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What became of Grace? I seem to remember seeing she lives in Iowa.
Yes, she is living in Iowa with her adopter, Karen W.
I talk to Gracie's adopter from time to time (we are friends on Facebook) and Gracie is doing well and has adjusted to the move to Iowa.  

Here is a link to Gracie's thread (nothing new there), but in case any updates come in or you want to look back on it.  


or click here
Thanks for the update. I was rereading the Trempealeau posts, and somehow missed Grace's adoption.
We probably had a few different threads out there on Gracie besides the Tremp. thread, so that can get confusing.  We always called her Gracie and not Grace, so that would make a difference in the search feature when looking for her too.  We try to keep things to one thread for horses now so that it is easier when someone goes back to look something up.  The only horses we haven't done their individual threads for yet are Sassy and Bobby and we should probably do that soon.  They are still on a combined thread from their initial intake.
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