karin is about 5' 5" (correct me if I'm wrong Karin).  The first picture is of Rebel and Karin and Laura.  The other shot is of Rebel and Laura, a wonderful young lady who came and hung out with us today for a while. 

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Some recent pics of Rebel as promised.  You can see he has gained a considerable amount of weight already in just under one month's time.  He has a long way to go, but he has gained a lot of weight already.

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As promised, a couple of pics of Rebel that I snapped yesterday, Saturday, 11/12/2011: 

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Denise S - WW
Applause applause applause!! Love this organization!
Scott: MHWF

Rebel wondering why I am staring at him at supper time tonight.



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Rebel just wanted to say hello to everyone this morning and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! 

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Rebel has the cutest nose ever! 

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Today on 1/14/2012 Rebel is almost to ideal weight.  Neck:  Blends smoothly into body.  Withers:  Withers not obviously thin.  Shoulder:  Shoulder not obviously thin.  Ribs:  Ribs cannot be visually distinguished, fat forming over ribs. (his ribs are very well covered!)  Loin:  Negative crease (peaked appearance) along back, but is very close to being level.  Tail head:  Fat can be felt. Hook bones not discernible, fat around tail head beginning to feel soft. 
He just needs a little along his topline and more covering over the hips, but very, very close now! 

Rebel is doing just great!  Here are a couple of pictures. 

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Scott Bayerl: MHWF

We finally got the name and number of the people who owned Rebel before he arrived here. I have a call in to them and hopefully they will call us back.


Stay tuned!

Scott Bayerl: MHWF


I woke up this morning to a phone call from the people who owned Rebel. I spent over an hour on the phone with them this morning. It is the first time we have spoken. I feel pretty hopeful and confident that they will sign Rebel over to MHWF soon. 

We will post updates as soon as we hear anything one way or another.



In the meantime, we did learn a few things about Rebel.


He is a Saddlebred and is gaited. He will turn 24 this spring. His original owners have had him most of his life. They purchased him at the Cannon Falls sale when he was only 18 months old. They broke him to ride and did some ground driving with him. Apparently he is very well broke to saddle and is one of those horses that you can put out to pasture for a couple of years, bring him back in, tack him up and go.

Chris K
I'm so hopeful that Rebel's owners will do the right thing for him. I just wanted to tell you how great I thought he looked when we came to look at Spirit last Saturday. It is evident that he has thrived in this new situation and he seems like a sweet old man.
Donna R

Rebel is looking great!  I just love that little snip on his nose.  Very interesting to find out more about his past.  Glad you heard back from the people who owned him.

John B.

This is the best news I have had in quite awhile.  It appears that Reb. is back on track to full recovery and hopefully finding a wonderful new home.  At least now you can move forward on his training and placement now.


I know first hand this was the result of a lot of effort by Scott and Karen and a few others.  Thank You so much!


John B.




Denise S - WW
Rebel is looking fantastic! Keeping my fingers crossed...
Wendy W - WI
I love him and have never met him.  He looks wonderful.  
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