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Buck - 16 yrs.

$500 - Buck is a 16 year old grulla pony gelding. He is sound, healthy, current on all his shots, wormers and has a fresh trim. Buck is an even 12 hands tall and as you can see, is a very nice looking pony. He is very well broke and has been ridden consistently 3 to 5 times per week for the last 6 years. He is a veteran trail horse and is also the kind of pony that you can climb all over and not worry about the kids getting hurt. He has no special needs, other than the fact that he is an easy keeper and his adopter will have to make sure he does not too chubby. Buck has been ridden western, bareback and even double by kids all these years and has proven to be a very reliable and safe pony. He has never bucked, bitten, kicked or bolted. He is not a dead pony though and will require a rider who does know how to ride. We would be looking for a kid who is an advanced beginner to intermediate rider. This is a super pony with tons of time under saddle and a lot of very good training. Ponies like Buck do not come around very often.

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How cute! :)
we are very familiar with this pony, he's awesome, the little peanut in the last picture is our granddaughter. I've been trail riding with this little guy, he does really well, the kids catch him, groom and tack him up, including picking out his feet. I know his previous owner had a difficult time letting him go, but the kids are moving up to big horses.
Jenni O.
Wow, he is really cute, and he's super cute under saddle. Like, crazy cute. Some mid is going to loooove him!
Oh how I wish I had little ones that could appreciate this guy!!  No hints there Nicole, really!!  I can wait!  There is a family that is going to be super lucky to have him though!!
mel d
Yep, a pony like that for the grandkids is perfect...still waiting patiently for the grandkids...
What a nicely built pony!  Looks like mini Andalusian with all that hair, and a "big horse" stride.  Makes me wish I was a teeny weeny adult.  Some lucky 10 year old is going to stop eating their vegetables so they never grow out of him.

He is adorable!! :D Will make someone a great trail/riding horse. Cute!
We cannot believe that we have not gotten a single call on this exceptional pony yet! What is everyone waiting for...they don't get any better than this one for sure!
Honestly I can not believe Buck is still here. He is an exceptional pony and if I could I would adopt him in a heartbeat. There has to be someone out there that wants a great kids pony for trail riding?!?
Wow...what a super pony!! 
Val from MN
If I had the funds I would be on the phone making an appt. My grand-kids and I would LOVE this guy to grace our pastures. So would Gus and Bella.
Heather H

Bump. I can't believe he is still there. Super flashy looking guy!

Kelly S
I completely agree I cannot believe he is still here.  I am really trying to talk my husband into a road trip.  Our timing is just off as we will be out of state until the 27th.  I really want Buck to find a home before then, but if he is still here I don't think I will be able to resist anymore!  He would be perfect for our 8 year old!!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! Who are the lucky people?
Tricia - no. WI
Did I see 'adopted'?
Home safe and sound. Kids are over the moon about their surprise. He rode great all the way home and is safely tucked into his stall getting to know his barn mates. Thanks Karen and Scott!
Finally, *Buck* has his new family along with this pasturemates. Hope you can send a few photos of him and his new buds. Sounds like he will have a great life... Thanx for sharing.

I apologize for being so slow and late here in posting!  I haven't been able to get to the computer all night, but finally catching up here a little. 

Surprise, it's Jenn and Joe!  It was really great seeing you guys today!  Cole and Cade are ready for their very own pony, and Jenn and Joe both tried out Buck today and he is going to fit perfectly.  Now both of them won't have to ride double any more.  :)  Joe and Jenn have Woody, the Paso Fino gelding of Joe and Jenn's (many of you met them at the horse fair in Madison during the Chase the Equine Dream Challenge).  It will be fun to see how Woody and Silky take to little Buck. 

I can't wait to see pics of the boys with Buck!  Thanks again Joe and Jenn, and congratulations Cade and Cole!  What a great surprise! 

Here is a picture of Buck with Jenn and Joe from today on official adoption day. 

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great news and Buck seems like an awesome little pony!  lucky kids...lucky pony.  congrats to all.
Omg I never thought I would say this but Woody is being a total butt!!!  He is SO worried about Theo (Cole and Cade renamed him Theodore) getting anywhere NEAR his girl Silky!  He keeps putting himself in between them and chasing Theo off.  Theo took it for a bit but then planted himself and flashed a back hoof at Woody, Woody was like whoa! where'd that come from?!  lol!  Other than that it seems to be going smooth out there.  Theo chased the goats a bit but more out of curiosity than anything.  He is a great little guy and we are looking forward to getting him out on the trails.  
Denise S - WW
OMGosh!! That is soooooooo fabulous!!Congrats Buck, Jenn & Joe!!!
That is great Jenn and Joe :-)  Big congrats, am sure your 2 lil buckaroos are going have a ton of fun with Buck.
Heather H
Aw! So exciting for the kids. I met Jenn and Joe at Midwest Horse Fair (and Woody) and they are such nice and wonderful people. I actually found out I live quite close to them and was drooling over how cute Buck was.....please share photos of your kids riding their new pony. :)
That's awesome!  Congratulations!  Can't wait to see pictures of Buck with the kids!
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