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The Masterful Miss (Emmy) - 20 yrs.

$400 - The Masterful Miss, or Emmy as she is known as, is a 20 year old appendix mare. Emmy stands at 16 hands tall. She is sound, healthy, in great shape, as sweet as they come and very well broke. She was shown on the AQHA circuit when she was very young and has her ROM in hunter under saddle and hunter hack. She was also shown at the QH World Show as a three or four year old. Emmy was purchased last year in the Rita Crundwell dispersal sale. Many of you will remember the very well known case of the woman who was caught embezzling 53 million dollars. Emmy was one of her horses. She spent 12 years at Rita's farm being a brood mare. Her bloodlines are as good as they get, as with all the horses at that sale. Once purchased, she started being ridden again and her training is very apparent the minute you see her under saddle. What a fantastic, well trained and flashy mare. Do not let her age fool you either. She is in the shape of a horse half her age. If you want to get a world class horse, here she is.

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Priscilla spent Sunday here with us and she is the one who rode Emmy, so I am going to defer to Priscilla for a more detailed description of Emmy under saddle.  Thank you Priscilla!  
Emmy was fabulous on Sunday, especially considering she hadn't been ridden since January and had just arrived. She stood perfectly quiet for brushing and tacking up, enjoying every minute. She is definitely a horse that will do better under saddle if you spend a few minutes on the ground with her first. She stood quietly to be mounted and did not walk off. She is a very sensitive girl under saddle, and prefers to be ridden a certain way. Using VERY quiet hands and minimal leg she can be steered and controlled using mostly your seat. She does tend to get tense with too much bit contact, too much leg, and would probably not tolerate both. She is very forward and will need an intermediate to advanced rider who can ride very quietly. She was a lot of fun to ride, easily picks up a canter from a walk with the right cue, and obviously had some very good training. Don't let her age fool you, I still have a hard time believing it after meeting her and riding her! She should continue to be ridden to keep her in shape, as this will help her stay healthy longer, and she seems to enjoy it quite a bit. Definitely wish I could take her home with me!
Wow! Beautiful mare! Some lucky adopter is going to get an awesome horse as Rita Crundwell only owned the best (and we all know money was no problem for her [wink])
Ohhh....I love her!  And that trot!!  Love love love that trot....
*Emma* is beautiful.... it won't take her very long to find her family... NOT AT ALL.
Chris K
I'm Emmy's donor and just wanted to let people know that she is one of the kindest souls you will ever meet. She is everything that she has already been described as and more. To put her previous life in perspective. While she was a broodmare at the now infamous R/C farm, she was merely a number. She was given her barn name by the people that I bought her from, they were the ones that bought her from the dispersal sale. She's a very sweet and cooperative horse. I would have been more than happy to let her hang out as a pasture pet, but I feel like she has so much to over someone that it would be a shame for her to just sit. I got her to show locally in huntseat classes, and I know she'd be excellent. My life has taken some unexpected turns and I just don't have the passion to ride that I used to. I'd like to see Emmy find someone that is so in love with her that they just can't believe their luck in finding her.
Oh..... I like this one.....
Love her, she's exactly what we a re looking for. Sent in an application hope to get in contact with someone soon!
Candice V.
Is Emmy still available, or has she been adopted?
I know age does not matter, I have a 34 year old Missouri Trotter Rescue Gelding, his name is Charlie.  I have had him for 12 years.  He is amazing.

How is Emmy's hocks,  any injuries, has she had them injected?
Is she on supplements?

Thank you for everyones post.
candice V.
She as great conformation.  She has a very soft eye, what a sweetheart.  You can tell she's a been a momma.  Looks like she has gotten better with age.
Chris K
I'm bumping this lovely lady back up to the first page[smile]  She's a great horse!
Chris K
Did Emmy really get adopted? I hope that she found a good home!
Yes, you saw that right Chris, Emmy did get adopted!  We are thrilled for Emmy and for her new family.  Jenna came and met Emmy last week and rode her and really fell in love with her.  We've known Jenna for a lot of years, she used to have adopted horse named Big Shot (who she had to give up when she went off to college).  Jenna has a family now, and Emmy is going to be for their 11-year-old daughter, Paityn.  Jenna will get things going, and I'm sure Emmy and Paityn are going to do great in lessons and really have a whole lot of fun together!  

When Theo (Buck pony) came in, he and Emmy really hit it off and became good buddies.  Funny enough, Theo also got adopted by Jenna and family too, so Emmy gets to live with her buddy!  

We did an adoption day picture with the whole family with Emmy.  
Jenna and Bill, and the kids are Paityn (11), Aiden (9), Roan (5) and DJ (3).  

Thank you so much Jenna and Bill, and congratulations!  

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Lisa B.
What a lovely story...Congratulations to all!

Donna R
Congratulations!  What a great photo.  Lucky Emmy!
Jane Liess
I'm SO glad that Emmy got adopted.  And that she gets to stay with Theo!  Yeah!
First off, this was all a surprise for the kids tonight... I think we get parent super-points from the kids! What a way to end summer!

We have made it some safe and sound. Both Emmy and Theo unloaded perfectly and are stalled next to each other for the night.

I will be certain to update all of you soon!

Thank you again, Scott and Karen!!! You did wonderful with our crazy family tonight and we are very appreciative!


(P.S. Karen... It's Jenna and Bill, not Tim!! Hehe)
Congratulations!  Lucky Emmy, and her new family too [smile]
This truly a wonderful FAMILY photo... *Emmy* sure found herself a nice family and along with *Buck* all things are now FULL CIRCLE for everybody... Congratulations. Hope you find the time to send your updates.. Anxious for a few photos too... GOOD LUCK.[biggrin][angel][thumb]
Jenni O.
Hey Jenna, thanks for posting, and glad you all made it home safe and sound.  You definitely get the super high points of the year from the kids!  I totally knew his name was Bill and not Tim.  LOL!  (I will fix that above, and I mentioned how I am with names).  
YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!  So happy for Emmy and Theo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations to Emmy and her new family!  So glad she gets to keep Theo...wink wink...
Barb S.
Congrats to the whole family! Another happy ending and beginning!!!
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