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Princess arrived to Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation on 12/27/2017 from Clark County, Wisconsin.  

Princess is a 13-year-old quarter horse/paint type horse (we have no registration papers or real history) who was taken in from a case in Clark County on 12/27/2017.  We were told she was well trained to ride.  Princess has been here since December 27th and since then she has had a full vet evaluation and got her Coggins, deworming, her feet trimmed, teeth floated, and pregnancy checked.  Princess’ teeth are in good shape and needed a regular floating.  There was a stud in the pasture she came from, so we wanted to be sure she was not in-foal.  The palpation when she saw the vet was inconclusive and ultrasound equipment was not on board that day (1/11/2018), so we sent in a pregnancy blood test.  The blood test results show that Princess is not pregnant, or at least is not 110 days or more pregnant, meaning she is almost certainly not pregnant.   

Princess has settled into the herd very well here at MHWF.  She is a middle of the herd type of girl, doesn’t pick on anyone and won’t allow herself to be picked on either.  She is always friendly and seeks out attention from people. 

Here is link to the thread from Princess and Dillinger’s arrival to MHWF.


We will keep updates and new photos of Princess here on this thread. 

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Those eyes!  Princess is such a striking mare, such a pretty girl.
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